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Rated R adult language, sexual innuendo
Summary: Light-hearted smut; Xanatos is "sentenced" into slavery by the ruling monarch of a planet he
happens to be attending OffWorld board meetings on.

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Xanatos looked up as the door to his prison cell opened. He slowly rose to his feet.

A short, overweight Danese man with thin, greasy yellow hair entered. He was affluently attired and
was carrying a stack of file cartridges under one arm and two computer cases under the other.

Xanatos watched as the man placed his burden carefully on the cell's only table. He then turned and
faced Xanatos.

Before the man could speak, Xanatos gestured at him and asked, "Who are you?"

"If you'll allow me to introduce myself, Good Sir," the man began, sorting through the file cartridges.
"My name is Ligan Went. I have been assigned to you as legal counsel in this matter which you
currently find yourself in."

Xanatos' eyes widened. "Legal counsel? You mean to tell me I'm going to be put on trial for this? It
was an accident! What kind of a judicial system is this?

"Sir, if you please," Ligan Went said somewhat impatiently. "It's not as simple as all that. I'll be more
than happy to explain your circumstances if you just give me the opportunity. Please, sit down." He
gestured at the ledge attached to the wall of the cell which Xanatos had previously occupied.

"I don't want to sit down! I want answers, damnit!" Xanatos stalked around the table with obvious
irritation. "This whole thing is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!" he growled. "I'm not the one at fault
here. I did not run down that young man. I told the officer who arrested me that the little beast ran into
me! My speeder has a big dent in the front to prove it and his slimy blood is all over my new brindled
seat covers! He should be the one rotting away in here awaiting trial for damage rendered to expensive
private property, but no, blame the foreigner! Isn't that always the way?" Xanatos stopped ranting
momentarily as a new thought suddenly occurred to him. "I...didn't kill him, did I?"

Ligan Went sighed heavily and inserted one of the file cartridges into one of the computers.

"No, but he is slightly more damaged than your speeder, I'm afraid. And it is only fair you should be
made to pay. That's how the Danese justice system works," the attorney explained with forced

Xanatos leaned across the table and glared at his counselor. "All right. I'll pay for all the medical
expenses he accrues. What more does he want?"

Ligan Went inclined his head slightly. His sudden change in statement told Xanatos he was about to
relay something Xanatos didn't especially want to hear.

"That's all very generous of you--"

"I know it is," Xanatos interrupted.

"--But the injured gentleman is not the only party involved in this matter, Good Sir," the attorney went
on to explain. He cleared his throat and continued cautiously. "His owner...is demanding

Xanatos threw his head back and swore loudly. Of all the blasted luck! He had to go and run over a

"Whatever, Counselor. I'll pay for the slave too. How much do they want for him? And it better be
reasonable! It's not like he's going to be much good for anything now. I'm not going to be able to resell
him at a premium price."

Ligan Went shifted uncomfortably.

Xanatos pointed a long threatening forefinger at the attorney's nose. "Just make the necessary
arrangements and get me the hell out of here. The sooner the better." Xanatos stood back and sighed.
As soon as he was free, he was transporting off this planet. To hell with the rest of the OffWorld board

Ligan Went focused on his computer readouts. "The young man in question, er...the slave, was, ah, is
the property of Her Royal Highness Faraline Caslon, the third, Princess of Dane. She is
understandably, quite distraught by the untimely destruction of her property and has issued a decree
demanding a sentence of compensation to be carried out immediately by the offending party, that being
you, Sir, until the procurement of another comparable slave can be obtained or the unlikely event of the
full recovery of the 'damaged' slave. Whichever comes first. At that time, your debt to Her Highness
shall be fulfilled and all your personal property will be returned to you and you shall be free to go about
your business." The attorney looked up briefly. "It's the best I could do."

Xanatos was looking back at him with smoldering fury. "How much does she want for him?" he asked
again through clenched teeth.

Ligan Went cleared his throat again. "I don't think you fully comprehend, Sir. You must understand that
her judgments are the law here. She has removed this matter from the Danese High Courts. It will not
go to trial. There is nothing more I can do for you at this point beyond relaying the facts concerning
your sentencing."

Xanatos' temper had reached its limit. He sprang over the table and grabbed his attorney, hauling him
to his feet and then shoved him against the hard wall of the prison cell.

"How much does she want?!" he snarled.

Ligan Went screeched and flailed his arm futilely. "Guards!! Guards!! Come quickly!! GUARDS!"

Xanatos' large hands closed around the attorney's fleshy throat and squeezed. "If you don't make the
necessary arrangements, I'll wring your fat, greasy neck until your eyes burst! Now how much does she

"....Erg...Her Highness doesn't...uh...want financial....compensation," the reddening attorney sputtered.

"What then?" Xanatos demanded, ignoring the droid guards which clattered into his cell with drawn

"....Sssshe has decreed...that you shall...ugh...take his place...gurg."

"Stand back Prisoner 66378 or we will be forced to fire upon you causing bodily injury to yourself and
in some reported cases, temporary impairment of some mind functioning abilities!" one of the guards
duly informed.

Xanatos ignored them. "Take his place? What the hell does that mean?"

"Prisoner 66738! You have been warned! Warning number two is now considered in effect. You have
one remaining warning before--"

"Oh shut up already!" Xanatos addressed the droid. He released Ligan Went and stepped back.

The attorney massaged his neck and moved as far away from Xanatos as he could get.

"I'm sorry you are not pleased with your sentence," Ligan Went wheezed, cowering behind the droid
guards. "But few prisoners are. You should be pleased she didn't call for your execution. She could
have, you know. I understand she was very fond of that particular slave. She just wants you to fill in for
him until she can get a replacement, is that so horrible? It's the least you could do for her. She must be
terribly upset by this whole sordid affair. If you were any kind of a decent man, you would stop your
whining and accept her generous decision." He began quickly gathering up his computers and files.

"Pleased?" Xanatos spat. "I'm supposed to be pleased to be sentenced to slavery? You worthless
piece of shit!" He stepped forward menacingly. "I should have strangled you while I had the chance! At
least I could carry that very satisfying image with me through this 'sordid affair'."

The retreating attorney blanched and hurriedly waddled out of the cell. Xanatos started after him but
the droids moved to intercept him.

"You were warned Prisoner 66738!" the droid stated. It raised its blaster and fired.

"That was only two!--" Xanatos protested. He tried to dodge the pale green bolt of energy but it struck
him, grazing his side. His whole body started to feel numb suddenly and the cell began to darken.
Xanatos felt himself falling as his mind slipped silently away. Then suddenly there was nothing.


Xanatos woke, barefoot and shirtless; his head pounding and his entire left side aching. Carefully he
opened one eye and looked around, then cautiously opened the other one.

He wasn't in the prison anymore, that much was screamingly obvious. He slowly raised his hands
towards his head and realized his wrist were bound together. He was lying on his back on a very large
oval shaped bed which dominated a very oppulently furnished room. He rolled over on his side and
heard the jingling of a chain. He saw that the binders around his wrists were tethered to one of the
gilded metal bedposts by means of a long silver chain. He swore and tugged at it but his head
screeched protests and he was forced to stop. He continued quietly studying the room, to try to figure
out just where he could be.

All the furnishings were very expensive, some clearly customized with gilted accents and glittering
fabrics. All the colors of the room were soft pastel and pearlized whites. Xanatos' first impression of the
room was that it was normally occupied by someone very dainty and thoroughly feminine.

Having reached this deduction, Xanatos was vaguely reminded of his attorney mentioning something
about a princess. He sat up suddenly.

Pain stabbed his brow with the abruptness of the movement. Xanatos closed his eyes tightly and
cradled his head against his arms. He moaned miserably.

Slowly, everything his worthless appointed attorney had told him started coming back to him. His moan
became a growl of anger. He forced his eyes open once more and looked around again.

Strangely, he was alone, left to his own devices. He frowned at the chain and the binders on his wrists.
Why wouldn't she leave him alone? It wasn't like he would be up and skipping out the door anytime

Carefully, Xanatos slid to the edge of the bed and placed his feet on the plushly carpeted floor. Taking
a deep breath, he shifted his weight to his legs and stood up. He swayed alarmingly and the room
immediately went in a tailspin. Xanatos quickly sat back down, cursing under his breath.

He turned and faced the room's only window. It took up almost an entire wall and was covered with
heavy draperies which effectively blocked out the Danese planet's intense midday sun for which
Xanatos was eternally grateful.

His attention was drawn away from the window when the sealed door to the room suddenly opened
and emitted two prepubescent girls who looked so much alike, Xanatos thought they were perhaps
sisters. Both were extravagantly attired for their age and both girls wore a small fortune in jewels.

Shyly, they hesitated advancing further into the room, but eagerly fixed their matching grey eyes on
Xanatos. They exchanged whispered comments between themselves and giggled together coyly.

Xanatos rolled his eyes. More than likely, one of these nymphs was the princess he was presently
indebted to.

The slightly taller of the two girls stepped closer to him and smiled.

"You're the new one, aren't you? What is your name, Slave?" she asked with an authoritative air.

Xanatos narrowed his eyes at her.

"Don't call me a slave," he grumbled. "I'm not a slave." He slowly pushed himself to his feet,
successfully this time, and stalked over to the door but found his chain did not quite reach. He studied it
anyway for a release mechanism to keep from having to further acknowledge the presence of the two

"I won't call you a slave if you tell me your name," the girl prodded.

Xanatos glanced back at her over his shoulder. "How does this door open?"

The smaller girl walked slowly over to him. "It's coded. It won't open for you. Or any of the men kept
here. That way, the slaves don't have to stay chained up all the time."

Xanatos spun around and leered towards her, sending her scampering away and back to the safety of
where her taller companion stood, well out of his tethered range. The girls cackled hysterically.

"I'm not a slave!" Xanatos seethed. He jerked the chain hard, but it held fast. He turned and prowled
the room, stopping in front of the large window. He threw back the draperies and winced at the brilliant
sunlight that flooded the room. Sentence or no sentence, he was finding a way out of here. He wasn't
about to submit to the theatrical whims of some silly, snobby little girl. Even if she was a princess.

The window, however was heavily barred. Xanatos sighed in frustration. He released the drapes and
turned, his eyes once more falling on the two huddled girls who were watching him with wide, curious

"Release me, right now!" Xanatos ordered.

The girls dissolved in laughter. After awhile, the taller of the two spoke up.

"We can't do that. You would leave."

"You're damned right I would," Xanatos responded and twisted his wrists against the binders. He took
hold of the chain and yanked it as hard as he could. He succeeded in moving the bed slightly,
practically severing his hands at the wrist, thoroughly bruising his palms, but hadn't succeeded in
breaking the chain in the least. He swore under his breath knowing the only thing that tantrum had truly
accomplished was scaring the two little girls into flight back across the room.

Xanatos stood watching them, massaging his wrists, thinking. He took a deep cleansing breath and
closed his eyes momentarily. His statement visibly softened. He opened his eyes and spoke in a gentle
and dulcet tone.

"All right. I give up. I'm ready to be a good slave now. Which one of you lovely little ladies is Princess
Faraline?" Xanatos eyes went from one girl to the other and he offered each his most disarming smile.

The two girls were immediately transformed. Their nervous curiosity turned to spellbound adoration.
They exchanged uncertain glances between each other. Finally, the taller girl came forward.

"I am Princess Faraline," she admitted. "You are my slave. You will do as I say."

Xanatos knelt respectfully before her and bowed his head. "Yes, Your Highness," he whispered.
Slowly he raised his face to her. He then held up his wrists and attractively pouted his full lips. "But how
am I to do Your Highness' bidding with my hands bound like this? You'll need to take these off." He
locked his eyes on the young monarch and extended his wrists towards her. "Please? They hurt. See?"

The young princess returned his unblinking gaze, but bit her lower lip and frowned. "I would, honestly,
but I don't have the key. Someone else does." She stepped closer to him and hesitantly brushed a lock
of his long black hair back, away from his face. "You have very pretty eyes."

Xanatos smiled slowly. "Listen to me," he began in a soft, deep voice. He waved his hand
imperceptibly in front of the girl's face. "You will fetch the key to unlock the binders from whomever
has it and then you will release me to come and go as I please. You will do this so I will be able to
serve you much more efficiently." He nodded for emphasis.

The princess's statement became deadpan and a vacant film seemed to shadow her large eyes. She
began to dutifully repeat what Xanatos had told her. She turned and headed obediently to the door.
Her shorter companion loyally followed her unsuspectingly. She didn't seem to notice anything peculiar
about the princess's behavior because she couldn't seem to take her eyes off Xanatos.

The two girls opened the door. Xanatos grinned and thanked whatever gods were responsible for the
universal and utterly reliable naivete of females. Young or old, give them a wink and a smile and they
were so easily manipulated. He had just finished congratulating himself on his faultless ability to subdue
them when a dark shadow fell across the two girls and the specter of a rather tall woman carrying a
thickly corded whip suddenly filled the doorway. The two girls shrieked at her sudden appearance.

Xanatos' eyes traveled up and down the woman's nicely endowed frame. He noticed the woman was
similarly dressed as the girls, but the woman's attire, what little there was of it, was much more
provocative and she definitely filled out her flimsy garment much better than the two girls had.

He savoringly took in her long blonde hair, plaited and accented with little silver beads; her attractive,
youthful face; and her shapely, statuesque body. He decided she was a beautiful and delicious-looking
avenger who had come to free him. Why else would the two girls be so afraid of her? Xanatos licked
his lips like a carnivorous canine spying a succulent and orphaned, herbivore.

"Get out of my bedroom!" the woman screamed. "How many times have I told you two to leave my
slaves alone?!!"

Xanatos hopes and fantasies suddenly crashed . He frowned deeply. Naw, she couldn't be, could she?
This was too much. And to top it all off, he had been tricked. And by those two sweet and
innocent-looking little girls. Blast it all to hell.


"You little brats! I catch you in here again and I'll have your scrawny hides!" the woman yelled.

The two girls tripped and collided with each other in their haste to flee the room.

Xanatos watched them go, sighed and looked up. The woman came inside the room and closed the
door behind her.

"Ah, Princess Faraline, I presume," he mumbled and struggled to his feet.

"You!" Faraline spat, turning her wrath on Xanatos. "Try anything like that again and I will put you in
the stocks so fast and for so long you won't be able to straighten up, is that understood?"

Xanatos raised his brow. He gazed down at her and offered her an inquiring shrug. "And just what is it
that Your Highness is accusing me of doing?" he asked.

The princess put her hands on her hips and sighed. "Don't play innocent with me, Xanatos. My security
monitors picked up everything. I barely got here in time before my weak-minded, precocious siblings
freed you and escorted you out of the palace. Besides, I know about you. I know who you are."

Xanatos sighed. "Do you now?" He locked his eyes on hers and took a step towards her. "Then you
should know I'm not one who submits easily to anyone for anything."

Faraline grinned. "So, you think you are poor slave material? On the contrary, Lover. Hot and feisty is
just the way I like them. Breaking them in is half the fun."

Xanatos reached over and touched her chin. "But you don't want to break me," he told her in a deep
and steady voice. "Keeping me against my will is wrong. You will get much more satisfaction by letting
me go free."

Faraline blinked in confusion. Her large grey eyes became distant and unseeing.

"I don't want to break you....I..." She paused and blinked harder then shook her head. "Hey! Cut that
out!" She jerked away from his hand and waved her whip threateningly in front of his face. "Am I going
to have to drug you again?"

Xanatos swore to himself and dropped his hands. "I've been drugged?" No wonder his mind tricks
weren't working very well.

Faraline nodded. "I thought it would make you a little easier to handle until you began to adjust to being
here. Make you a little more open to suggestion and make you submit more readily."

"You'll need more than that in your arsenal against me, Princess," Xanatos growled.

"Don't worry, it's just a sedative of sorts," Faraline explained with a smile. "And it's working rather well
I would say. You're fairly subdued right now. You're pissed off, but you haven't tried to kill me yet. By
the time it wears off, I'll have you pretty much under my control."

Xanatos grinned. "Actually, killing you has crossed my mind," he told her.

Again Faraline smiled. "I figured it would." She stepped closer to him and looked him over
appreciatively. "I know you're a cunning and powerful man. I believe there isn't anything you wouldn't
do for your own personal gain."

"I see my reputation proceeds me once more," Xanatos replied.

Faraline shrugged. "I don't know what your reputation says," she began. "I found out about you on the
holonet. I had heard OffWorld executives were meeting here to discuss the new development site on
Danese. Of which, I'll remind you, I personally authorized."

Xanatos bowed to her slightly and smiled. "Which I am very grateful for," he said with complete

"But I have to admit, I wasn't very interested in all that business talk. All those geographical maps and
mining equipment. But I forced myself to watch the reports, to stay informed. Then I saw you one
night," she said, her eyes sparking with new found interest. "You really grab a girl's attention. You stood
out like a beacon amid all those stuffed shirts and balding, overfed flaccid CEOs. I made a point to
learn what I could about you, Xanatos. What I learned intrigued me even more." She paused and
frowned suddenly. "I had you contacted for an audience with me. Twice. I had to meet you. But you
never acknowledged my summons. It made me very angry. I had to do something, so then I came up
with this plan...to get you arrested." She smiled devilishly.

Her confession slowly began sinking into Xanato's foggy brain. A mixture of disbelief, humor, fury, and
pleasure all vied for control of his emotions.

"Princess Faraline," he began in a carefully measured tone. "I am quite flattered to hear of your
elaborate efforts to simply meet me, but now I really must insist you release me. I am neither of mind
nor temperment presently to act as a sniveling, subservient slave boy to an obviously spoiled rotten,
blue-blooded debutante."

Faraline just smiled. "You have a superb voice, Xani. I love your accent. Very cultured. Very sexy. I
would love it if you would read something to me later. Perhaps tonight. Afterwards."

"Listen to me, Princess. There's not going to be any 'later'. No 'tonight'. No 'afterwards'." Whatever the
hell that meant, Xanatos thought to himself.

Again Faraline smiled. "No, you listen to me. You don't get a say in this. I may be a spoiled and rich
blue-blooded young woman, but I do rule and what I say goes. I passed a judgment on you. It's on
record now. All very legal. All very binding. Like it or not, you are my slave now, Xani." She paused
and folded her arms across her chest. "You don't mind if I call you Xani, do you? I know it's your pet
name. I think it's kind of cute."

Xanatos glared over at her. "Yes, I do mind. I only allow women I like to call me that."

Faraline laughed, delighted. "Xani it is then," she declared.

Xanatos sighed. "I'm being forced to act as your slave even though you apparently set up this whole
farce of a judgment against me? Is the Danese High Court aware of your blatant disregard for due
process of the law?" Where were those stifling Republic decrees now that he needed them, Xanatos
thought. "By the way," he continued irritably, "Was the unfortunate gentleman I ran over truly your

Faraline looked regretful momentarily. She shrugged. "Yes, he was. But I was growing tired of him. He
was getting too predictable. A sacrifice to be sure, but a worthy one." She brightened somewhat.
"Look what I got in exchange." She reached up and trailed her whip slowly down Xanatos' bare arm.

As soon as the whip reached his hand, Xanatos grabbed it and tried to wrench it out of her grasp.

Faraline jerked it away from him, clucking her tongue, and shaking her head. "No, no, this stays with
me for the time being," she said and snapped it smartly on his chest.

Xanatos backed away from her with a fiery glare, then lowered his head and closed his eyes tightly.

Faraline looked on sympathetically. "Still feeling a little out of sorts, aren't we? I heard you were
stunned back at the prison. Why don't you lie down for awhile? I'll give you a massage...it will help
your headache."

"I'm fine," Xanatos argued, forcing himself to look at her. "Much better than your former slave. So, let
me get this straight. You made him throw himself in front of my speeder?"

Faraline nodded. "Well, I wanted you to replace him. Even if it's only for a little while. I knew it had to
be my slave that you hit and it had to be that particular one if you were to be sentenced to replace him.
It wouldn't have done me any good to send out one of the kitchen slaves now would it? You should be
pleased, Xani. I did it because I wanted you. I wanted you more than anything."

Xanatos looked around the room once more, taking in more detail and understanding the function of
the customized decor. Despite his still somewhat cloudy perception, it became glaringly obvious what
kind of a slave Faraline had sacrificed.

"Why you self-serving, wicked, devious, little vixen," Xanatos growled, but then grinned, having to
admit to admiring her resolve and ingenuity. "A woman after my own heart."

Faraline smiled, sidling up to him. She reached up and stroked his long hair. "A heart as black as this, I
think. You have no right to condemn me, Lover. No right to disapprove."

Xanatos shook his head slowly. He leaned his head into her hand and allowed her to caress his face.
He sighed and submerged himself in the sensations she provoked. Her touch was warm and gentle and
soothing. Maybe he should take her up on that offer of a massage....

Faraline took hold of Xanatos' chain and pulled him against her. She raised his hands and began kissing
and nibbling her way down his forearms.

"So you agree to it then? I'd much rather have you willing than have to force you," she murmured in
between kisses. "Ooo, Lover, you are even more delectable in person than I imagined. The holonet
didn't do you any justice at all." Having reached his elbow, Faraline trailed her mouth back up his arm.
She held his hands in hers and opened his palms and pressed a soft kiss into each of them. "What
beautiful hands," she whispered. "And these fingers. I bet you can drive a woman wild with these."

Xanatos leaned into her. He lowered his face to hers and kissed the delicate ivory curve of her cheek.
"Pity you won't be able to experience them for yourself," he said in a breathy and seductive voice. He
nuzzled her and kissed her hair and then slowly worked his way to her ear and gently nipped her

Faraline exhaled heavily, her hands sliding around Xanatos' slender waist. She tilted her head to allow
him better access to her neck. He continued kissing her, making her whole body tingle and quiver.

"Why...why is that?" she asked softly.

"Because," Xanatos went on to explain. "My hands are tied, so to speak. Unless you take these binders
off, I won't be able to touch you...really touch you and that would be a shame, wouldn't it?"

Mesmerized, Faraline nodded. "Oh yes. Yes it would." She closed her eyes and he kissed them. She
reveled in the feel of his full warm lips against her skin. "Oh Xani, you are glorious. I knew you would
be," she proclaimed. "Just from the way you moved. Even the way you walked and turned. Ever since I
first saw you, I've been spellbound...spellbound."

Xanatos captured her mouth with his, slipping his tongue between her teeth. He caged her head
between his arms, bending her back, pressing her hips into him.

Faraline all but swooned. She moaned and pulled his tongue deeper into her mouth, softly sucking on it.
Her hands strayed over the warm sensuous leather that covered the taunt firm muscles of his lower
back. Her hands boldly slid lower. She couldn't help but sigh in appreciation.

"What a perfect ass," she breathed and squeezed savoringly. She sighed again feeling the muscles move
beneath her hands as he shifted his weight from one leg to another.

"Faraline," Xanatos whispered hotly into her ear. He covered her face with kisses before continuing.
"Take them off," he urged. "Please take them off. I need to touch you."

"Yes..." she readily agreed, believing at first, he was referring to his pants, her mind muddled with
growing desire. She suddenly recalled that he had been talking about the binders. "Oh...no, I can't," she
lamented. "Not just yet, okay? Not until I'm sure you'll behave. You understand, don't you Lover? I'm
sorry, really."

She tried to kiss him again but he suddenly pulled away from her.

"Well, I suppose I'm sorry too," he told her and then struck her with both hands across the face.

Unfortunately, the chain checked his swing and he wasn't able to hit her as hard as he had wanted. He
staggered back slightly, thrown off balance. His head reeled from the sudden forceful movement.

Faraline gasped and spun to the floor slightly dazed.

Xanatos cursed himself. He should have known better than to attempt such a thing in his current
condition. He was still too unsteady from the combined effects of the stun blast and drugs and it didn't
help matters that all his blood had run out of his brain and was pooling in his loins.


Faraline climbed slowly to her feet, cradling her cheek in her hand. She looked up at Xanatos with
bewilderment and for a brief moment, Xanatos regretted striking her. It hadn't done any good anyway.

He watched as the confusion in her watering eyes gave way to a look of outrage. She suddenly sprang
forward and with what seemed like very little effort on her part, picked up his chain, hauled him across
the room and shoved him face first on the bed. She raised her whip and slammed the grip down hard
across his ass.

Xanatos yelped in surprise, then began cursing her soundly in every language he spoke. He continued
for quite some time. Finally as the stinging began to subside, he paused for a breath and suddenly
became aware of Faraline weeping quietly at the foot of the bed. Xanatos took a deep breath, pushed
himself up, and rolled over on his side to face her.

Faraline looked over at him. "Why...why did you hit me?" she asked in a quiet, child-like voice. "Is that
what you do when you make love to a woman?"

Xanatos frowned. "No. I truly didn't mean to hurt you. I had meant to knock you unconscious. I was
trying to escape."

"Well, what would knocking me out have accomplished?" she questioned him. "You'd still be chained.
You wouldn't be able to escape just by striking me. I don't understand."

Xanatos sighed heavily. "I know. I wasn't really thinking clearly. I'm obviously suffering from 'temporary
impairment of mind functioning ability' or whatever the hell it was the prison guards warned me of."

Faraline wiped her eyes. "But why were you even thinking about escaping? I thought you were enjoying
me as much as I was enjoying you."

Xanatos tried to sit beside her, but his freshly blistered haunches wouldn't allow it. He stood up quickly.

"No, Your Highness, I was not," he lied, knowing he could never admit such a thing to her. "Escaping
has been first and foremost in my mind since I learned of this 'sentence'."

Faraline sniffed loudly. She tossed the whip aside in frustration. "Am I so unattractive as all that? Does
the idea of making love to me repulse you so much you even risk death by striking me?"

Xanatos opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it and clamped it firmly shut.

Faraline walked around the bed and over to where he stood. She reached up and cupped his chin in
her hand, forcing his eyes to meet hers. She gazed at him searchingly.

Xanatos felt her finger delicately trace the small circular scar beneath his eye.

"You'll enjoy making love to me, Xani. I know you will," Faraline told him, trying to be reassuring.

Xanatos' statement softened. He slowly shook his head. "I won't. Not when it has to be like this," he
replied and flexed his wrists against the binders. "It's not making love if one is forced to perform under
threats of punishment. Not if one is bound and held captive against his wishes. It's no good. No matter
how beautiful and sensuous a woman his captor may be."

Faraline brightened.

"You think I'm beautiful?"

Xanatos nodded. "Very."

So beautiful in fact, he was finding it increasingly difficult sticking to his principles. After everything he
had been through the past couple of days, he could think of nothing better than burying himself deep
within the soft warmth of her femininity and sliding his naked body repeated over her well-endowed
curves, in every imaginable position.

"If...if I unchain you, will you promise to behave yourself?" Faraline asked quietly, pulling him reluctantly
from his thoughts.

"What? Oh, yes. I promise. But you have to promise me something as well."


"Trust me. You must give me free rein and let me do as I please."

Faraline lowered her eyes. "I don't think I know how to trust a man to do it right. I always have to tell
the man what I want and then make him do it. It's the only way it works."

Xanatos grinned. "I know how to do it right." He held up his wrists to her. "But first, you must take
these off."

Faraline suddenly frowned. "How do I know you're not just going to try to escape again? How do I
know you aren't tricking me?"

Xanatos leaned over and kissed her lingeringly. "Trust, remember. You can believe me when I tell you I
want it as much as you do. I truly ache with desire for you."

Faraline was still skeptical. "You wouldn't lie to a lady about a thing like that would you?"

"If I'm lying," Xanatos began with a sly smile, "My body is unaware of it."

A light of realization dawned behind Faraline's eyes. She glanced down briefly. "Hmm. I see," she said,
licking her lips. She took hold of his hands and turned him around, gesturing at the bed. "You stay here
and make yourself comfortable." Her fingers slowly began rubbing back and forth over his hips and she
sighed. "As much as I adore you in this tight black leather, Lover, I think it's time for it to come off."

Xanatos backed away from her slightly. He held up his hands again. "These first."

"Oh, right," Faraline agreed and started to turn towards the door. She hesitated, then walked back to
Xanatos. "I'll go in just a minute. I just have to do this first. I don't think I can wait any longer," she
explained. "I have to see you." She suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him and smiled. "And
please allow me to offer you my assistance."

Her hands immediately went to work unclasping his belt and unfastening his pants.

Xanatos stood motionless, watching her, struggling to maintain self-control. He inhaled sharply and
released his breath through his teeth. He tentatively placed his hands on her head and distractedly ran
his fingers through her hair.

Faraline peered up at him, entirely aware of the effect she was having on him. She teased him, snaking
her hand over his rippling abdomen to his nipples. She dragged her nails through his glossy black chest
hair then back down to his navel.

"No one could ever accuse you of being an overfed, flaccid CEO," she purred.

Xanatos' blue eyes twinkled. "No, I'm definately not flaccid right now."

Faraline grinned then turned her attention back to her task. She slowly began to inch the black leather
pants over his hips. She paused momentarily to caress the hardening bulge of his erection before pulling
the supple leather down his shapely muscular thighs.

She sighed and swallowed hard. "Oh...Xani, you are magnificent," she told him, her eyes all but
devouring his cock. "Better than I even imagined you would be. And you're much larger than any of the
other men I've been with before. I like that alot." She reached out and touched his cock, running her
fingertips slowly up and down the rigid length of velvety skin.

Xanatos closed his eyes and shuddered. "Faraline...stop torturing me and go get the damn key!"

The princess smiled and struggled to her feet. "Yes, I'm going, Lover." She looked up at him happily.
"You really do want me, don't you?"

Xanatos nodded. "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Faraline stretched up on her toes and kissed him. Xanatos hurriedly kissed her back and watched with
relief as she skipped out of the room.

With her gone, he finally felt as if he could breath again. He took several deep cleansing breaths. He
had to get his mind back on track and start forming some sort of plan. Now was the time for clear


Xanatos figured he better not waste any time. He could feel the fogginess in his head finally clear. He
felt steadier, stronger; and he knew he would be able to overpower Faraline now.

He began to search the room and its contents for anything that might aid in his escape.

He also felt he had convincingly conveyed his sincerity to the princess. Hell, most of it was sincere.
Now he would be able to catch her off guard and take advantage of her.

Yes, he thought, pausing and sighing heavily. He would actually rather take advantage of her in other
ways, but he knew he had to stop thinking along those lines.

She seemed perfectly willing to comply with his wishes now, but deep down, Xanatos didn't trust her.
In fact, she was probably one of the least trustworthy women he had ever met. He didn't like the fact
that he had to rely on her continued kindness and although she had been entirely honest with him from
the start, he had all but convinced himself that she was using his obvious attraction to her against him for
her own gain--just like he was doing to her. More than likely, she would not unchain him. She probably
never had any intention of doing so. She probably told him she would just to placate him. The bitch.

Xanatos began rifling through the drawers of her furnishings for anything useful. Unfortunately, there
wasn't much beside her slinky wardrobe, lingerie, and a vast and varied stash of extremely intriguing sex

In the third drawer he checked, Xanatos found a long silk scarf, which he quickly placed aside. He
wasn't exactly sure just how he would be able to use it, but he thought he just might.

He was desparately hoping to find something he could use to pick the lock on the binders with. He
needed to get the binders off before Faraline returned. Then he could catch her by surprise, tie her up,
gag her, and be on his way. Maybe he would undress her first.

In the last chest of drawers he searched, he came across a long hairpin and a small metal file. Definitely

Much to his surprise, Xanatos started to feel his resolve diminishing as he pulled out one dainty, lacey
piece of sexy underwear after another from her drawer. Her Royal Highness Princess Faraline Caslon
the third was definitely a woman who spent very little time modestly dressed, if dressed at all, Xanatos
concluded. He caught himself more than once staring at her very risqué attire and wondering how she
would look in certain garments: under different lighting, inside and outside, wet and dry, hot, cold, fast,

Xanatos stood thinking, savoringly twisting a see-through brazier made of gold lame through his

Would it truly be so terrible to actually fulfill this judgment of hers? How many prisoners could boast a
sentence of temporary slavery to a beautiful, voluptuous, and highly oversexed princess?

He knew while he was here he would be well cared for. He would be spoiled and indulged with rich
foods, fine wines, five-star luxury, and last but not least, fantastic and frequent sex with a woman he
could really sink his teeth into.

Xanatos began to debate the rationality of fleeing such a scenario. He began to doubt his reasoning. He
began to question his overall sanity.

At the very least, he had a legitimate reason now for not attending the rest of the OffWorld Corp.
board meetings this week.

His mind made up, Xanatos hastily returned the scarf and brazier to Faraline's chest of drawers along
with the hairpin and file. He sensed Faraline's approach and returned to the bed, sprawling face down,
pretending to have been innocently dozing off to sleep while waiting for her return.

Quietly, Faraline came up behind him. She crawled onto the bed and Xanatos felt her hands on his legs,
spreading them, then she settled herself between them.

"Aww, poor baby," she cooed softly. "I guess I really swatted you earlier. That's a nasty red mark
you've got there."

Xanatos opened one eye and made a noncommittal noise into the pillows. He suddenly felt her lips
brushing gently across his left buttock and her warm soft hands squeezing his thighs. His cock stirred
impatiently against the mattress and he moaned sensuously in blissful anticipation.

Faraline's hands slid caressingly over his calf muscles and down to his ankles, kneading away his
soreness and tension.

"Ah...Faraline. You are a goddess," Xanatos murmured.

He felt her move over him, massaging his back and shoulders. She straddled his waist and stretched his
arms out over his head, working her way to his biceps.

"You're so tense, Xani," Faraline whispered. "I wonder why." She sat up and gathered his long hair up
in her hands. She pressed a kiss on the back of his neck and slowly slithered off him. "Oh Xani, you're
so gorgeous. I really hate to do this..."

Her words registered a split second too late. Xanatos' eyes flew open and before he could react,
Faraline jerked the chain so fast and hard the bones in his wrists popped in protest. His head shot up in

Faraline was glaring at him. "You lied to me again!" she seethed. "You were trying to find a way to
escape again! And don't try to deny it, I saw you!"

Xanatos tried to sit up but his chain was so short he couldn't even roll over without dislocating his

"How could you possibly know..." Xanatos began, but then remembered her mentioning security
monitors earlier. Shit! He had forgotten about those. Now she was convinced he wouldn't stay. "All
right, I admit it," he hurriedly explained. "But then I came to my senses, more or less, and I realized
what a foolish, insane thing leaving you would be."

Faraline wasn't buying it. She stalked over to her chest of drawers and retrieved the silk scarf Xanatos
had found. She slammed the drawer shut then crossed the room and picked up her discarded whip.

Xanatos' eyes widened. "Faraline, you can't!"

Faraline knelt at the head of the bed. She offered him a sad and sympathetic smile and pushed his
bangs back away from his blazing eyes.

"Oh Baby, I'm sorry, but I have to punish you this time. But you know this is going to hurt me alot more
than it will hurt you," she soothed.

"Like fucking hell it will!" Xanatos snarled, just before Faraline stuffed the silk scarf in his mouth.

"I can't bear to hear men cry," she explained. "Breaks my heart."

She rose with some reluctance and moved to the side of the bed. She tossed the end of the whip out
and snapped it in the air a couple of times.

Xanatos tried to think of something, anything that would convince her of his change of heart. He tried to
look repentant and humble. He locked his eyes on hers with a piercing, pleading stare. His breathing
quickened and he blinked slowly as she raised the whip. A large single tear spilled from his eye and ran
down his cheek. He swallowed hard and looked away from her in humiliation and buried his face in his
arms and waited.

Faraline hesitated. She lowered the whip and peered at him with a deepening sadness. She sighed
heavily and went to him and once more knelt at the head of the bed. Xanatos looked up at her. She
ungagged him then reached out and wiped away the tear on his cheek.

"I know you're sorry, Xani, but apologizing just isn't going to be enough this time," she told him.

Xanatos licked his dry lips and took a deep breath.

"I know," he whispered, his voice strained with emotion. He lowered his eyes, embarrassed. "I do
deserve to be punished, but...I need to know something first."

"What? Tell me."

Xanatos cleared his throat. "After you mercilessly flog me, will you once again tenderly kiss the marks
you will have made on my inflamed skin?" Slowly Xanatos raised his glistening eyes to hers. "I'll be able
to endure the coming pain and humiliation only if I know you will do this one small thing for me." He
shifted as best as he could and tilted his head towards her. "Kiss me," he breathed, his soft voice
drawing her closer to him. "Promise me...you'll kiss me."

Faraline obligingly lowered her face and he kissed her deeply and sensuously; making his kiss as
succulent and scintillating as he possibly could.

Faraline whimpered helplessly, melting under the heat of Xanatos' fiery passion. She suddenly threw the
whip aside and cradled his face in her hands, kissing him back hungrily, her own passion flaring.

Xanatos breathed a sigh of relief. He felt another tug on the binders around his wrists as Faraline
unlocked them and pulled them off. Xanatos smiled and kissed her harder. He reached for her and
rolled over, pulling her on top of him, into his arms. He covered her face with kisses as his hands made
up for lost time and set about determiningly roaming her body.

Faraline sighed and moaned and squirmed against him, reveling in his expertise. She knew he would be
trouble at first, but she also knew he would be so very worth it in the end. He was proving that more
and more with each passing minute. She smiled to herself, thinking. He wasn't nearly as hard to break
as he had professed to be. In no time at all he was of willing mind and body, totally under her control,
and ready to fulfill her every desire. No more whips or chains for this one. She knew he would behave
from now on.

Xanatos began undressing Faraline, congratulating himself on his infallible ability to subdue women,
young or old. Give them a wink and a smile, or in this case a tear, and they were so easy to manipulate.
And he would forever be thankful for their continued naiveté.