Justice Served
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Rated R: language and sexual situations
Summary: sequel to JUSTICE, three weeks later

The woman was insatiable.

Keeping Princess Faraline Caslon satisfied was a bit of a challenge to Xanatos. He would never admit
it to anyone except himself but nonetheless, it was true. Her energy was unending and her cravings
were constant. Her imagination and creativity were boundless.

She literally wore him out.

When he slept, he slept deeply, and dreamed of making love to her. Ever since he was a child, anything
he did repeatedly over a period of time, he dreamt of during the night. He often woke feeling more tired
than when he went to bed the night before.

He remembered training sessions at the Jedi Temple, and manuevers with lightsabers done over and
over again, saturating his mind and infiltrating his dreams in the night. Those dreams were helpful. The
lessons were played out until they were perfected in his dreams. They helped him learn better and faster
than any of the other students. He valued his dreams then.

Erotic dreams were enjoyable, but exhausting. And too many times, he would wake and realize that he
hadn't been dreaming at all. Faraline would be with him, grinding against him, whispering in his ear,
urging him to wake up. He was amazed at the stamina he maintained despite his acute sleep

For the past three days, however, he hadn't even seen the princess, let alone screw her. She hadn't
been to her bedroom chamber in two nights either. Not one to spit in the face of opportunity, Xanatos
used the time alone to recharge his energy reserves and catch up on his sleep.

Stretched out face down, with the sheets wrapped loosely around his hips, Xanatos slept. He didn't
dream of sex anymore. He wasn't really dreaming of anything at all when he felt the bed jiggle under the
weight of another body. He lazily opened his eyes and smiled.

"Good morning, Your Highness," he purred. "Long time no see."

The bed shook again and Xanatos heard muffled high-pitched giggles behind him. He sat up slightly and
peered over his shoulder.

Faraline's two younger sisters were purposefully bouncing on the bed on either side of him. He moaned
and sank back down to the mattress and pulled the sheets up over his shoulders.

"Morning Xani!" the older and taller of the two sisters, Laundel, greeted. She crawled over his back to
join her younger sister, Mayima, on the other side.

"What do you sprites want? You know if your sister catches you in here, she'll skin you both," Xanatos
mumbled into the pillow.

Laundel's hand lingered on Xanatos' back. "We wanted to say good-bye." Her small fingers began
tracing wrinkles in the sheets and her hand strayed lower and lower.

"We'll miss you. We liked you. You were fun," Mayima chimed in. She stood up on the foot of the bed
and jumped up and down.

Xanatos frowned and looked up. "Do you mind?" he said to Mayima, then to Laundel, "Get your hand
off my ass."

Laundel laughed and slid off the bed. "We really did like you. Bye Xani."

Xanatos rolled over on his side and propped his head up with his arm. Mayima flopped down beside
him and busied herself braiding strands of his hair.

"You have such pretty hair," Mayima sighed. "I wish I had black hair like yours. It's so shiny." She
groaned theatrically and threw her arms around Xanatos' neck. "Goodbye, Xani!"

"Are you two going somewhere?" he inquired, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"Not us, you, Silly," Laundel corrected.

Xanatos sat up suddenly, toppling Mayima over. She squealed and fell off the bed. "What makes you
think I'm going anywhere?" he demanded.

Laundel looked depressed now. She sighed heavily and sat down on the bed next to Xanatos.

"You're being released today. Faraline is making the arrangements right now as a matter of fact. We
heard her talking to one of the servants."

Mayima climbed back on the bed and resumed her place draped over Xanatos' shoulders.

"She found someone else she likes better. She spends all her time with him now," Mayima murmured.

Xanatos narrowed his eyes. He didn't trust these girls any farther than he could throw them. "Do you
mean she has found another slave to take my place?"

Laundel shook her head emphatically. "Oh no! He's not a slave. He's a real important ambassador or
something. He's not from here."

"Oh really?" Xanatos shrugged and flexed his back trying to dislodge Mayima. "Get off of me! Is there
some reason why you are making a complete nuisance of yourself this morning? Can't you go and find
some defenseless bugs you can pull the legs off of?" She grinned and shook her head. Xanatos turned
his attention back to Laundel. "So your sister has been with this new man?"

"Faraline stays with him at night now," Laundel continued, nodding confirmation. "He has special guest
quarters here in the palace. Usually when she starts spending all her time with a new male, it means the
other one from before is sent to the fields." She paused and looked around dramatically. "After he gets

"Is that so? Fixed?" Xanatos questioned.

"Yeah, you know." She held up her hand and made a cutting motion with her fingers.

Xanatos' jaw slackened and dropped. Faraline Caslon was one for the books. He had never met a
woman as ruthless and self-serving as she was. There seemed to be no end to her deviant behavior. He
started to shake his head, then laughed. "Don't you worry about me. I am not going to be emasculated.
When your sister tires of me, I will simply be set free to go about my business."

The two little girls exchanged wary glances. Clearly they had seen this kind of thing time and time


Xanatos held up his hand to stay any further comments from them. "Where is your sister now? I'll go
talk to her and straighten this whole thing up."

"You can't! She's on the lower levels," Laundel gasped.

"With HIM!" Mayima put in.

"I don't care," Xanatos told them. He waved to Laundel, gesturing at a silk robe draped over a chair
across the room. "Get that for me, will you please?"

Laundel retrieved the robe and handed it to Xanatos. "She's with him. Just beyond the courtyard in the
ground floor apartments. She's not going to like it if you go down there. Not while he's there. She'll
punish you."

Xanatos threw the robe over his shoulders while Mayima held back his hair. He grinned. "What's the
worse she could do to me?"

"Plenty," Mayima offered.

Xanatos slipped out of bed and stood up, belting the robe tightly around his waist. "I'm not afraid of
her." He reached over and mussed Mayima's hair playfully.

"Xani! Don't!" she protested half-heartedly and giggled.

Xanatos smiled. "I do anything I want. Remember that!" He stalked over to the door.

"Bye Xani," Laundel whined. "It was nice knowing you. When I grow up, I want to own a pleasure
slave just like you."

Xanatos sighed and shook his head. "How charming."


Xanatos had never been to the "lower levels" of the palace. He spent most of his time in Faraline's
apartments. Even more time in her bedchamber. Usually in bed.

As he descended, the palace began to look just like any other palace he had ever been in. It was full of
historical art and heirloom furnishings. Antique weaponry and royal seals decorated the stone walls.
Spacious windows with picturesque views of the city allowed in plenty of light and created heavy
shadows. Xanatos paused and looked out at the bustling streets below. He sighed appreciatively. This
city was full of commerce. This planet was loaded with natural resources. It was a perfect place for
OffWorld Corporation to set up house. The two neighboring planets that OffWorld currently resided
on, Dally IV and Senejal, were almost entirely drained. It was time to move on.

As soon as Faraline released him, Xanatos planned to get in touch with his execs right away. He
wanted to get operations up and running as quickly and quietly as possible. Hopefully before the
Republic got wind of OffWorld's intent and intervened. The planet Dane wasn't officially a member of
the Galactic Republic, but they had a strong, healthy trade relationship. The Supreme Chancellor was
always sending emissaries here to check up on things and try to persuade the Danese to join the
Senate. So far, so good. Dane had remained stubbornly independant.

Xanatos thought perhaps Faraline's new beau was one of these Senatorial ambassadors.

The hall passage Xanatos had been following led to the outer courtyard. He cut across the center,
oblivious to the courtiers curious and questioning stares, and over to the main double doors. The two
guards immediately intercepted him.

"Who are you?" one asked. "And just where do you think you are going dressed...or should I say, not
dressed, like that? Certainly not in here?"

"Certainly I am," Xanatos mocked him. "I need to speak with Her Royal Highness right away and I was
told I could find her here."

The guard shook his head. "Who are you?"

"Where did you come from?" his companion asked.

Xanatos sighed impatiently. He placed his hands on his hips. "I am a guest of Her Royal Highness. I've
been staying in the upper level apartments." He raised his hand slightly and brought the Force to bear
down on the hapless guard. "You will let me enter these rooms. I need to talk with Her Highness."

The other guard started to protest and Xanatos waved his hand in front of his face. "It is of the utmost

"You may enter these rooms. You need to talk with Her Highness."

"It is of the utmost importance."

The guards opened the doors and ushered Xanatos inside. He smiled graciously and looked around.
These apartments were very different from the ones above. These rooms were very conservatively
decorated and elegantly furnished. He was probably in the guest quarters Laundel had spoken of. It
was all much too generic and colorless for Faraline's tastes.

Just out of curiosity, Xanatos began rifling through drawers and cabinetry. The contents were the same
as in the apartments above except these clothes and accessories probably belonged to the princess'
grandmother. All very frumpy and proper. He looked at a particularly shapeless outfit hanging inside
one of the wardrobes. He shook his head. No, Faraline probably wouldn't be caught dead in something
like that. He closed his eyes and thought about some of her more creatively revealing attire and

"What in hell do you think you're doing down here!" Faraline suddenly shrieked.

Xanatos spun around to face her. His jaw dropped in surprise. She wasn't wearing the outfit in the
wardrobe, but she was wearing one very similar to it.

"Faraline? Is that you under all that material?" Xanatos teased.

"Shut up and get out of here right this instant!" she said frantically and looked quickly around. She
sprung forward and grabbed Xanatos' hand and tried to pull him towards the doors.

"In a minute. I need to talk to you first," Xanatos argued.

"No, you have to leave now! Right now!"

She pulled harder, but Xanatos pulled back and managed to yank her up against him. He wrapped his
arms around her and kissed her hungrily. She struggled. Xanatos kissed her harder, plunging his tongue
deeper inside her mouth. He tightened his hold on her until her struggling subsided and she began to
whimper and go limp in his arms. Her hands slid up his back as she leaned into his embrace.

"I missed you," Xanatos whispered. "I'm well rested and getting quite anxious to be of service again,
Your Majesty."

Faraline suddenly snapped out of the spell he had cast over her. She squirmed and tried to break free
of his grasp. "No! Xanatos, let me go now! You have to leave! Leave the palace in fact! You're free to
go. I'm releasing you!"

Xanatos bent his head down and began nibbling the side of Faraline's neck. "But it's only been three
weeks, Faraline. That's not a fit sentence for any criminal," he cooed. He slid his hands down her arms.
"I demand further punishment."

Faraline sighed. "I pardoned you. Okay? I've already made all the arrangements; even transportation to
the destination of your choice. You are free to go. Now get lost."

Xanatos lifted her hands and kissed each one in turn. He laughed lightly. "How benevolent of Your
Highness. Very well, I can see my expertise is no longer needed here. I will gather my things and be on
my way." He looked around. "May I at least meet the man who has so thoroughly replaced me as your
lover of choice? I am curious, I admit. I didn't think such a man could exist."

Faraline looked mortified. "No! No, you can't meet him! He doesn't know anything about you, or
anything that goes on in those upper apartments, and I want to keep it that way. He's a gentleman.
How did you find out about all this anyway?"

Xanatos furrowed his brow. He leaned back against the wardrobe and crossed his arms over his chest.
"You forget, Faraline. I am also a gentleman. Very refined, formally educated, well-mannered, and
exceptionally wealthy. Your new friend and I probably have more in common than you think." He
sounded entirely insulted.

Faraline was close to pleading. "Xani, please leave. If he finds out about you...it will ruin everything
between us! I really, really like this man. He likes me too. There's something special between us. When
we are together, it's real. Nothing is coerced. I've never had it like that before and I like it alot."
Faraline's large eyes watered and she sniffed delicately.

"Oh please," Xanatos said skeptically. "Spare me the histrionics. Already your relationship with this
man is based on deception. Especially if he believes you are the least bit respectable."

Faraline narrowed her eyes in irritation. "Why you...How dare you? If I had my whip with me, I'd make
you beg for my forgiveness! I'd blister that shapely little ass of yours raw!"

Xanatos grinned. "Now that's the Faraline I know and serve," he teased. "Why don't you come back to
bed with me? I've been very lonesome these past two nights. I'll make it very worth your while. If I fail
to please you, then you can beat me. I'll even bend over for you." He reached for her and pulled her to
him again. His hand strayed to her breast. He rubbed it and squeezed it until her nipple became taunt
beneath the thick layers of her bodice.

For a split second, Faraline actually considered it. Xanatos could be quite persuasive and she knew
from experience, he would surely please her. Her hand strayed below his abdomen and she began
fondling his growing erection. She took a deep breath and tried to slow her racing heart.

"You are such a bad boy," she murmured. "I really wouldn't mind keeping you a little longer, but I just
can't risk it. I have to try to be good now."

Xanatos shook his head. "Be good later." He placed his hands on her shoulders and urged her on her
knees in front of him, then unbelted his robe. He could feel Faraline's heavy breaths on his cock just
before her moist lips touched the tip. He closed his eyes and braced himself against the wardrobe.

"Oh Xani, how could you?" Faraline whispered just before taking him in her mouth.

Xanatos groaned appreciatively. He buried his hands in her hair, feeling the rhythm of her movements
all the way up his arms. She was so very good at this....

Faraline voraciously devoured him, bringing him in minutes to a heartstopping climax. He shuddered
violently and collapsed against the wardrobe, gasping for air.

Faraline slowly climbed to her feet, licking her lips. "You're so gorgeous," she whined. "You know I
can't resist you! What am I going to do? I still want you!"

"Faraline," Xanatos panted. "How can you be satisfied with a man who doesn't really know you? How
can he possibly please that wild perverted appetite of yours? Get rid of him. He doesn't sound like your
type at all."

Sighing despondently, Faraline cuddled against Xanatos' chest. "He's not really. I think that's why I find
him so intriguing. He's very straight-laced and unemotional. But he's an excellent lover. He's young and
very energetic."

"Ah, energetic," Xanatos sneered. "Is that all he has going for him? I thought you would prefer quality
and experience to youth and energy. So how did you meet this...ambassador?"

"I saw him on the holonet one night. He was so beautiful. I just had to have him," she replied.

Xanatos started to laugh. "The holonet again? Is that like your personal home shopping network for
potential lovers?"

Faraline poked him in the stomach with her index finger. "It's not like that. He was scheduled to come
and meet with me anyway. Acting as a representative of the Galactic Republic."

Xanatos raised his brow. "He's not a...Jedi, is he?"

Faraline nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! A full fledged Jedi this time. Not a dropout like you."

"Gee, thanks," Xanatos growled and pulled away from her. "Listen, Darling. You don't want a Jedi.
They are definitely not your type. I can't imagine any of them being 'excellent lovers.' You might as well
fuck a droid for all the excitement you'd get."

Faraline peered up at Xanatos. "Hmm. Do I detect a bit of jealousy?"

Xanatos gazed back at her. "Not in the least. I was merely trying to spare you from your presently poor
choice of mating material." He began readjusting his robe. "Live and learn, they say. I'm sure you'll find
out for yourself before long." He took a deep breath and bowed slightly. "Now, if you'll excuse me,
Your Highness. I think I will be departing after all. I find the thought of being under the same roof as a
Jedi rather distasteful. Not to mention being under the same woman. Farewell."

"Wait! Maybe I can work something out between the two of you," Faraline offered.

"You can stay upstairs. He can stay down here."

Xanatos shook his head. "I don't think that would work. Besides, now I'm psyched to get out of here
and get back to the real world. And work. I really need to see what's up with my company. Ground
breaking for the new complex starts in two weeks."

Faraline turned a distinct shade of red. "Oh, um, there's something I've been meaning to tell you about
concerning that."

Xanatos knew already he wasn't going to like what she had to say. He put his hands on his hips and
swore. "What have you done?"

"I...I withdrew my permission for OffWorld Corp. to utilize Dane."

Xanatos could hardly believe his ears. "You what?!"

Faraline sighed and repeated her statement slower this time. Xanatos cut her off, seizing her arms in a
vice-like grip.

"You bitch! How could you? I should bend you over my knee right now! You're way overdue for a
sound spanking!"

A slow smile lit Faraline's face. "Ooo, that sounds delicious!"

Xanatos growled in frustration. "You won't enjoy it! I'll make certain of it!" Though he had to admit,
now that she brought it up, the idea did sound enticing. But he couldn't be thinking about that sort of
thing now. He had OffWorld's interests to think of. He became angry all over again. "The deal was set!
The documents of transfer were signed and witnessed!" he spat furiously. "You can't withdraw anything
at this point!"

"Want to bet?" the princess hissed. Faraline grabbed his right wrist and twisted it off of her, rotating it
until his arm bent back behind him and from pain, he was forced to face away from her. He struggled
and kept up a steady stream of profanity, but she only increased the pressure until she got him on his
knees. Then she pushed him face down on the floor and sat heavily on his back. "I think you forget just
whom you are addressing sometimes!"

Xanatos pushed himself up with his free hand. Slowly he managed to topple the princess off of him. He
quickly rolled over and flattened her on the floor, straddling her waist with his knees. She swung her fist
at him but he caught her hand in his and crushed it until she screeched in pain. With her other hand, she
pulled his wrist down to her mouth and sank her teeth into the fleshy part of his hand. He swore and
yanked his hand away, freeing her in the process. She shoved him off, rolled over, and tried to crawl
away from him, but he snagged her legs. She howled and tried to flip on her back to strike at him again,
but threw himself down on her and plastered her face down on the floor with his body weight.

Faraline rested her cheek against the cool stone floor. She relaxed beneath Xanatos and found she
liked the way his body felt sprawled over her this way. "Xani," she said in a breathy voice. "I want you.
Right now."

Xanatos sighed and brushed the hair from the back of Faraline's neck. He felt more than a little aroused
himself and pressed a soft kiss at the base of her neck, then began nipping his way up to her ear.

"And you can have me, but only if you reverse your latter decision and let OffWorld mine here,"
Xanatos bribed. He reached down and slowly pulled up her skirts, exposing her bare thighs. He
slipped his hand between her legs and raised her knee. His kisses on the back of her neck became
more sensuous and urgent. Then he carefully positioned himself between her legs. "How badly do you
want me?" he asked and rubbed his hips over her buttocks.

Faraline gasped. "Damnit, Xani! I want you! Badly! Don't make me talk business right now." She
wiggled her rear provocatively. "Come on, Baby. You know you want it too."

Xanatos had to bite his lower lip to keep himself from thrusting into her. She felt so warm and inviting,
pressing her firm, round ass against his cock. She knew him all too well, but he had to be strong.

"OffWorld, Faraline," he said through his teeth. "What about it?"

"All right, all right!" she caved. "It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I only agreed to
deny OffWorld the rights to Dane because that's what Obi-Wan wanted. He can be pretty persuasive
too when he's got me in the throes of passion. You men! Using a defenseless woman's lusts to settle
business matters. How can I resist?"

Xanatos froze, stunned. "Did you say Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan Kenobi? Is that the Jedi you've been

"Yeah, so? Do you know him?"

Whatever arousal Xanatos felt, instantly fled from his body and mind. He buried his face between her
shoulder blades and covered his head with his arms.

"Yes. I know him. Of all the blasted Jedi out there, why did you have to latch onto that particular one?
Do you know what you've just done to my self-esteem?"

Faraline grew impatient. "What's the big deal? Come on. You've got me aching with need. Just do it. I
said I would reverse my decision. So..."

"I can't. Not now," Xanatos said. The mere mention of Obi-Wan Kenobi made his skin crawl. It was
worse knowing Faraline was dumping him for Obi-Wan. As much as Xanatos wanted to, he couldn't
possibly indulge in her now. She might compare his technique to Obi-Wan Kenobi's.

Faraline tried to roll over but Xanatos was like dead weight on her. She struggled and protested.

"Get off of me then! Let me up!"

Xanatos heard footsteps running in the courtyard just outside the double doors. He raised his head and
looked up.

Faraline heard them too. She struggled harder. "Get off! Get off now!"

Before Xanatos could comply with her wishes, the doors burst open. He saw a swirl of brown cloak
and in seconds, he felt the heat of a blue lightsaber tip at his throat.

"You! I should have known you'd be lurking around here. Release the lady now or I'll skewer your
neck," Obi-Wan Kenobi hissed at Xanatos.

Xanatos sat up and slowly slid off of Faraline. He crawled over to the wall and curled up against it.
Faraline quickly righted her garments and scrambled over to the Jedi's feet.

Obi-Wan spared a glance down in her direction. "Are you all right? I felt your distress. I came right
away," he told her, in his soothingly mellifluous voice.

"I'm fine, really," Faraline began shakily. She looked over at Xanatos. He looked back at her and
narrowed his eyes.

"Why don't you tell him the truth, Faraline?" Xanatos seethed.

Obi-Wan stepped closer, his lightsaber still trained on Xanatos' throat. "The truth? Am I supposed to
believe anything you have to say could be the truth?"

Xanatos took a deep breath. "More truth than you'll get from her, Padawan. Is Qui-Gon aware of the
kind of company you keep when he lets you off the leash? Where is ole Qui-Gon anyway?"

Obi-Wan bent slightly and helped the princess to her feet. "Not that it's any of your business, Xanatos,
but Qui-Gon is on Senejal. He's working as part of the relief effort to help counter the effects on that
planet's depleted resources due to OffWorld's mining practices. He sent me here when we learned of
the deal Dane had made with OffWorld." Obi-Wan looked Xanatos up and down, taking in the fact
that beneath the flimsy silk robe he wore, he was completely naked. He faced Faraline with a distasteful
statement. "Where did he come from?"

Faraline cleared her throat. She didn't want Obi-Wan to hurt Xanatos. She liked Xanatos, she really
did, but she couldn't tell the Jedi what was really going on just before he burst in. His opinion of her
would plummet to say the least.

"Ahem, actually, it wasn't as bad as it looked," she began. "Xanatos...has been a guest here the past
few weeks. He found out this morning about my decision to deny OffWorld access to Dane's resources
and he sought me out, to...discuss matters."

Obi-Wan lowered his lightsaber. He focused his attention on Faraline, trying not to look as skeptical as
he felt.

"And how did you end up on the floor with him...in the, how shall I put it, rather compromising position
that you two were in?" he inquired.

"Ah, well," Faraline stammered. Then she began to laugh awkwardly. "Oh, it's the funniest thing, really.
We are of similar temperments, he and I, and when we...discuss things, sometimes, the arguments
become heated and I'm ashamed to say, neither one of us is adverse to getting a little physical to get
what we want." She shrugged and smiled innocently.

Xanatos began to laugh and applauded her. "Well done, my love! Couldn't have said it better myself!"
He looked up at Obi-Wan. "That wasn't too far from the truth."

Obi-Wan shot him a menacing look and deactivated his lightsaber. "Do you normally conduct your
business in a state of undress?"

Xanatos stood up slowly. "I wouldn't be so quick to judge my methods, Padawan," he sneered.
"Especially since I hear you conduct your business between the sheets. Is that the way the Jedi are
negotiating nowadays?"

Obi-Wan's eyes flashed. They reminded Xanatos of the blue core of a flame. Especially when he was
angry. But he was too young and too kind-hearted to intimidate Xanatos. Xanatos had known him
since he was a child. Obi-Wan's good nature made him weak-minded.

To his credit, Obi-Wan regained control over his emotions in the blink of an eye. He straightened and
raised his chin defiantly. "If you are asking me if Her Highness and I are lovers, than the answer is yes.
Her Highness and I share a strong mutual attraction. Our intimate conduct shouldn't concern you in the

Xanatos crossed his arms over his chest. "It does when my company's interests are sabotaged in the
throes of passion!"

Obi-Wan smiled disarmingly. "All is fair in love and war, Xanatos."

Xanatos faced the princess, who had latched herself protectively onto Obi-Wan's arm.

"I wouldn't be so quick to pat myself on the back if I were you, Padawan," Xanatos began, taking a
step towards Faraline. "Kindly explain to this misguided youth that you have since reconsidered and if
he wants you to change your mind back, he'll have to turn another trick for you."

Obi-Wan looked startled. Faraline looked angry.

"Is that true?" the Jedi asked her. "Have you sided with OffWorld again?"

Faraline closed her eyes and pulled away from him. "Both of you are making my head spin with all this
talk about mining!" She faced Xanatos and pointed a threatening finger at him. "You, get out of here!
I'm finished with you. You are nothing but an instigator of trouble. And I have not changed my mind.
My decision to deny OffWorld stands!" She paused and lowered her voice. "There was the second
part of that deal that was not met with any satisfaction, if you get my drift." Now she turned to
Obi-Wan, ignoring Xanatos' look of deadly fury. "And you! I thought we had something real. Now I
find out you only slept with me to persuade me to deny OffWorld access to our resources."

Obi-Wan looked shocked. "Begging your pardon, Your Highness, but my scope on women is a little
broader than that. I never meant to imply my reasons for being with you were in any way shallow or
self-serving. My intent always lies within my heart."

Xanatos put his hands on his hips. "Oh just admit it, Obi-Wan! You screwed her because she's got
great tits!"

Obi-Wan glared over at him. "I'm neither promiscuous nor superficial."

"Prig!" Xanatos snapped.

"Slut!" Obi-Wan shot back.

Faraline covered her ears and screamed. "Men! They are only good for one thing and one thing only!"
She crossed to the double doors and threw them wide open. "Guards! Get in here!"

The two guards Xanatos had met with earlier came running up frantically.

Faraline pointed at Xanatos. "See that he is given his things, then see him out of the castle as soon as
possible." She turned to Obi-Wan. "I want this one taken to the upper chamber. He'll be my special
guest there now."

Xanatos knew if he was forced to leave, he'd never be able to change Faraline's mind concerning
OffWorld. She'd be with Obi-Wan all the time. She'd naturally comply with the Jedi and maybe even
be persuaded to join the Republic. Xanatos' knew he had to get Obi-Wan out of the castle and away
from Faraline.

Meanwhile, as the guards advanced with drawn blasters, Obi-Wan decided he didn't like the sound of
'the upper chamber' and immediately activated his lightsaber. The guards fired at him, despite the
princess' adamant protests, but the Jedi easily fended them off. When the guards finally stopped
shooting, Faraline cracked them each soundly on the back of the head, then stepped in front of them
and addressed the resisting Jedi.

"Go with these men quietly. I don't want to have to imprison you, but I will to teach you a lesson in
obedience. Do as I say and no one will be hurt. Namely you," she informed him.

Xanatos stepped towards her. "Let him go, Faraline. Your upset, and rightfully so. I'm sure you feel
betrayed and in need of vengence. But don't take it out on him." Xanatos moved closer and lowered his
voice. "Keep me instead. I can make you feel better. I can make you forget all about him. He's not
what you really want. He's just a boy."

"I may be young, but I am a Jedi, and an emissary of the Supreme Chancellor, and your sudden
unwarranted aggression towards me is considered an act of war," Obi-Wan stated hotly. "Release me,
or face the consequences."

Faraline smiled indulgingly. "I will not release you. I will gladly go to war to defend my honor. An honor
that has been compromised by the flirtatious advances of the Jedi emissary of the Republic. Because of
you, there will be war. Is that what you want? I had always heard the Jedi were ambassadors who
negotiated their way out of a declaration of war."

Xanatos sighed heavily. "She does have a point, Padawan. You better put down the sword and do as
she says."

Obi-Wan backed farther away. "Don't patronize me, Xanatos. I'm not a child anymore."

Xanatos forced a smile. "Then you may actually enjoy what she has planned for you. It's not so bad
really, if you can function without much sleep. Just do what she says and keep her happy. She'll grow
tired of you in time. Then she'll let you go."

Obi-Wan gazed steadily at Xanatos. He could have sworn he winked at him. "What are you talking
about? How do you know these things?"

Faraline gestured at Xanatos. "This gentleman was your predecessor. He was also defiant at first, but
soon learned the error of his ways. Lesson number one, Obi-Wan. I always get what I want. And right
now I want you."

"You're the flavor of the month," Xanatos grinned. "Lucky you."

Obi-Wan shook his head. "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me?"

Xanatos and Faraline both nodded.

"Certainly it would be better to put aside your pride for the time being and submit yourself to my wishes
rather than risk planetary invasion by Republic forces. But, the choice is yours," the princess informed
Obi-Wan in a sing-song voice.

Obi-Wan took several deep breaths, his mind racing as he thought through every possible scenario and
outcome. He finally closed his eyes and swore softly under his breath, then slowly lowered and
deactivated his lightsaber. The guards rushed forward and seized the weapon and bound his hands
together behind him.

As they led him away, Faraline smiled in self satisfaction. She turned to Xanatos. "Isn't he magnificent?
I get so hot just listening to him speak. He'll be a challenge to break, but then so were you." She
laughed lightly. "Ah, the spice of life."

Xanatos sighed. "Faraline, about that second half of the deal..."

"Oh, Xani, I don't want to talk about OffWorld anymore. My mind is made up," the princess implored.
"I only have one thing on my mind now, and that's my new pleasure slave." She looked down at her
dowdy gown. "At least now, I don't have to wear feed sacks anymore. I can be myself. I don't have to
pretend to be modest and demure."

Xanatos grinned. "Is that how he likes his women?"

Faraline shrugged. "Well, I just assumed. He's a Jedi, after all." She paused and furrowed her brow.
"Come to think of it, he's pretty wild in bed. And he likes to kiss a lot." She sighed with fond

"So...you aren't going to even consider OffWorld Corp's offer?" Xanatos pressed, anxious to change
the subject.

Faraline shook her head. "Not unless between now and next week you can persuade me to change my
mind. But since you will be transported off this planet tonight, that seems highly unlikely." She leaned
over and kissed him quickly. "Goodbye, Xani. I'll miss you. You were alot of fun." She stalked out into
the courtyard and stopped to talk with the guard waiting outside. Xanatos knew he had very little time


Obi-Wan heard the door open. He pressed himself tighter into the darkened corner just beyond the
foot of the bed he was chained to and wished with all his might he could just disappear.

Of all the people he expected to see, Xanatos was not one of them. Nonetheless, the tall, black-clad
figure glided soundlessly into the room and pushed back the hood of his cloak. He looked around
briefly, then stalked over to the bed.

"What are you doing here?" the Jedi asked, stepping out of the shadows, swaying slightly with the

Xanatos feigned surprise at Obi-Wan's presence. "Ah, Kenobi, I see Princess Faraline has already
gotten you settled in with everything you will need in the coming weeks." He smiled wickedly, then went
about his business of searching the room.

Obi-Wan watched as Xanatos knelt beside the bed and sifted through the rumpled sheets. "Ah ha,
there it is!" he proclaimed and held up a black g-string. He grinned at the Jedi and stuffed it into some
unseen pocket inside his cloak. "It's my favorite. I had to come back for it."

Obi-Wan's eyes closed and he shrugged nonchalantly. "Fine. Now you can leave me alone." He turned
slowly and Xanatos saw he already had two fresh welts on his bare back from Faraline's whip. That
woman was very tempermental sometimes. He actually felt a little sorry for Obi-Wan. He was too
stupid to know a good thing when he had it. He would probably resist her now until she got tired of
beating him and got rid of him. It wouldn't occur to him that if he just kept on making love to her the
way he had been, not only would she be pleased as punch, her decision to eighty-six OffWorld's
standings on Dane would be secured.

Which was precisely the reason Xanatos was here. He had to free Obi-Wan and take his place here in
the upper chamber. He knew he could get Faraline to change her mind if he could seduce her. And he
knew from experience, that didn't require a whole lot of brain pan.

"What are you so bitter about?" Xanatos asked. "If I were in your place, and I was actually; I would
take this little turn of events in stride and consider all the positives. What's so bad about being in the
service of a delectable young woman? The idea didn't bother you before."

Obi-Wan leaned against the wall. "This isn't right. She doesn't want me because she cares for me

Xanatos looked perplexed. "So she simply lusts after you. It's that whole innocent school-boy sex
appeal thing. And she told me you are quite a hot little number between the sheets. So you do it in
chains. What's so bad about that? This is really the best kind of sex you can get. You don't have to
worry about any confining relationships or commitments. It's pure uninhibited, love 'em and leave 'em

Obi-Wan lowered his eyes. "But I need commitments. I need deeper feelings. I'm not like you."

Xanatos tried not to smile. He tried his best to look sympathetic. He sighed heavily. "She was wrong to
do this to you. I can see that now. You're a man of integrity and humility, unlike myself--"

"I didn't say that," Obi-Wan interrupted. "Stop twisting my meanings."

"Forgive me," Xanatos sighed. "Of course you didn't. It's just that I must admit to being more than a
little jealous. I would stay if she'd let me. But I guess she wants something more simple now. We are
very different men, Obi-Wan. And unlike you, I truly enjoyed my time here. Faraline and I are so much
alike, we got along famously." He turned suddenly and cleared his throat. "Well, I suppose I'll be going.
I have a transport to catch." He fished around in his pockets and brought forth transport passes. "I'm
sure I'll be seeing you again sooner or later. Until then, try to lighten up a little. If it helps, consider this
your duty as a loyal servant of the Republic."

Obi-Wan glared at Xanatos and shook his head. "You are the vilest creature."

Xanatos looked insulted. "I don't see you trying to break free. If I didn't know any better, I would think
I had misjudged you. Perhaps a little sadomasochistic sex is just what the school-boy wants."

Obi-Wan swore and held up his bound wrists. "The odds are somewhat stacked against me as far as
escaping is concerned. I've been drugged and thrashed and chained to an immovable bed frame. There
is little I can do at this point."

"But you haven't even considered asking for my help, have you?" Xanatos grumbled. "Or would that be
a far worse humiliation for you than the one you face at the hands of a royal dominatrix?"

Obi-Wan swallowed down his anger. A look of hope lit his eyes. "What could you do?"

Xanatos smiled. He detached his lightsaber from his belt and activated it. The blood red beam shot
forth with a raspy hiss. Xanatos quickly adjusted the controls to the lowest level and looked up at the
stunned Jedi.

"Alot," he replied and took ahold of Obi-Wan's wrists. He deftly applied the tip of the lightsaber to the
metal, severing it through. Obi-Wan looked back at him in disbelief as the manacles fell to the floor with
a heavy thud. Obi-Wan massaged his bruised wrists. Then Xanatos held out Obi-Wan's own lightsaber
towards him.

"Where did you get that?" the Jedi asked, still somewhat shocked.

"I have two inside agents working for me here at the palace. Like most women, they are very easy to
manipulate. You just have to know how." Xanatos deactivated his saber and reattached it to his belt
under his cloak. Then he reached up and patted Obi-Wan's cheek. "No get out of here. And if you get
captured again, you're on your own." Xanatos pressed the transport passes into Obi-Wan's hand. "And
if I were you, I wouldn't mention this little incident to the Republic. Just a thought."

Obi-Wan gazed at Xanatos in confusion. "Thank you...this is very considerate of you. I feel perhaps I
might have been too hasty to judge you. I regret that."

"Save it," Xanatos growled. "Faraline won't be away long. Your window of opportunity is closing as
we speak, Padawan."

Obi-Wan turned to leave, then turned back. "Come with me. We can escape together."

Xanatos sighed impatiently. He placed his hands on Obi-Wan's shoulders and forcibly turned him back
around, then propelled him towards the door. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about me. I'll be
just fine."

Obi-Wan watched as Xanatos tore off his cloak and flung it over a nearby chair.


Xanatos looked up.

Obi-Wan smiled knowingly. "Enjoy yourself." He turned and hurried out the door.


Faraline opened the door and peered in. "Obi-Wan, Baby, are you still angry with me?" She stepped in
far enough to close the door behind her and allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She twirled her
whip around in her hand restlessly.

He didn't reply. Faraline sighed heavily. "Where are you?" She listened carefully and heard a soft groan
come from the direction of the bed and started towards it.

The moonlight was leaking in through the draperies over the window. Something shiny on the floor
beside the bed caught her eye. It was the binders and chain. Empty. She stopped and looked around.


Slowly she edged towards the window. Her hand closed around the drapery material and as fast as she
could, she flung them open.

Moonlight poured into the room and over the bed, illuminating a figure reclining there. Faraline
cautiously stepped closer.


He lay, naked, propped up slightly with numerous pillows against the headboard, one arm tucked
behind his head, the other laying over his bare abdomen. His long hair was draped over his broad
shoulders in an attractive disarray, shimmering in the moonlight like deep blue cascades against the
whiteness of his skin. His eyes glittered seductively.

"Faraline," he purred. "I've been waiting for you."

The princess licked her lips, drinking him in with her eyes. "W-What are you doing here?" she gulped.
"Where's Obi-Wan?"

Xanatos sighed and stretched sensuously. "I sent him away."

"Why? If you wanted to stay so badly, maybe we could have had a threesome?" the princess offered.
She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge.

Xanatos smiled. "We don't need him." He reached for her and gathered her in his arms. "You won't
even know he's gone, I promise."

"But...I liked him. I wanted him."

Xanatos shook his head. "You don't want him. You don't send a boy in to do a man's job." He kissed
her slowly, taking her lower lip into his mouth. She whimpered and sighed helplessly. Xanatos eased
her back on the bed and stroked her sides languidly.

"What am I going to do with you? You were very bad to let Obi-Wan go," Faraline whispered. Her
hands snaked over his back and down to his ass. "I think you need to be punished some more." She
squeezed savoringly.

"Yes," Xanatos breathed into her ear. "I'm all yours. I'm here to serve you."

Faraline gazed adoringly at Xanatos. "You are so gorgeous...How can I resist you?" She quickly
struggled to get out of her gown, then tossed it aside. She lay back down wearing only a chemise and

Xanatos grinned and untied the front of her bodice and pushed it aside, exposing her breasts. He bent
down and kissed a hardening nipple. "You can't resist me," he cooed and flicked his tongue over her
taunt rosy tip. "That's why I'm here."

His sharp, straight teeth gently scraped her nipple as he began to suckle her breast hungrily. His lips felt
soft and full against her skin. A thin trickle of his hot saliva pooled in her cleavage. Faraline felt as
though he was purposefully unleashing a full scale assault on her senses. She closed her eyes and buried
her hands in his hair, entangling her fingers in his silky locks. She moaned and squirmed in ecstasy. The
weight of his tantalizing body lying over her was becoming more than she could bear. She shifted a little
under him until she had him centered between her legs. She raised her hips slightly and rubbed against
him. She could feel his cock stir against her and entwined her legs around his.

"Oh Xani, don't you dare stop this time," she gasped. "Fuck me. I'm begging you..."

Xanatos looked up at her. "Speaking of," he began, his voice thick with passion. "Consider this the
second part of our deal, and I can guarantee it will meet with your complete satisfaction."

"Yes! Yes! Whatever! Just don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Xanatos smiled wickedly. "No. I won't," he whispered and kissed her.

Obi-Wan, my friend, what a fool you are....