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jean-claude the sourdre de sang

An Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter fan site 
In October 2002, I was introduced to this series of books by Laurell K. Hamilton through a salesclerk at a Waldenbooks store.  Needless to say, I was instantly inspired by the characters and situations presented in them. 
This webpage is a result of that creative inspiration, and contains all my Anita Blake fanfiction and art.  I am just a fan, like you, and do not profit financially from anything displayed here.  This is just a twisted hobby of mine.
Except for the character concepts, the art presented on this webpage is my own creation--entirely hand-drawn, black and white interpretations of the characters or a depiction of a scene from the books.  Please do not reproduce, alter, or direct link to these images. 
In the case of my fanfiction, I take the characters and set them in different situations and let them react accordingly.  I like to expand on recorded scenes or develop minor characters.  I fill in gaps and go back in time. 
Please do not archive any of my stories without my permission.  Some of these fics I would like to keep exclusive to this site and this site only.    
So, sit back and peruse a few.  Please keep in mind the ratings and do not read anything that would be considered inappropriate for your age group.  Yeah, I'm kinda into the whole sex, violence, and foul language scene.  Then there's nothing here you wouldn't find in the odd ABVH book.  If you can handle those, you can probably handle what I write.  So enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you think.

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nothing quite like the feel of something new...

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(I screen all entries before allowing them to be shown so don't even think about dropping spam there!  You'll just be wasting your time and mine.) 


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Contact me
Feel free to email me: paranoir2@yahoo.com  with any questions or comments or just to say "Hey!"  I love hearing from fellow fans and love receiving feedback on my work.
Please note: Following the November 2006 update, I will no longer be sending out email update notifications.  I will be posting update notices on my various other sites and the date of the most recent update will continue to be posted at the top of this page.  I sincerely appreciate all who contacted me to be added to my notification list and hope my decision to do away with it will not cause too much inconvenience for anyone.