Star Wars Fan Fiction

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A Natural Intimacy
I know what you are thinking with this one. BeElleGee writing Prequel slash? My best SW pal Kristen summed it up best here: After ROTS we have (A) two REALLY PRETTY men, in a (B) very close friendship which is (C) so very romantically full of angst and death and (D) on-screen chemistry, and they are (E) surrounded by NO interesting women and (F) BOOTS. How can slash not write itself in those circumstances?

The Long and Dead Black Sea
This is one of my "missing scenes" fictions.  While perusing old notebooks 
in search of blank paper one afternoon, I came across this story.  It was 
finished, but there were so many corrections and changes scribbled in 
the margins I didn't think it was salvageable.  I started reading it and 
decided to give it a try however.  The original handwritten piece was dated 
July 1999, shortly after the release of "The Phantom Menace."  I had totally 
forgotten about it.  It shows how many of my fics never see the light 
of day.

Falling Stars
To date, this is my only Episode II based fic. Towards the end, I picked up 
on the way Obi-Wan quickly changed the subject when asked where his 
Padawan was.  Whether or not this was intentional, I do not know.  But 
this fic tries to explain why.  I suppose it could be classified as a "missing 
scene".  It takes place before Anakin's surgery to attach his mechanical arm.  
Anakin talks to Obi-Wan about Padme, his mother's death, and Obi-Wan in 
turn, speaks of long lost loves.  I also relied a lot on the Jude Watson 
series "Jedi Apprentice" for Obi-Wan's history.  Must remember to tip my pen to her.

Compassion updated
Darth Maul remains such an enigma, I've found there's plenty of wide 
open spaces to be creative with.  This is my very first Maul fic and the 
characterization may seem a little off to some because I totally reject 
the portrayal of him as an insane and maniacal monster.  I tried to develop 
the character a little more here, keeping him tempermental and prone to 
violence, but also capable of honor and reciprocating kindness, with an 
unshakable sense of devotion.  Then, he's only about sixteen in this 
story, and not yet the same superlative Sith Lord we see in Phantom Menace.

Lately my Darth Maul muse has been making his presence felt, allowing 
me to bask in the cold shadow of the Darkside a little longer than I 
originally intended to.  This fic is very different from "Compassion" however. 
It's short and relatively light and spotlights a minor EPI character who is 
not revealed until the very end.  My hope is that once someone reads this 
fic, they'll never view her in the same mundane way again.  Sithly of me, I 

Sanctum ad Infinitum updated
In all honesty, this particular story wasn't one I enjoyed writing.  Reasons being: it 
took me longer to write than any other fic I have ever written, including "Savoir Faire" 
because of all the re-writes.  The ending was changed once, the title was changed 
three times, the heroine's character was completely redone halfway through, and even
her name was changed twice.  The logistics behind all the fights and battles nearly 
gave me nightmares.  I had to actually draw up maps, floorplans, and landscapes to 
work it all out.  I kept sticking Obi-Wan and Anakin in one predicament after another 
but would spend hours staring at my monitor trying to figure a way out for them. 
All the troubles proved worth it: this is definitely one of my better fics and joins 
the ranks among my personal favorites.

Adult StoryPhases
I wasn't surprised to receive requests for a sequel to "Sanctum Ad 
Infinitum."  What surprised me was that ideas for this sequel came to 
me so fast, I had to resort to using a notebook to help keep track of 
them all.  Also, I found I enjoyed writing these characters together 
so much that despite the fact "Phases" has a real ending, I still 
left the door open for more if the muse rubs me the right way.

Fanfare for the Invincible Poor
After perusing message boards one evening, I was surprised by the
number of fans who condemned the Jedi.  It seemed to me that
too many had misinterpreted the Jedi's role in the Republic as
omnipotent, but too apathetic.  This fic was an attempt to voice my
views on the subject.

Master Vs. Padawan
This fic was the second Episode One story I wrote.  It was also the
first EP1 fic I had posted on the net.  It was written in September
1999 for my older sister.  She was lamenting one day how she felt Qui-
Gon was being unjustly portrayed as a harsh, emotionless Jedi Master
in a lot of fanfic that was out at the time, instead of the rule-
bending, follow-your-heart Jedi we felt him to be. 

Anakin's Rose
This fic hailed my return to SW fanfiction after a long hiatus. Now
and then, I feel the need to write something light and
romantic.  An Anakin and Amidala fic seemed to fit the bill. This fic
isn't exactly light--there's a bit of angst here
and there, but it still gave me a chance to write romance which is
what I enjoy writing the most. 

War Crimes updated
The idea for "War Crimes" came to me while reading the EP1 Visual
Dictionary.  I like writing stories with lots of action and some
suspense and a little romance thrown in for good measure.  This
seemed like a good solid mission to give to my two fav Jedi with a
chance to show a working padawan and master bond.  I also have a
penchant for elaborating on "minor" characters and took this
opportunity to spotlight Oppo Rancisis whom I discovered to be the
Jedi's military strategist.  I thought that was interesting. 

This fic demonstrates two of my favorite things to do with fanfiction 
and that is to write a 'missing' scene and to spotlight a minor 
character, in this case Sabe'.  To me, for being as important as she 
was, not very much was revealed about her in TPM.  Sure, she's a 
bodyguard and trusted confidante of the queen's, but she is also just 
a fifteen year old girl.  Her life can't be all politics and 

Jedi, Heal Thyself
This was one of my earlier EP1 fics.  I tried to show an evolution 
taking place in Anakin.  He's not good Jedi-material anymore, but he 
has become very powerful with the Force.  I also wanted to do a fic 
about the role of the Jedi Healer.  My interpretation of them anyway, 
and how they would use the Force to heal.  I find them very 

Rakes and Royalty
It always seemed to me that something was going on between Han and 
Leia when he winks at her and she gives him that look just before the 
presentation of his medal in "A New Hope."  So this story is sort of 
a missing scene fic.  Mushy and romantic, just the way I like them. 

Doing Time
This vignette, written back in 1983, first appeared in the 
fanzine, "Executor Logs."  Boba Fett had just made his debut 
in "TESB" and was one of those mysterious, intriguing, minor 
characters that always appeals to me as a fanfiction writer. 

When I wrote this story, I hadn't written SW fanfiction in over ten
years and this was my very first Episode One fic that I wrote.  It
was originally  going to be a fanzine but I chose to post it on the
internet instead and now the complete text resides on numerous
archive sites.  The story takes place just two years after the end of
Phantom Menace and tells of Anakin's and Obi-Wan's quirky first
mission together as master and padawan.

A Moment of Understanding
Originally written in 1983 for the fanzine, "Imperium", this light-
hearted vignette spotlighted Admiral Piett, a relatively minor, but
important character in "The Empire Strikes Back".  It was also the
last SW fic I wrote until "Aquiesce" in 1999.