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Rated R
Summary: no real story here, just gratuitous sex....Xanatos seduces an older female Jedi Knight in the
gardens at the Jedi Temple

Illustration available.

At this early hour, the gardens inside the Jedi Temple were even more deserted than the hallways and
classrooms. There was still three hours before the morning meditations and most of the Jedi were just
beginning to rise for the day.

Jedi Knight Sallan Dom hadn't been able to sleep very well the night before. She had spent the last few
days interviewing initiates and observing potential candidates for apprenticeship.

Last night, she had made her decision and sent word to a twelve year old girl named Coo Ottum, to
meet her in the gardens this morning before meditations.

A lot of the plants were in bloom now and the gardens were fairly bursting with an array of colors and

As Sallan strolled leisurely down the wooded path that led to the mirror pool, she closed her eyes and
inhaled the delicate scent of briarwood blooms in the thickets. It added a touch of sweetness to the
sharp pungent smell of the trees and foilage. She turned, heading for the clearing just before the water's
edge. She looked up and saw the purple variations of bark moss draped over the lower limbs of the
panyan trees. Its lacey violet strands filtered the sun's light into soft pinkish hues.

So enchanted by the beauty of the gardens, Sallan almost walked right by Coo Ottum, who stood off
the path, almost hidden from view by the dense flora she stood among.

Sallan noticed Coo was just as enchanted by something from the way her gaze was fixed forward and
her quiet motionless state. Sallan suspected that whatever it was, it wasn't the flowers or purple moss
because Coo seemed entirely unaware of her presence.

"Good morning, Coo," Sallan greeted.

Startled, Coo Ottum spun around with a gasp and faced the Jedi Knight with a deep blush.

Sallan smiled warmly. "Didn't you sense me? I didn't mean to startle you so."

"I...I was just distracted," Coo quickly explained and began fidgetting nervously.

Sallan knitted her delicate brows. She stepped off the path and over to where Coo stood.

"What could possibly be so distracting here?"

Coo didn't answer, but stepped aside with a sigh of resignation and a look of embarrassment.

Sallan walked deliberately around her and into the small clearing at the edge of the mirror pool. At first
glance she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. However, the Force told her otherwise. She felt
another presence. Movement in the water caught her eye suddenly, and her jaw slackened and

"Oh my," she murmured more to herself than Coo.

A man was slowly swimming from one side of the pool to the other, apparently oblivious to either
females' presence. Sallan could see even from this distance that he was nude. He had a lithe and sinewy
body with deep black hair that contrasted sharply with the fairness of his skin. He gracefully rolled over
onto his back, providing Sallan with a more than generous view of himself; alternately diving and
surfacing, and covering the span of the pool with strong and efficient strokes of his arms.

Sallan didn't know how long she had been standing there, but she suddenly became aware of Coo
Ottum standing beside her. The teenager watched him as well with a dreamy statement on her fresh,
young face, her previous discomfort long gone.

I can't blame her, Sallan thought. Even she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of him. He was beyond
handsome, Sallan decided. He was downright gorgeous. Where had he been all this time? Why hadn't
she ever noticed him before?

"Who is he?" Sallan asked Coo.

"His name is Xanatos. He is Qui-Gon Jinn's padawan. He's twenty-one. He's got black hair and blue
eyes and the sexiest smile I have ever seen. All us girls are wild about him. He even winked at Deja
when she passed him in the hall the other day. Usually he doesn't stay here long. He's been away alot,
training. But for the past two weeks, he has been at the Temple under some kind of quarantine. He
comes to the garden every morning and swims here." She smiled mischievously. "Like that."

Sallan pried her eyes off Xanatos in the pool and faced her young companion. She stepped directly in
front of her, obstructing her view. Better late than never, Sallan concluded, as Coo already had gotten
an eyeful.

Sallan decided this stalking had been going on for quite some time considering everything Coo knew
about him. It was time to put an end to it.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself," Sallan scolded. "You need to start respecting his privacy." Coo
frowned and subtly tried to look around Sallan. Sallan took hold of the girl's arms and turned her
around, then gently pushed her towards the path. "You wouldn't like it if you went somewhere to be
alone then found out a bunch of boys had been gawking at you. Would you?"

"No, I would not," Coo reluctantly agreed.

Sallan nodded, satisfied. "Now go to your chambers and think about what I said before morning
meditations. I'll come by afterwards. There is still something I wanted to talk to you about, but now is
not the proper time."

Coo smiled and nodded. "Yes, Ma'am." She started off down the wooded path and quickly
disappeared from sight.

Alone, Sallan thought it was best to leave as well, but found herself drawn back to the clearing.

Xanatos was standing hip-deep in the shallows, bathed in a pink ray of sunlight. Water streamed over
him, dripping from his hair, down his face, and over his torso in the most tantalizing way. Ripples of
water lapped at his waist as he began wading to the edge of the pool and over to his discarded
garments. He rose out of the water, the personification of feline grace and power, looking like a
sculpted mythological god.

No wonder the girls were "wild" about him, Sallan thought. Who wouldn't be?

Before she realized what she was doing, Sallan had started walking across the clearing and over to
where he was.

It was only right to inform him that he had been spied on by a group of voyeuristic initiates. Perhaps he
might want to reconsider his uninhibited excursions in the future, she reasoned.

Xanatos looked up from the waistband drawstring he had been tying as Sallan approached him. He
flashed a smile and inclined his head in formal greeting.

Up close, Sallan was even more struck by his engaging good looks. He was tousled, dripping wet, and
unshaven, but still had a somewhat boyish face and the biggest, bluest eyes she had ever seen.

Sallan licked suddenly dry lips and inclined her head in return. "Ah...good morning, Young Padawan."
She mentally kicked herself for sounding too matronly. He couldn't have been more than ten years her
junior, she didn't have to talk down to him.

He smiled at her again. "Good morning to you, Mistress" he replied. "And to what do I owe the
pleasure of YOUR company this fine morning?"

Sallan sighed. Gods, that voice. It suited him. It was refined: smooth and melodic with a gravelly
masculine edge. Thank goodness, at least he didn't address her as 'madame.' Sallan smiled back at

"I'm...my name is Sallan Dom," she began. "And you are...?" Of course she already knew his name, but
wanted to make small talk before jumping right into the real reason she was here to speak with him.

"Xanatos," he answered. "Your servant, Mistress. What can I do for you?" Sallan stepped towards
him, but he stepped away from her. "You'll pardon me, but I am under quarantine. You might not wish
to get too close to me."

Sallan looked up at him with concern. "Is it anything serious?"

Xanatos shook his head without hesitation. "No, but I am running a viral fever. It's harmless really, but I
have been forbidden to accompany my master on missions until it has run its course. That could be your
fate as well, if you come too close."

Unphased, Sallan stepped up to him and placed her hand on the side of his face. He was hot to the
touch. He didn't pull back this time or resist her in any way. Sallen moved her hand to his neck and
chest. She could feel his heart beating strongly under her palm. Sallan suddenly realized how forward
she was being. She quickly stepped back. "You are very hot...uh...feverish."

"That's why I come to the pools every morning. It cools me," Xanatos told her with a sly little smile.

Sallan detected his slightly suggestive tone. She cleared her throat and centered her mind back on the
situation at hand. "I'm a Jedi Knight and I've come to the Temple to select an apprentice," she began to
explain, trying desparately to keep her mind from wandering off to other, more intriguing, thoughts
concerning him.

Xanatos grinned. "Thank you. I am flattered, but alas, I'm already spoken for," he teased, picking up
his wet braid and waving the end in front of her eyes.

In spite of herself, Sallan blushed. She demurely lowered her eyes and shook her head.

"Yes, I know. That's not why I wanted...that's not why I'm here," she stammered.

"Then why are you here?" he asked, his tone shifting to one of complete seriousness. He bent to
retrieve his shirt from the ground and slipped into it, not bothering to fasten it.

Sallan watched him closely. Even his slightest movements made her stomach clench and her limbs
quiver. She tried to look up into his eyes but only got as far as the middle of his chest. She observed a
trickle of water sliding languidly over the well-defined muscles of his abdomen, following the dark trail
of hair that led down to his navel. Sallan jerked her head up and took a deep steadying breath.

"I just wanted to inform you, that you have not been alone like you think you have," Sallan blurted to
cover her deepening blush.

Xanatos frowned. "Which means?"

Sallan sighed. "When you bathe here, in the morning. Some of the initiate girls have...been watching

"Ah," Xanatos said. An amused smile crossed his face. "And you felt the need to bring this to my

Sallan looked up at him. He seemed neither pleased or displeased. "Well, I thought you should

He turned from her and began walking away. "Of course. Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me."

Sallan found herself skipping after him. "They're right at that age, you see," she tried to explain.

Xanatos glanced back at her briefly. "I understand." When he turned away from her, Sallan noticed that
same statement of amusement was back and he seemed to be trying hard not to laugh. A thought
suddenly crossed her mind.

"You knew, didn't you?" she asked, slightly shocked by the idea.

Xanatos stopped walking and faced her fully. "Yes I knew. I could sense them. So what? They're at
that age, remember?"

Sallan began to nod, but caught herself. "Well...that's not the point. They're just girls."

"Oh, I see," he said simply. He began walking slowly around her in a most unnerving manner, his eyes
roving up and down the length of her. "So it was wrong because they were just girls." He stopped
behind her and leaned towards her, speaking into her ear. "But it was all right when YOU were
watching me, wasn't it?" Sallan turned to face him in surprise. He continued, nonchalantly. "Oh yes,
Mistress. I sensed your pretty brown eyes on me as well. I wasn't even touching you, but I could
manipulate you, and make you ache with desire for me." Sallan lowered her eyes, shame washing over
her in a heated wave. Xanatos reached out and cupped her chin in his large hand. He tilted her head
back until her eyes were once more aligned with his. "With the girls, it was all innocent curiosity. They
felt nothing for me but adoration. But with you, it was sexual."

Sallan jerked away from his hand. She gathered her cloak around her and turned from him to leave. He
was right, but that didn't make her humiliation any less. She chided herself for even seeking him out to
talk to him. And over something so stupid. She should have stayed away from him. She should have
known from the first time she layed eyes on him that he was dangerous. Yes, that's it. He was
dangerous. She moved to leave but his arm suddenly snaked out and pulled her back to him. She tried
to turn around and face him, but he held her fast.

"Just what is the meaning of this, Padawan?" Sallan demanded, slightly flustered.

"You want me, don't you?" Xanatos purred.

Sallan felt a rush of heat where his fevered body was touching her. She started to shake her head, but
he began kissing and nuzzling her hair. His hands slid up her sides and over her breasts. She didn't think
she could pull away from him now, even if she actually wanted to. Her desire for him was increasing
with every passing second, but there was propriety to think of. After all, he was just an apprentice. She
was a Knight.

"Let me go!" she ordered and tried to twist out of his grasp. "....I'll have you reprimanded for this

Xanatos wrapped his arms completely around her, holding her tightly against his chest. He laughed
dryly. "Don't play games with me, Mistress. And for pity's sake, don't threaten me. You know I can
have you reprimanded as well."

Sallan sighed in frustration. She knew she could use defensive tactics to free herself, but she found
herself reluctant to resort to that. He wasn't doing anything now but holding her. There was no reason
to panic. She began to relax in his arms, finding his strong embrace comforting in a way, and leaned
back against him. Sallan tentatively touched his warm, callused hands with hers, tracing the length of his
fingers. She could feel him relaxing his grip on her.

Xanatos kissed her ear with a brush of his full hot lips. "Don't fight it," he whispered. "Don't ever be
afraid of what you feel." He bit her earlobe and held it between his teeth for a moment then began
nipping her skin down the side of her long neck. He slipped his hands under her cloak and slowly
pushed it from her shoulders. "I want you too, Mistress," he sighed into her hair.

Sallan suddenly felt light-headed as all the blood drained from her brain to her lower extremities. She
did want him. There was no denying it. She tilted her head to give Xanatos better access to her neck.
He kissed and nibbled his way along her jaw and up the side of her face. He softly kissed both of her
eyes, then returned to her exposed neck with new zeal. He held her fast with his left arm across her
breast. His right arm caressed her sides and stomach with luxuriant slowness.

Sallan was hot and getting hotter. The heat eminating from him was seering her right through her bulky
clothing. She twisted to free her arms of her cloak and Xanatos flashed a smile in approval.

"Yes," he said, as his right hand deftly unclasped her utility belt. It fell to the ground with a loud thud
and Xanatos kicked it away. His hands moved lower and he placed his palms on her hip bones,
backing and holding her against him once more.

Sallan gasped, feeling the hard fullness of his masculinity in such close contact of her buttocks.
Unabashedly, she wiggled her hips, rubbing herself against him and was rewarded with a low, sensuous
moan from him. Xanatos turned her around and took her face in his large hands. He kissed her hungrily
with a passion that made her fingers and toes tingle. She began tearing at her clothes, eager to be free
of them. Xanatos released her and stepped back to assist her. Together they succeeded in opening her
tunic and loosening the lacings of her pants, and pulling off her boots, before he seized her in his arms
again and covered her mouth in another devouring kiss.

His lips were warm and soft. His tongue was like a flame. The saliva of his mouth was sweet and hot.
Sallan drew his breath into her lungs, wanting to absorb the very essence of him. She clasped her hands
to the back of his head, kissing him harder with an urgency and need previously unknown to her.

He kissed her back, moving from her lips to her forehead and nose, dotting her face with his feverish
kisses. His hands roved her body, kneading her waist and rubbing her back.

Slowly, still in each other's arms, they sank to the ground on top of the discarded clothes.

Xanatos gazed down at Sallan as she lay beneath him. He sighed appreciatively.

"You're so lovely," he murmured. He spread open her tunic and exposed her breasts to the crisp
morning air. He bent and licked each nipple in turn, making them rise to hard rosy peaks. "Perfectly
lovely," he sighed.

Sallan looked up at him, drinking the sight of him in with her eyes. She reached up and trailed her nails
through the glossy black curls on his chest. Xanatos watched, intrigued, as Sallan sat forward and took
his left nipple gently between her teeth. She rubbed her tongue over it and sucked at it softly, pressing
her face into the velvety warmth of his white skin. He growled deeply in pleasure and cradled her head
in his hand. He kissed the top of her head and combed his fingers through her silky hair.

Sallan smiled, pleased at his response. She lay back and closed her eyes.

Xanatos took ahold of her wrists and stretched her arms above her head. He slid his hands down and
lowered himself over her. He sucked and chewed on her breasts, while continuously squeezing and
petting her. He shifted and manuevered himself between her legs. He ground himself slowly against her
a few times, clearly signaling to her his arousal and his intent.

Sallan's heart skipped a beat. She passed her hands over the hot satin skin of his back and down to the
hard roundness of his buttocks. She dug her fingers deeply into his flesh, urging him closer.

"Yes," Sallan whispered. "I want you."

Xanatos sat back, pulling away from her.

For a split second, Sallan thought he was going to stop and her heart sank. But he slipped off his shirt
and then began sliding his pants over his hips, his piercing blue eyes never leaving Sallan's face.

"Take your clothes off. I want to see you," he commanded.

Sallan licked her lips. She started peeling off the remainder of her clothes, Xanatos' eyes following her
hands. When she lay back naked on the cool dampness of the ground, she began to shiver, half from
cold and half from anticipation.

Xanatos settled himself on top of her, stretching out along the length of her body, covering her with his
fiery warmth. She immediately stopped shivering and kissed the side of his face. His skin was so
incredibly hot. She wondered briefly if his illness was flaring along with his passion.

It was then Sallan felt a small tremor in the Force that she hadn't felt before. It rippled and pulsed with
familiarity, but she couldn't place it. Something wasn't right, but she didn't want to focus on that now.

Xanatos opened her legs with his thighs and waited. He felt the sudden rush of apprehension in Sallan,
though her face was void of any statement. Her brown eyes were lowered and she would not look up
at him. Xanatos sighed. He thought he knew why she was suddenly hesitating. He had sensed it too.
The same familiar presence he had sensed earlier this morning. But he wasn't about to abandon his
pursuits over something he deemed inconsequential. Xanatos smiled easily. He kissed her tenderly and
nuzzled her cheek. He sent her reassurances through the Force. Slowly, Sallan's eyes met his.

"Let me love you," he whispered. He pushed her hair away from her face and began tracing the curve
of her ear with his tongue. "I want to be inside you. I want to feel your body enfold mine in absolute
possession and surrender. I need to have you. Only you can cool this fire in my blood. Take me and
use me...heal me."

Sallan sighed. She pressed a kiss to his hot neck, inhaling his musky scent, and tasting the faint saltiness
of his skin.

Xanatos touched her lips with his, coaxed her mouth open and slipped his tongue between her teeth.
He lapped at the wetness inside, moving his mouth sensuously over hers. He felt her start to relax again.
Encouraged, he moved up a little. She arched her back slightly, rising her hips towards him. He praised
her with a shower of kisses and pushed himself against her tentatively. She tensed again and he paused
again, whispering flattery in her ear and delicately stroking the side of her face. After a few moments,
she took a deep breath and spread her legs wider. Xanatos entered her completely with one forceful

Sallan whimpered slightly, but wrapped her legs around him, holding him to her. Her insides suddenly
felt scorched. The same seering heat that covered her was now inside her and her body felt like it was
on fire, burning internally. Did all men feel this sultry? she thought to herself, or was this raging heat just
his fever?

Xanatos didn't move. He stared down at Sallan in surprise.

"You've never been with a man before, have you?" he asked quietly.

Sallan pursed her lips and shook her head, somewhat embarrassed. "It hurts," she told him in a small

Xanatos kissed the tip of her nose. "It will at first. Just try to relax." He withdrew from her halfway and
pushed slowly into her again. Sallan sighed. She nodded encouragingly. Xanatos grinned and
penetrated her deeper with each consecutive thrust, then steadily increased his pace. "Is that better?"

Sallan squeezed his waist with her thighs. "...Yes" she breathed. She folded her arms around his neck
and closed her eyes.

"I am honored, Mistress," Xanatos stated and tenderly kissed her eyes. He started moving on her
harder, thrusting into her with powerfully rhythmic strokes of his hips. "Welcome to the point of no
return," he said and smiled with smug satisfaction.


Sallan woke to the sounds of voices beyond the clearing. She struggled to sit up, unwrapping Xanatos'
limbs from hers. She climbed stiffly to her feet and over to her clothes. She prodded Xanatos with her

"Wake up, someone's coming," she whispered loudly.

Xanatos took a deep breath and opened his eyes. "So?"

"They'll see us," Sallan explained. She stamped her feet into her boots and hurriedly wrapped the sash
around her slim waist.

Xanatos reluctantly pulled on his pants and stood up. "Actually it's a little late to be concerned about
that now," he grumbled.

Sallan faced him with a puzzled look. "What do you mean by that?" She grabbed her utility belt and
strapped it on. She should have met with Coo Ottum hours ago.

"We've already been seen," Xanatos informed her. He pointed to the clearing. It was the same spot
Sallan had found Coo at this morning. "She came back. I guess you didn't convince her of the

Horrified, Sallan stared at Xanatos. "Coo was watching us?" She covered her eyes with her hand. She
remembered now. There had been a tremor in the Force, announcing a familiar presence. It was just
before......."Oh gods! I was going to ask her to be my apprentice! I can't possibly do that now. I would
never be able to look her in the eyes. I would never have her respect." Sallan stooped and picked up
her cloak. She brushed away the leaves and grasses and sniffed loudly as her eyes blurred with tears.
She spared a glance back at Xanatos.

He shrugged. "Sorry, Mistress. Believe me, if I could get rid of ol' Qui-Gon, I would. Then I would be
more than happy to be your very own private padawan. Ours could be a very interesting master and
padawan bonding too. That is, if you don't mind your men beneath you." He started to laugh.

Sallan swallowed hard and shook her head. She threw her cloak over her shoulders and wiped angrily
at her eyes.

Xanatos watched her trudge through the clearing and into the woods. He sighed. Too bad. He almost
liked her.