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anita blake fanfics 2

The first page was getting a little full so I thought I'd start another one.  That way, those of you seeking my newer fics can come directly to them without having to scroll through all the older ones first.

just as I said you would do

God, he didn't want to leave, but now he had to.  He had to.  Whatever torture his new master might choose to inflict on him would be nothing compared to the torture of staying here under such conditions.  To actually have realized his sweetest dreams only to have them taken away based on Anita's ever-fluctuating whims.  He could almost hate her for that.  He was losing everything because of her.  All because of her.


The shapeshifter leaned his head back against the wall, and exhaled a long, drawn-out breath.  It turned Asher's attention once more to the blood dripping from Narcissus' mouth.  It sharply honed Asher's hunger, setting his entire body ablaze with need.  At first he fought it down....but the desire for satiation was suddenly too strong and Asher realized it wasn't just blood he was hungry for.

chocolate kisses

Again I opened my mouth to protest, but Jean-Claude covered it with his in another sensuously devouring kiss.  I was almost certain there wasn't any taste of the chocolate lingering in my mouth, but he was still kissing me like I had just eaten the whole box.  It occurred to me that perhaps, just perhaps, he and Asher might be up to something here.

behind closed doors

My eyes zeroed in on the movement of his hair.  I knew what it felt like slipping through my fingers and could confirm that its silkiness rivaled his luxurious shirts.  The temptation to reach up and touch it was there, but I didn't give into it.  As Anita would say, bully for me.

corporeal interlude

It wasn't long before Cali felt tingling warmth spreading through her body and knew it had little to do with the steamy water.  Asher was kissing her with an increasing passion, forcing her head back as far as it would go until there was no escaping.  Not that Cali wanted to escape him.  He was so incredibly sexy; his kisses were effectively turning her insides to molten goo.  And they hadn't even shed a stitch of clothing yet.

undress me with your eyes

You weren’t doing anything in particular. You were standing there, and then you moved. It just caught my eye. I looked up and the image of you filled my vision and suddenly all I could do was drink you in. The way you turned and seemed to pose for me. I was enchanted. I noticed the neckline of your shirt was open a little farther than usual, and I caught a small glimpse of what lie underneath. Then my mind was lost in imaginings of blatant self-indulgence at your expense.

the vampire suicides: prologue - chapter nine

Damian leaned forward slightly.  "It's called The Death Fantasy.  It's a psuedo-sexual andrenaline rush for some people, especially the Goths and the vampire junkies.  They act out their fantasy of being taken and killed by a vampire."
"Act out?  You mean, like sexual-role playing?" I asked, admittedly never having heard of such a thing.
"Everything is taken to the extreme," Jean-Claude put in.  "Arrangements are made beforehand.  Sometimes money changes hands.  In the end, the vampire is called upon to ambush his or her prey, take them away to some seedy, dark place.  Normally they have sex to simulate a rape, then usually, the vampire takes their mind, marks them, feeds from them, and then releases them."

the vampire suicides: chapter 10 - epilogue

I whirled around to fully face Asher, to tell him to stay out of this, when something suddenly occurred to me.
"You know why he doesn't want me to kill this vampire, don't you?"
Jean-Claude turned and looked at him.  Asher's icy blue eyes flicked to Jean-Claude, then back to me.  He sighed and leaned back against the sofa cushions and stretched out his long legs.  "Yes," he admitted.  "I am aware of his reasons just as I am aware that should he relay them to you, they would scarcely make a difference in your decision making.  He truly has so little power over you, that it is better for him to keep his reasons to himself and let you imagine something much more significant."

the end of the night

“I could remedy that,” Asher whispered, his pale eyes gleaming. Slowly he bent and touched his lips to Jean-Claude’s, a quick, chaste kiss. “So very easily.” He helped Jean-Claude out of his pants and laid him back on the bed, stretching out beside him. “I would take you in my arms and never let you go. I would enchant you with my touch, sear you with my passion, and devour you with my kiss.” He reached out and gathered his friend into his embrace.

blood drops

There was a sudden surge of metaphysical power between them and for a moment, Asher believed he had perhaps, gone too far. After all, he was assaulting not only the Master Vampire of the City, now his master, a powerful sourdre de sang, but the man he loved--all to prove a point. There had been whispers within this Kiss as well as others, that one day, Asher’s temper would be his undoing. Maybe this foolishness tonight would fulfill that particular bit of prophecy. His long, sad tale of existence would merely become a legend to warn others of the real perils of unrequited love. The only thing was, his love was not unrequited and that was what he yearned to prove.

green-eyed monster

After a few moments, Jean-Claude realized he couldn’t even begin to fathom why or how this strange woman came to be lying next to him in bed. He sat up abruptly, his slippery silk sheet pooling around his loins making him aware of his own nudity. He opened his mouth to speak, tucking the glossy fabric tightly around his hips, but the woman smiled brightly and spoke first.

“Hello Master,” she said in a sultry, whiskey voice.


God, he was beautiful, Phillip thought, his eyes roving the vampire’s exquisite face and form. Jean-Claude’s eyes were orbs of raw seduction--so dark a blue they almost looked black. Not a foreboding kind of black, but a beckoning one. It was more the kind of darkness you could hide in and feel safe and secure in. Phillip wanted that and all the promises of pleasure Jean-Claude’s eyes possessed.

the detente

Micah knew it was Jean-Claude who’d sparked Asher’s hostility towards him in the first place. He could still recall the gleam of jealousy in Asher’s eyes as he watched his former lover gather Micah’s naked body into his arms to feed from him. Asher’s ensuing outrage had taxed Jean-Claude’s patience to the limits resulting in that chillingly inhuman hiss of warning. Humiliated, Asher had fled the room, but not before shooting Micah a look so full of hatred, the mere thought of it still gripped the pit of the wereleopard’s stomach.


She was a torturer after all and a damned good one too. Her deep-rooted hatred for her fellow vampires--the men in particular--made that occupation perfect for someone like her and one she took exquisite delight in performing. It was also one she could do without any moral baggage or ethical difficulty.

black coffee

Clearly this guy was “that type”: all noveau grunge, piercings, and purposefully mussed hair. Not a typical Midwestern poser though. Clad in a worn black wife beater and camouflage cargos, he came across looking more like a California beach bum with that deep summer tan of his and Hollywood heart-throb looks. His punkishness surprisingly didn’t mar those looks, Shelley decided as her eyes roved the curve of his upper lip.

st. louis' own jim morrison

Anita slumped against the wereleopard and wiped angrily at her face.  “What are you talking about?  I punish myself every day of the year, Nathaniel.  Not just today.”  She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.  She hated feeling like this and tried to take Nathaniel’s words to heart.  Was it going to get any easier?  Was next year’s birthday going to be better?  “Look, I’m sorry.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to wallow in self-pity today.  God, I’m a mess.”  Resolutely, Anita stepped away from Nathaniel and tried to smile.  “Let me go splash some cold water on my face and then we can go.  It’s getting late.  I know they’re all waiting to see me.”

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