Jedi Apprentice Fan Fiction

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Adult StoryMaking a Masterpiece
This is one of those lighthearted, smutty, slightly out-of-character 
fics I write strictly for my own amusement.  "Making A Masterpiece" 
was orginally handwritten in a spiral notebook.  I wasn't even going 
to post it anywhere at first, but I liked it too much to keep it all 
to myself.  Like "Saber Dance" and "Justice Served", it didn't 
require much effort and was a lot of fun to write. 

Adult StoryNever Meant to Be
This story is one of those "why not?" fics and was also another
attempt of mine to spotlight a minor character, in this case Depa
Billaba.  The bits of her past that you get from canon are very
interesting and I felt she deserved her own fic.  Xanatos was
actually added as an afterthought.  It worked out better than I
thought it would and everything seemed to fall into place.  This is
one of my personal favorites.

Saber Dance
"Saber Dance" took me one day to write.  It is a silly, romantic 
piece that was just written for fun.  I wasn't going to post it 
anywhere at first, but then thought, why not?  As it turned out, this 
particular fic is the most popular with my readers and gets the most 
archive requests.  Go figure. 

Adult StorySavoir Faire
I received more requests for a sequel to "Saber Dance" than I had 
with all my other fics combined.  I normally don't write sequels or 
series for that matter, but I thought I might as well give my readers 
what they want.  The result, "Savoir Faire," took me three months to 
write and is the first fic I ever enlisted the help of a beta for due 
to its immense length.  I was very pleased with the outcome of the 
story as a whole and it is a personal favorite of mine.

Adult StoryKnight Fall
"Knight Fall" is the first fic I wrote on Xanatos.  It is also the 
first R-NC17 fiction I wrote.  My original intent was to keep the 
identity of the Jedi a mystery until the end.  It worked very well at 
the time because Xanatos had only recently been introduced in the 
Jedi Apprentice series with the second book, "The Dark Rival."  I was 
instantly intrigued by his mysterious character and the whole idea of 
a 'fallen' Jedi who was not a Sith. 

Adult StoryJustice
With this fic, I redefined the character of Xanatos. He still harbors 
his hatred for the Jedi, but he's not vengeful anymore and is just 
trying to go about his business and make money with OffWorld. 
He's still basically the same character in the JA books but I ignored 
his fate in JA #8, and made him more selfish, arrogant, and 
manipulative than cruel.  I've also made him the embodiment of every 
woman's fantasy (and he's now somewhat oversexed.)  This fic was 
written in a slightly different style for me.  I didn't take it too 
seriously and had a lot of fun with it. 

Adult StoryJustice Served
I had so much fun writing "Justice", I immediately started a sequel 
even though, unlike "Saber Dance", there was no real call for one 
 from my readers. 
With "Justice Served" I maintained the style I had adopted 
for "Justice"; this time adding even more 
expletives, slang, and sexual innuendos and gave it a slightly bawdy 
flavor.  What surprised me most about the reaction to this fic was 
the fact that many readers had not read "Justice" first.  It was good 
to know this fic can stand on its own, but a reader needs to go back 
to the first fic to catch some of this fic's humor. 

Broken Circle updated
This "missing" scene of Qui-Gon and Xanatos' first duel has been 
written almost as much as the fateful Obi-Wan/Anakin lightsaber 
duel.  In my version however, I wanted the story to be more about Qui-
Gon and his feelings and reactions than Xanatos'.  It was also a good 
vehicle for action scenes, which I enjoy writing almost as much as 

Adult StoryFever
This is the first fic I wrote specifically for the XEB site. 
Xanatos' character here is very similar to the one portrayed 
in "Knight Fall".  I actually wrote the sex scenes first then built 
the story up around it.  I've never been comfortable writing PWPs. 
The beginning, which was actually written in the middle, gave me the 
idea for the twist at the end so all in all it came out fairly well 

Growing Pains
One of my short sweet fics that was written one lazy Sunday
afternoon.  The idea for this fic came to me after listening to a
friend of mine talk about his son and his terrible bouts of growing
pains.  This fic is about the fatherly feelings Qui-Gon has for
Xanatos.  Qui-Gon doted on Xanatos.  He admitted it.  So, I thought
he might experience something similar to what my friend did.

Adult StoryA Dark and Stormy Night
I normally never respond to fic challenges, but when I read the
requirements posted for this one, the story came to me immediately.
The requirements were:  A halloween party and a reluctant Xani,
rainstorm, Xani in black sets sights on a woman in black, an
appearance of Qui-Gon in a sexually related costume, Xani tinkering
with an electrical device to get him and the woman stuck somewhere,
an appearance of Sprinkles (the one who posted the challenge)in a
mini skirt, interesting uses of candy, kids knocking on the door
during sex, swearing, Yoda in costume, and rated NC-17.  Needless to
say this was for halloween.  It's a nasty little piece, but it was
fun to write.

Unshakable Faith
The portrayal of Xanatos in this fanfiction is a personal preference
of mine.  I like to show him minding his business, literally, and
just going about his life after leaving the Jedi.  He is still mainly
motivated by greed and selfishness, but he is not the same evil being
who is demented with vengence, as portrayed in the "Jedi Apprentice"
series.  In this fic, much to Xanatos'dismay, his long surpressed
sense of Jedi chivalry still surfaces when the situation calls
for it.

A "what-if" vignette, "Encounters" holds the record as my shortest SW
fanfic.  It explores the it's-a-small-world theory and takes place
long before TPM when Xanatos was still a young padawan, and devout