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anita blake fanfics 1

Just a few gentle reminders to keep in mind:
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winters descent

I opened my eyes and looked up at Jean-Claude.  He was trembling harder and breathing deeper and faster than when I had last seen him.  Perspiration trickled down the side of his face.  He looked back at me with uncertainty.  It was a very human expression that tore my heart in two.  Did he really believe I was going to kill him?  I looked down at the stake and hammer in my hands and noticed he was looking down at them too.

the witching hour

I let my eyes drift up towards his mouth, watching his lips form the words he was caressing me with.  What he said next however, may have sounded pretty, but the words themselves were anything but.  "I cannot say I am pleased to meet you.  I know who you are.  I know what you do to my kind," he continued quietly.

asher's kiss

I just couldn't believe Asher would betray us.  If anything, Asher had more common sense than to concoct a scheme like this just to get me away from Jean-Claude.  He would have to realize if Jean-Claude ever found out he was the one responsible for this, not only would his plan backfire and turn Jean-Claude against him, Jean-Claude would most likely kill him.

lissette's vampire

Asher moved past Julian to stand beside Lissette.  He wanted no part in any of this.  The cruelty Julian inflicted on Lissette's vampire was regrettable, but Asher could not let himself be swayed by it.  Apparently, the vampire Jean-Claude was distressingly insane.

object of desire

Jean-Claude shuddered beneath Asher's hands.  "I have offered you my heart.  It is all right if you do not offer me your heart in return, but does my love not inspire you to offer me even one...small kiss?" he murmured.

mixing business with pleasure

"So you are here on business, cherie?  Not pleasure?" the vampire prodded.  "What a pity."  Jean-Claude looked away from Raina and pretended to pout.  "I thought you had come to keep me company tonight."

mastering a vampire

I hesitated just a second before stepping into the police station.  My mind was off and running in a dozen different directions, but it was only one thought that gave me pause.  Namely, how do you punish a thousand-year-old vampire?

crescent moon

It was hard to forget the bitter rivalry Anita's divided heart had forged between them, and even harder to actually join forces with said rival.  Passing his hand over his face, Richard told himself to calm down.  The rivalry was over, and had been for a long time actually.  But the way the lukoi interacted with Jean-Claude now filled Richard with an ironic sense of that old jealousy.

blackberry pie

Anita delved the fork into the pie and slowly, teasingly took a bite.  Jean-Claude fairly collapsed into the couch cushions as she chewed, closing his eyes again and groaning rather erotically.  Anita tried hard not to laugh while she was swallowing.

pieces of always

Asher sighed softly. "Only that you underestimate our Julianna. I am inclined to say I love her with all my heart, but that is not entirely true, as you too, possess a piece of it. Do you believe Julianna any less capable of such love? She, whose heart is ten times that of mine? Do not give up on her, mon ami. Earn her love, win her heart as you have won mine."

ma petite

He was mesmerizing, but he also didn't look real up close.  He was almost too handsome--too beautiful.  Anita couldn't speak and her fear of him increased twofold.  She had the inane urge to turn back around and run away, which made her all the more determined to stay where she was.

learning to fly

Taking a hesitant step into the dim light at the side of the bed where Sydney was kneeling, Asher reached out and grasped her hand in his.  He squeezed it gently before placing it lightly on the right side of his chest.  He kept his eyes locked on hers, silently praying to whomever would listen to him that Sydney would not pull her hand away in disgust.

the art of seduction

Now I knew what countless wives across America felt like during football season.  Yeah, nice see-through negligee, honey, but it's the third and goal, could you move away from the tv?

nathaniel in blue

Nathaniel tried to console himself with the fact Anita had chosen him as her pomme de sang.  Feeding her ardeur allowed him an intimacy with her he would normally not have achieved on his own.  And he knew she loved him, even if it was in a somewhat left-handed, obligated sort of way.

wicked ways

"I know what is expected of me tonight, Monsieur," Jean-Claude said, tasting Narcissus' lower lip with a languid stroke of his tongue.  "Quite simply, I am to insure your absolute satisfaction.  I am prepared to do whatever that should require."

boys' night out

Facing Jean-Claude, Jason grinned, but his tone, when he spoke, was sympathetic.  "Well, no wonder you're in a touchy mood.  Anita's got you in the doghouse again, huh?"  He rubbed his hands together enthusiastically.  "Well, don't you worry.  Good ole Jason knows just where to go to help a guy deal with those doghouse blues."

ecclesiastes 3 : 4

For the briefest moment, it appeared to Jean-Claude as if he had finally gotten through to Asher.  The blonde vampire turned around to face him again, his beautiful, ravaged face melting in anguish.  Tears streamed from his eyes and his bottom lip quivered ever so slightly.  But then he laughed, and the sound of it made the blood in Jean-Claude's veins run cold.

sweet dreams

I knew when he used his power as an incubus on me, he could make my dreams so vivid, my mind was convinced what I was experiencing in the dream was real and my body reacted accordingly.  It sounded risky, but it wasn't really.  After all, it was all about sex.

entre vous

"You can pretend all you want, Jean-Claude," Anita countered.  "The facts remain the same.  I'm only going out with you to show you once and for all nothing is ever going to make me leave Richard for you, and you'll realize nothing is ever, ever going to happen between us.  Then you promised to leave us alone, and by damn, I'm holding you to that."

full circle

"Give me time.  I will earn your trust again," Asher whispered, turning his head and lowering his face over Jean-Claude's.  "I will make you believe, and I will have your heart once more, cheri.  But for now, kiss me.  Just because we can, and just because, I love you."  Asher leaned forward and touched his lips to Jean-Claude's.

the lieutenants

"For one moment, can you put aside your vanity and look at the facts, Jean-Claude?" Asher grumbled, then took a deep breath.  "Michel Chaponte is in love with Analise Lanoue.  Yes, you are lovely, and oh-so-enticing, but why would the young man forget his true love, and trundle after a villain who accosted him, ruined his opportunity for love and happiness, and very nearly murdered him last night?  Mon cheri, that is hardly the stuff of a fairy tale romance."

just desserts

I raised my head to look into Jean-Claude's eyes.  "I have every right to 'freak out'," I told him.  "This is like a state dinner.  It goes way beyond pot roast and china.  My father is coming over here to meet you, and I don't think he's planning on welcoming you to the family.  I believe he's discovered how serious things are between us, and is planning some sort of parental intervention to save my jeopardized soul.  Tonight has disaster written all over it."

after dinner mints

Up For Bids
"This was in Victoria's Secret by the cash register."  Anita smacked the brochure against Jean-Claude's chest.  "Imagine my surprise to not only see my boyfriend's picture inside, but find out he's listed as one of the eligible bachelors up for bids."
Jason's Birthday Present
His eyes widened seeing what lay inside, and he quickly snapped the box shut.  "You didn't!" he exclaimed.
Ma Chere Juli
Not a day went by when he didn't think of her.  Or miss her.  Writing the letters helped.  It let him pretend, for a little while, at least, that he could still talk to her, and tell her how much he loved her.
Interrogation With The Vampire
It was clear the master vampire was way more unsettled by his arrest than he was letting on.  He was trying to play it cool, but Zerbrowski knew it took a lot of pent-up emotion to merit any outward signs of discomfort from the older vamps, even seemingly insignificant signs, like Jean-Claude was displaying now.
Tears For Damian
Seizing Damian's hand in both of his, Jean-Claude looked down at him, sympathetically.  "I will stay awhile.  I promise.  And I swear to you, if ever I am able, I will free you....If you survive.  Either way.  I won't forget you, Damian."
Asher wasn't trying to bespell me though.  He wasn't even trying to seduce me.  He looked wary and uncertain, and almost frightened.  That was another thing.  His confidence had been shaken, in himself, and me.  He didn't believe he could love me the way I wanted him to.  What was worse, he thought I had only invited him back into my bed to keep peace between me and Jean-Claude.  I was hoping tonight I could convince him otherwise.

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