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The last thing going through Phillip’s mind at the moment was how easy this had all been. Though deep down, Phillip knew a night like this didn’t come along very often for him anymore. It did seem as if the vampire had made himself too conveniently available however. The across-the-room looks he was giving Phillip had made Phillip take the chance and approach him--albeit psyching himself up for the inevitable rejection, which was the norm whenever he had previously ventured out of his league. Despite the awkward, uncertain proposition, Phillip had quickly acquired himself a lover for the night and was either too stunned or too fascinated to analyze the surrounding circumstances.

Phillip preferred to think Jean-Claude actually did find him attractive; not that the master vampire had been bored with nothing better to do or worse, under orders to submit to Phillip’s pathetic advances. Yet Phillip had been around vampires enough to know they never did anything for you without expecting something in return and they always had an ulterior motive for everything else they did. None of this occurred to him now and even if it had, Phillip was already too overcome with need to worry about it. It was enough that the hottest vampire in Nikolaos’ entire kiss was fucking him into a lather on the stained sheets of his musty, stuffy apartment. Tonight was a fantasy-come-true for him and the very last thing he was going to do was sweat the details.

It was the sting of sweat in his eyes that preoccupied him now, and that being the least significant of all the sensations accosting his body presently. Squeezing his eyes shut, he gave his head a toss and gritted his teeth, drawing in a sharp breath that sounded like a half-gasp, half-moan.

“Don’t stop, god, please, don’t stop,” he managed to plead to his lover as the first seizing quiver of ecstasy wracked his brain.

“Non,” the vampire hissed back, zealously pushing his hips forward again until he was sheathed completely inside Phillip’s feverish body.

Phillip gasped with the bone-jarring force Jean-Claude was thrusting into him with now, but he spread his legs wider wanting to feel the stab of him even deeper.

Perspiration dampened Phillip’s loins, making them slick and hot. The resulting rhythmic skin-to-skin slapping filled the stifling air with a wet smacking kind of sound as if someone was beating out a saturated towel on a tile wall. It was both punishing and passionate.

The vampire obliged him, physically and mentally, rolling his mind with the power of sensation just enough to let him feel every inch of his penetration along every molecule of his insides. Phillip groaned long and low, his need seizing his mind as his hands seized fistfuls of dirty sheets.

“More…please,” Phillip begged, feeling tortured despite the immense pleasure that was gripping his whole being now. He reached out to pull the vampire closer to him.

Instead of an embrace, Phillip felt the pressure of Jean-Claude’s hands on his shoulders, moving to raise his arms up over his head. The vampire held them there, pinning Phillip to the mattress as he bent forward to drop a quick kiss on his open mouth.

“I know,” he whispered to him in a tone strangely resonating with sympathy. He eased himself back slightly, slowing his thrusts almost to purposefully draw out said torture. He was slippery with lubricant and as hard as steel yet glided in and out of Phillip’s spasming posterior with practiced grace.

Still yearning for some semblance of intimacy, Phillip fought against the weight of Jean-Claude’s hands wanting to envelope him in his arms or at the very least touch him while he fucked him. He felt the vampire’s fingers digging into his flesh harder with each effort of resistance and it finally occurred to Phillip for the first time that maybe Jean-Claude didn’t really want him to touch him. There was to be no reciprocated caresses. No returning a kiss. No sharing of sensations.

“Jean-Claude,” Phillip said, whimpering his name as the improbability of a mutual attraction slowly seeped up from the back of his mind. But before he could continue, the vampire released Phillip’s arms and smoothed his hands down Phillip’s torso.

“Ssshhh,” Jean-Claude breathed in reply as if sensing his lover’s sudden tension. He slowed his thrusts further and ran his palms over Phillip’s legs, propping them over his shoulders, and then turning his head to nibble a sultry path along Phillip’s slender ankle. His other hand moved like smoke to Phillip’s neglected erection. He wrapped his soft elegant hand around the base and stroked it languidly.

This display of tenderness soothed Phillip’s suspicions and redirected his mind back to the pleasure of the master vampire’s expert ministrations. Panting with pleasure, Phillip opened his eyes and peered up at Jean-Claude through tendrils of sweat-slicked bangs.

Jean-Claude was leaning into his legs now, pressing his sinewy body tightly to the backs of Phillip’s thighs. Their eyes locked as the vampire slid deeper into him and he curled back his full lips teasingly baring his fangs. Phillip shuddered.

God, he was beautiful, Phillip thought, his eyes roving the vampire’s exquisite face and form. Jean-Claude’s eyes were orbs of raw seduction--so dark a blue they almost looked black. Not a foreboding kind of black, but a beckoning one. It was more the kind of darkness you could hide in and feel safe and secure in. Phillip wanted that and all the promises of pleasure Jean-Claude’s eyes possessed. He stared into them, craving their power, but instead became too distracted by the movement of Jean-Claude’s long, tousled hair sweeping hypnotically back and forth across his cheeks. His curls were like thin black fingers, twisting and tickling the vampire’s flawless alabaster skin as he rocked rhythmically against Phillip’s legs.

Phillip longed to touch Jean-Claude’s hair now and bury his fingers deep in those wild spirals. Again he stretched out his hand towards Jean-Claude pleadingly and this time the master vampire complied. Jean-Claude separated Phillip’s legs, bending forward between them to capture Phillip’s hand with his own. He brought it to his mouth and gnawed his wrist and licked his palm sending shivers of amplified desire shooting through Phillip’s mind. He moaned his appreciation and was rewarded when the vampire took his fingers one by one into his mouth and sucked them.

“Oh yes,” Phillip gasped, his need piercing the center of his brain demandingly.

As if sensing what he‘d aroused, Jean-Claude purposefully pricked Phillip’s index finger on the tip of his fang to draw a little blood. He laved the tip with his cool tongue, taking the finger deep into his mouth and growled as he swallowed. Phillip writhed in ecstasy.

The soft sucking pressure of Jean-Claude’s curvaceous lips drew Phillip’s gaze to them. To Phillip, those lips were Jean-Claude’s most enticing feature. The anticipated sensation of their fullness touching his throat nearly sent Phillip over the edge with desire.

Clearly knowing how close Phillip was to coming, Jean-Claude released his lover’s hand and straightened. Gradually the vampire increased the pace of his thrusting and the intensity of his stroking.

Phillip’s cock was achingly hard now and slick with silky pre-cum. He bucked his hips into Jean-Claude’s hand demanding more. “Harder, faster.” And the vampire obliged until Phillip was certain he couldn’t take much more before his mind exploded. He was uncontrollably jerking with sharp spasms of pleasure now, feeling his body succumb to his impending orgasm.

Closing his eyes to surrender himself to his bliss, he heard Jean-Claude sigh deeply above him--yet it clearly wasn’t from any derived pleasure of his own. The notion that this was a duty to Jean-Claude struck Phillip once more and pained him. In seconds his flaring passion began to wane.

But Jean-Claude was not about to allow that to happen. Before Phillip could react further, Phillip felt the crushing wave of Jean-Claude’s power roll over his mind. He felt the vampire pull away from his body only to snatch him up in his clutches a moment later. That beautiful voluptuous mouth was settling against his hyper-sensitive skin now. Phillip nearly shrieked with need. Then Jean-Claude’s teeth sank in deeply, piercing the muscle at the base of Phillip’s neck, biting through the damp locks of hair clinging to his sweat-slicked skin.

The force of the blood being drawn from his body could be felt all the way to his heart. It made his body sing with pleasure and soon he was screaming in the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment, clawing at the vampire’s bare back to bring him closer still. He ejaculated against the coolness of Jean-Claude’s skin, his erection all but crushed in between their bodies. His mind flashed with searing white light then blackened to dim nothingness. He felt Jean-Claude’s mouth moving on his neck, still feeding as Phillip basked in the afterglow of his fix. His body began to feel weighted and heavy as his head began to get light. He was seeing stars by the time Jean-Claude released him and slumped back down onto the disheveled bedding in a crumpled heap with a deeply satisfied sigh. Blood continued to seep from his neck and tickle his skin as it ran in red rivulets over his shoulder. Phillip smiled. The loss of blood was so worth it.

Looking up blearily, Phillip watched Jean-Claude wipe at the blood on his mouth with the back of his hand. He stood gazing down at him for what seemed like a long time before taking a deep breath and climbing gracefully onto the bed beside him. His usually guarded expression thinly veiled his distaste for what he’d just done.

Phillip felt a wash of tears well in his burning eyes. He turned his head to face Jean-Claude as the vampire settled into place against him, resting his beautiful head on his bent arm. Jean-Claude stared back at him, his face void of any particular expression now, but he reached out and pushed back the bangs falling over Phillip’s eyes.

“Was it good, cheri?” Jean-Claude asked, his voice made audibly provocative with his power.

Phillip sighed shakily. “You know it was,” he replied and lowered his eyes, thinking for me at least it was. Swallowing down the tightening in his still tingling throat, Phillip summoned a smile, grasped Jean-Claude’s hand in his and kissed his long fingers.

“I’m glad,” Jean-Claude responded giving Phillip’s hand a small squeeze.

Phillip squeezed back and released him. What could have possibly possessed him to make him believe Jean-Claude was even remotely attracted to him? Tonight only proved how far out of his league Phillip was with him. Phillip cleared his throat.

“What is it you want?”

The reaction Phillip received was so subtle, had he not been looking directly into Jean-Claude’s face, he might have missed it. It was just the barest lifting of one finely arched brow and the slightest twitching of the corner of his mouth that told Phillip he’d taken the vampire by surprise with his question.

Leaning forward, Jean-Claude moved closer to Phillip, carefully pressing the long line of his slender body against his.

“The vampires need a small favor, mon ami,” Jean-Claude murmured, keeping his gaze unwaveringly on Phillip’s face.

Phillip laughed humorlessly. “I should have fucking known.” He shifted uncomfortably beside Jean-Claude. “What? What is it this time?”

Surprisingly, Jean-Claude lowered his eyes and sighed again, softly this time. “Nikolaos and the others want you to befriend the woman we call the Executioner. The woman named Anita Blake.” He paused and momentarily looked away. “Nikolaos believed you would be more likely to agree to this if I were the one who asked you.”

Phillip licked his dry lips. “Why? Why don’t you befriend her, Jean-Claude? Use that world-renown charm of yours. Seduce her. I’m sure you’d be better at it than I would….”

Raising his eyes once more, Jean-Claude’s lips turned down somewhat, hinting a frown. “She doesn’t like me,” he stated almost wistfully. “She doesn’t like vampires in general, but we need her help. We need you to reassure her and assist her in any way possible.”

“And this way, I’m acting as the liaison for the Kiss. A double agent!” Phillip shook his head slowly. “Christ, what have I gotten myself into?”

Jean-Claude raised himself up slightly on his elbow and leaned forward to deposit a soft kiss on Phillip’s quivering mouth, but Phillip jerked away from him.

“You don’t have to put out for me anymore,” he grumbled. “I’m wise to what this was all about now. It was in the back of my mind all the time how incredible this all was, but I was too star-struck to pay it any heed.” He gave the vampire a scorching look of disdain. “I’m so goddamned na´ve sometimes. I’m like a pathetic nerdy school boy with some secret hidden crush on the head cheerleader. She lets him finger her so he’ll do her math homework for her. Fuck you, Jean-Claude. Fuck all of you.”

Jean-Claude grew very still beside Phillip for a moment, but then he resettled himself, laying his head on Phillip’s shoulder. His hand rested on Phillip’s chest as his fingertips toyed with the circle of Phillip’s nipple.

“I’m still here,” he whispered. “I haven’t gotten up and left yet. I didn’t withhold anything from you to get you to agree to this. I pleasured you. I satisfied you. I fulfilled your addiction. I did not use you, Phillip though I know you believe I did. You used me.” He took a small breath. “I am tired of being used.”

Phillip tentatively placed his hand over Jean-Claude’s to still it. He turned his head to lay it next to the vampire’s, relishing the feel of his gloriously soft hair brushing his cheek.

“Stay with me tonight,” Phillip murmured in a barely audible voice. “You don’t have to bite me anymore. You don’t have to contribute to my addiction. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to.” He paused and took a hitching breath. “And there’s no contingency attached. I’ll do what they need me to do regardless. I just want to hold you tonight. Pretend a little.”

Jean-Claude sat up slightly to be able to look into Phillip’s eyes. He lowered his head and swept his lips over Phillip’s with a feather-light kiss. “There is no need for pretense,” the master vampire sighed. “It’s not as if I haven’t noticed you before, cheri. It is only now that I have been allowed to act on it.” His mouth descended on Phillip’s once more and lingered there as the vampire’s hand roved his lover’s still trembling torso. “Promise me you’ll stop doing this to yourself,” he went on, his fingers following a trail of teeth marks along Phillip’s side. “They’ll kill you if you’re not careful.”

Phillip nodded, reaching up to draw Jean-Claude back down to him for another protracted kiss. He rolled him over onto his back and kissed him harder. He heard Jean-Claude moan softly and felt the beckoning length of his hardening erection pushing against his own. Phillip felt his mind zeroing in on his need again. The reasons for his luck tonight were once more rendered inconsequential.

“I will. I promise,” Phillip whispered into the vampire’s cool mouth. Yet even as he professed that, he couldn’t help crave the moment he felt that very mouth bleed him dry.








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