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favorite linx

Here are just a few of my favorite haunts devoted to the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.  If you must leave me, then at least go to one of these excellent sites.  You won't regret it, I promise.
And if you have a site devoted to the Anitaverse and would like to see it featured on this listing, contact me and tell me all about it.  Paranoir2@yahoo.com

The Moonlit Wings Series

I'm excited to say here is the official site for my original series of paranormal romance books I am collectively calling The Moonlit Wings series.  This site has detailed synopsis of each book, cover art, character information, locations, excerpts, short story tie-ins, reviews, links, and author blog.  Check here for all future publishing information.  This series will be released as ebooks from Smashwords.com and in print from Amazon.com.  The first book, Cemetery Moon, is published and available now.  The second in the series (at the time of this update) is due out March 2011.  Please check this site for further information. 

Full Dark

This first site is Full Dark.  It houses the majority of my fanfiction and art.  The "random quotes" and "the songs that remind me of" are fun and unusual.  A very well put together site. 

Leopard Lionne

Leopard Lionne is a fun site.  It has a lot of different, unusual things to do there that you don't see on a lot of the other sites and the webmistress is positively smitten by Asher, which is refreshing.


Executioner was one of my absolute favorite sites before it went on hiatus over the summer.  Mandi's back however, and trying to get it up and running once more.  Looks like she's off to a good start!  (Unfortunately, she lost her archive of fanfiction which was one of the best.  If you had fic posted there, send it to her again.) 

BeElleGee's Bit Of Heaven

My other, neglected child has finally been updated thanks to webmistress extraordinaire, Sophira.  Not only does my old webpage have a brand new layout, it's got new content for the first time in two years!  If anyone is interested in seeing what other genre's I dabble in, check out version two.

Schurry's World of Laurell K. Hamilton

Here's a website for the ABVH and Merry Gentry fan.  Kind of like two pages in one.  Both are chock full of exceptional art and loaded with info to while away the hours.  Interesting and very slick. 

Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter

This site belongs to, quite simply, one of my favorite fanfic authors, Flamika.  I always recommend her fics to anyone who asks me if I know of any good fic out there, so I thought I'd make it easy on myself and include a link to them.  Flamika isn't afraid to wander off into uncharted territories and the results are always unexpected, well-executed and just plain fun. 

Page of Eternal Life

This site is nirvana.  There's galleries, all kinds of info, pictures, and interactive goodies that will keep the average LKH addict dosed for weeks.  The webmistress is partial to JC which doesn't hurt either. 

Beware of Bite

Beware of Bite is a very creatively put together page.  Lots of terrific fanfic and imagery.  There's also regular fic challenges, polls, and a tag board.  Interaction here is encouraged. 

JC's Land of Happy Popsicles

This is a very tongue-in-cheek site, very light-hearted and funny.  Clearly created at the height of the Jean-Claude/Richard rivalry, this page is full of fun and interesting content.  Go adopt a popsicle while you're there.

Zeeque's Anita Blake Page

This site belongs to another admitted addict.  It contains some great memorable lines, a shrine devoted to Nathaniel, fanfic, artwork, and lots of tidbits from the books.  Super layout. 

Anitaverse Shifters

I'm not really into the shifters of the Anitaverse, but this webpage is too slick to resist!  Lots and lots of eye candy and there is one page devoted to my beloved vampires.  Worth a look, so check it out.

Mon Jouet

I lost track of this site awhile back, but secured the new url and it is once again up and running.  It has clearly had an overhaul, but the content remains the same.  Lots of great fanfiction, links, and art by yours truly. 

Pomme De Sang

This is a fanfiction site much like Adultfanfiction.Net and Cerulean Sins.  Each author uploads their fics to the site, which allows for summaries and reviews.  It has a featured story spot, a chatroom-like message board (one of my favorite hangouts) and currently hosts over 600 Anita Blake fanfictions.

Aesthetic Verdigris

Here's a good one for all you Asher/Jean-Claude fans.  Aesthetic Verdigris (don't ask me what that means) is home to a number of fine fanfics centering mostly around my favorite vampires.  Be sure to sign Rose's guestbook and encourage her to write more!

Breathless Lovers

The name of this site should give you some clue as to what it contains.  First and foremost, sublime fanfiction centering around Jean-Claude and Asher.  If you are feeling a little self-indulgent, visit Michelle's primo website and submerge yourself in hours worth of fabulous stories.

Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series

Here's a new webpage by a wonderfully talented fanfiction author, Rebecca who has just recently started sharing her great fics on various lists and archive sites.  This is one of her webpages and houses her amazing abvh stories.  If you are looking for something good to read after a hard day at the office, you simply must check these out.  Fabulous escapism here--trust me on this! 

Bully For You

Here's a fanfiction archive that seems as if it hasn't really gotten off the ground.  The stories it hosts are more Edward-oriented and sadly it hasn't been updated since 2003.  If you're a fanfic writer you could try to submit something to the webmistress.  Maybe if she gets enough new submissions, she'll revive the site. 

The Anita Blake Compendium

Apparently, this site has been around for awhile.  Not sure how it escaped my radar.  It is "an alphabetic listing of all the references found in Laurell K. Hamilton's world of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter."  It's a great site, but Stuart Townsend as JC?  Uh-uh.

Sourdre De Sang

This is the "sister" site of Pomme De Sang.  Like PDS, this site will archive Anita Blake fanfic, but unlike PDS, this site's submissions must meet a certain criteria and be approved before posting.  Authors registered there are selected and registration is by invitation.  If you prefer reading fanfics that are spit-polished to a shine, then you'll enjoy the fics posted on this site. 

Pomme De Sang (The RPG site)

This one is for all you roleplayers out there. I'm not sure how long it has been running, but it seems well-established and there are plenty of different scenarios being written. You can choose to play either an original character or one of the remaining canon characters--though I understand there's not many left.

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