A Natural Intimacy
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Rated NC-17

Summary: Slash fic. Obi-Wan places himself in Anakin’s capable hands in more ways than one.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations of the Star Wars universe belong to creator George Lucas. No monetary profit will be made from this fic. It is for entertainment purposes only.


Obi-Wan groaned in pain as Anakin deposited him on the ground beneath a large shade tree. Through his pain, the Jedi Master heard his friend murmuring to him.

“Everything will be all right now, Master,” Anakin was saying. “Don’t worry. I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

Obi-Wan forced his gritty eyes to open. “What happened?” he asked groggily.

“Here, drink this,” Anakin ordered, holding a cold metallic cup to the Jedi Master’s lips.

Obi-Wan felt Anakin’s large hand slip behind his head, raising it slightly from the ground. He sipped obediently and was grateful to taste cool clean water. It seemed more refreshing than anything he’d ever tasted before. He greedily finished the cup with a contented sigh and peered at Anakin.

The young Jedi looked anxious, despite his words to the contrary. Obi-Wan struggled to sit up further.

“What happened, Anakin?” he asked again and grasped his head as a sharp pain reverberated in his skull. “Ah, my head feels--”

“Like it’s been walloped by a pike gator’s tail maybe? That beast would have had you for dinner if I hadn’t killed it first. Don’t you remember, Master?” Anakin’s smile was crooked with relief. “That’s the sixth time I’ve saved your life, you know.”

Obi-Wan frowned. “I don’t remember…wait, yes I do. I remember the beast charging at us. I don’t remember getting hit by its tail.”

“You were too busy yelling orders at me to fire up the ship,” Anakin murmured. He reached out and wiped a trail of drying blood from his master’s forehead. “I think we will have to camp here for the night. You’re in no shape to fly now. I think you may have a concussion.”

Swatting Anakin’s hand away, the Jedi Master narrowed his eyes at his friend and sighed heavily. “Since when did you become a medi-droid?” He ran his hands gingerly over the expanse of his skull and found a small puncture wound, few nasty lumps, but that was all. “I don’t have a concussion. I’ve had concussions, and I know what they feel like. I’ll be fine if you just give me a moment to get my bearings. Then we can be off.” He moved to stand and was hit by a wave of nausea so intense; he fell back on his buttocks with a loud thud.

Anakin was shaking his head. “Master, with all due respect, you’ve been unconscious for over ten minutes. You’ve been hurt and you need to rest for awhile. I’ve already loaded the data we gathered into the ships’ computers. We’ll get it to Sensha IV with time to spare. We can afford a night’s rest.”

Obi-Wan waved Anakin away. “Maybe you’re right. I do feel a little light-headed, but that’s no reason to keep you from flying. You can take the data to the Commissioner and I’ll join you as soon as I’m up to it.” He watched the other Jedi unroll the bedding packs from the ships’ personal storage with growing dismay.

“What? And leave you, wounded to the mercy of another hungry pike gator?” Anakin replied with an incredulous tone. “I’m not going anywhere tonight, Master. When we leave, we leave together. You in your ship, me in mine.”

Obi-Wan frowned deeply in disapproval, but settled back down on the ground with resignation. His head was spinning and he was beginning to feel a little wobbly. Maybe he didn’t have a concussion, but he certainly had a hell of a headache.

Closing his eyes, Obi-Wan was only vaguely aware of Anakin’s continued preparations for the night ahead. Soon, heaviness settled over his aching limbs and a comforting blankness clouded his mind. The Jedi Master shifted his weight on the rocky ground a little and gathered his cloak around his body to ward off the chill in the air. In moments he fell into a deep sleep.


Obi-Wan opened his eyes to the sight of a brilliant blue moon and a myriad of stars above him. Dawn might be hours away still, but he felt well-rested and wide awake. He could hear the flickering sounds of a small fire to the left of him and could feel its comforting heat warming the blankets Anakin had undoubtedly placed over him. To his right lay his well-meaning nursemaid covered only by his cloak. Obi-Wan could feel Anakin’s arm draped over his chest and Anakin’s long leg wrapped possessively around his master’s knees.

Obi-Wan pulled away from him slightly causing Anakin to stir. His head turned and lolled onto Obi-Wan’s shoulder now, warming the Jedi Master’s bare neck with his breath.

“Anakin?” Obi-Wan whispered, reaching up to tilt the young Jedi’s face away. He felt Anakin’s arm tighten around his chest in unconscious protest. “Anakin wake up. I need to move.”

The younger Jedi woke and regarded his master with crystal blue clarity as the moonlight struck his pale eyes.

“What is it?” Anakin whispered back, his lean body tensing noticeably against Obi-Wan’s. “Are you sick again?”

“Sick?” Obi-Wan echoed nonplussed. “No, I feel…fine actually. I just need to move a little. You’ve got me pinned down.”

Anakin withdrew from his master and sat up abruptly. His cloak slid from his shoulders exposing his bare torso.

Obi-Wan keenly felt the coolness of the night air rush into the space Anakin’s warm body had occupied moments before. It was then he became aware of the fact he was naked beneath the blankets piled on top of him. He looked over at Anakin perplexed.

“Where are my clothes?”

Anakin rubbed his eyes and rose slowly.

Obi-Wan watched the other Jedi with widening eyes. His equally naked body flexed and stretched in the dark light of the moon, and then unabashedly stepped over to the fire to turn over a few smoldering embers. The many years of tough physical training had toned Anakin’s body to lean perfection and given him a refined, but understated natural grace. In the blue of the moonlight, his skin was a shimmering slate color. A shadowy dusting of body hair furred the hard curves of his chest, thickening to a dark line down to his groin, accentuating the broadness of his shoulders, his tapered waist, and long, sinewy thighs. Anakin looked like an ethereal art sculpture that had come to life and Obi-Wan found himself strangely mesmerized by the sight of him.

“You were sick,” Anakin explained, carefully keeping his eyes fixed on the fire he was tending. “You lapsed into some sort of toxin-induced fever.” He paused and seemed to shudder with recollection. “There’s a stream just over that hill there, so I took you there and bathed you until your fever broke, but you’ve been slipping in and out of consciousness all day. I had to launder your clothes. They were drenched in sweat. After all that, I had to wash mine too.”

Startled, Obi-Wan’s jaw fell open. His hand went to his forehead searchingly. “I don’t remember,” he lamented. “You mean I’ve been ‘out of commission’ the entire day?” He looked around. There was a make-shift lean-to erected sheltering their gear now just beyond the fire. Their clothing was spread out over a low-hanging tree limb, still drying in the breeze. The nutrition packs had been opened and the water supply was fully replenished. Obi-Wan shook his head woefully. “I remember falling asleep….I don’t remember waking until now.”

Anakin slowly turned his eyes to his master. “I think that animal injected you with some kind of poison from its tail.” The corner of his full mouth turned up slightly in a wry smile. “That’s the seventh time I’ve saved your life, Obi-Wan.” His smile faded and a markedly distressed look darkened his eyes. “I tended you the best I could, but I thought I was going to lose you for sure a couple of times. I’ve never seen you that ill. It frightened me.”

Obi-Wan moaned. “I’m so sorry, Anakin. I’m sorry you had to go through all that on my account. Of course I’m eternally grateful.”

Anakin moved to return to Obi-Wan’s side. He eased himself down and stretched out. “I’d like to think you’d do the same for me,” he whispered, his heavily shadowed eyes roving Obi-Wan’s face. “I’m just happy you’re all right now. You look…perfect in fact.”

Obi-Wan followed Anakin’s gaze down his face to his chest and stomach. Somewhat self-consciously, he gathered his blankets to him, keenly aware of the way Anakin’s perusal was making his body react.

“Of course I would do the same for you, Anakin,” the older Jedi stated emphatically. “Don’t ever doubt that.”

Anakin edged a little closer to Obi-Wan. He reached out and cupped Obi-Wan’s bearded jaw in his hand, raising the Jedi Master’s eyes up to his. “I don’t.”

His words came out in a breathy rush and his lips descended on Obi-Wan’s before the Jedi Master could even think to pull away. The desperation and need Obi-Wan felt in Anakin’s kiss further stayed his retreat. A swirling sensation of sudden desire urged the Jedi Master to respond in kind and he opened his mouth to deepen the embrace.

Anakin moaned softly and trailed his fingertips down Obi-Wan’s throat to his chest. His body pressed closer to the Jedi Master, forcing him back against the bedroll. Obi-Wan raised his hands, flattening them across Anakin’s chest with the intention of pushing him away, but found himself exploring the planes of the young man’s body with surprising eagerness.

Taking a moment to breathe, Anakin parted from his master’s lips and peered longingly into his eyes. Obi-Wan opened his mouth to speak, but his words were once again lost in another of Anakin’s torrid kisses. He felt the younger Jedi’s tongue probing his mouth with a succulent tenderness and a moan unintentionally escaped his throat.

Apparently encouraged, Anakin’s hand glided down the length of Obi-Wan’s body and curled around the hard curves of his buttocks, drawing him closer. The blankets slipped away and Obi-Wan felt the bite of the night’s chill on his bare skin. It effectively doused the fire of his raging libido and cleared the lust-induced fog from his mind.

“Anakin, stop!” Obi-Wan declared, tearing his mouth away from Anakin’s devouring kiss.

Anakin froze, peering down at his master with an unreadable expression on his face. After a moment, his eyes softened and he cleared his throat. “I’m sorry,” he said faintly and released Obi-Wan so suddenly, the Jedi Master fell back with a jolt to the ground.

Obi-Wan got to his feet and moved to the other side of the fire to put some space between himself and his amorous young friend so he could think more clearly. He dragged his hand through his disheveled hair in frustration, and shivered slightly, wrapping his arms around his chest to warm himself.

“There’s no need to…apologize,” he said lamely.

Anakin rose opposite Obi-Wan and shook his head. “But I’ve made you uncomfortable.”

Obi-Wan faced Anakin and was once again taken aback by the beauty of him. The fire danced erotically across his body, reminding the other Jedi of the enticing heat that pulsed beneath his glowing skin.

“No,” Obi-Wan said quickly. He thought for a moment, trying to properly frame his response. “I know you care for me very much, and I care as much for you, but what you’re feeling now is misplaced emotions, Anakin.”

Obi-Wan turned away and rubbed his upper arms. He bowed his head and swallowed hard; still very aware of the fact Anakin’s advances had aroused him with misplaced feelings of his own. He was so consumed in thought, he didn’t hear Anakin approach him, and when the younger Jedi put his arms around him and pressed his warm body against his back, Obi-Wan gasped sharply in surprise.

“Are they?” Anakin breathed searingly into his ear and nibbled it teasingly. He dragged his mouth down Obi-Wan’s temple and pressed a soft kiss on his cheek. His fingertips rhythmically stroked the hair covering Obi-Wan’s chest, gradually soothing his tension. “I’m so happy you’re well again,” he went on quietly. “I love you, Master.”

Once again in Anakin’s arms, Obi-Wan couldn’t resist the desire building inside him and melted in the young Jedi’s embrace. Anakin’s body was too inviting. His strength and warmth were too seductive, and his tenderness was too comforting. However…

“I love you too, Anakin,” Obi-Wan sighed in reply as Anakin’s hands slithered up and down his torso. Anakin’s teeth grazed his neck and dotted his shoulder with small affectionate kisses. “…But not in this way.”

“What way? This way?“ Anakin responded, moving to stand in front of his master. He ran his calloused palm over Obi-Wan’s nipple until it hardened into a pebble of nerve-endings and then covered it with his warm, wet lips, laving it with his tongue and sucking it until Obi-Wan squirmed in ecstasy. Anakin gave Obi-Wan a sultry, seductive look. “I don’t need Jedi powers to know you want me too, Master.”

Gracefully sinking to his knees, Anakin kissed his way down Obi-Wan’s abdomen. His hands roamed his sides, down to his lower back, and over the Jedi Master’s taut ass.

Obi-Wan hadn’t realized he’d stopped breathing until he felt Anakin’s curvaceous lips caress the tip of his erection. His knees nearly buckled at the exquisite sensation and he released a strangled gasp of air. When Anakin took him completely into his mouth, Obi-Wan’s mind all but shorted-out with desire. In moments, he was lost in passion and all thoughts of impropriety evaporated from him like a warm mist.

Obi-Wan ran his fingers absently through Anakin’s long hair, and moaned breathily. He felt Anakin’s arms tighten around his hips as he rocked forward to push himself deeper inside him. His body quivered with pleasure and Obi-Wan couldn’t help but revel in the heated wetness of Anakin’s lovely mouth. Vaguely Obi-Wan realized if the younger Jedi didn’t stop soon, there’d be no going back.

“Anakin…wait,” Obi-Wan panted. “I will not take advantage of you….”

Slowly, Anakin raised his head and looked imploringly into Obi-Wan’s eyes. “You’re not taking advantage of me, Master. I almost lost you today. I know what I feel. I know what I want. Tonight, let me enjoy you.” Standing, he bent forward and hungrily captured Obi-Wan’s mouth with his once more. He wrapped his arms around the Jedi Master’s shoulders, sliding his hips provocatively over Obi-Wan’s, making him growl in a mixture of frustration and pleasure.

“Oh Anakin,” Obi-Wan gasped as the younger Jedi gnawed his way down his master’s corded neck. His wandering hands plundered the downy hair curling between Obi-Wan’s thighs, making Obi-Wan all but dissolve with desire. His mind was reveling in the sensations he was experiencing at Anakin’s zealous ministrations and he soon found himself warming to the thought of celebrating overcoming his brush with mortality by making love to this beautiful man.

“Relax, Master,” Anakin murmured, his voice growing thick. Carefully he guided Obi-Wan back to the padding of blankets by the fire. “You’re always telling me to act on my instinct.” He touched his lips to Obi-Wan’s again with a gentleness that sparked the Jedi Master’s passion anew and set his body ablaze with need.

Obi-Wan was kissing Anakin with equal enthusiasm now.

Wrapped in each other’s arms, the two Jedi sank to their knees on the blankets, exploring each other’s bodies with tantalizing caresses. Every time Obi-Wan looked into Anakin’s eyes, he felt as if he were drowning in their soft blue depths. His mouth was forever beckoning to him and his sinewy form was a luxury to touch. In truth, Obi-Wan had never felt his senses so vibrantly before. Even the slightest caress from Anakin’s fingertips shot spirals of electricity coursing through his body. The idea of coupling with Anakin was a temptation that quickly proved too much for the Jedi Master to resist.

Obi-Wan lay back beneath Anakin, feeling the urging press of his thighs. The Jedi Master allowed his hands to stray to the shallow tapering curve of Anakin’s waist, enjoying the movement of muscle under his palms. Anakin shifted slightly and pushed against Obi-Wan’s hips.

“I want you,” he sighed and kissed his master sensuously. He ran his hands over Obi-Wan’s slender sides, raising and separating his legs.

The Jedi Master tensed for a moment feeling Anakin rub his erection slowly against him. “I want you too, Anakin,” he replied and took a deep breath. He commanded himself to relax just as the warm pressure of the other Jedi’s arousal slowly filled his body. Anakin was careful not to move too quickly and continued to stroke and kiss Obi-Wan into an erotic oblivion before increasing his pace.

Only mere moments passed before Obi-Wan’s body demanded more. He flattened his hands against Anakin’s shapely ass and squeezed it encouragingly, groaning his approval. Anakin pushed into him a little harder and closed his eyes, releasing a deep growl of pleasure. Rocking forward, Obi-Wan clasped his legs around Anakin’s pumping hips, and reached up to pull Anakin’s mouth down to his for another kiss. Obligingly the other Jedi flexed forward, grinding his lips into Obi-Wan’s with the same rhythm of passion his body was loving him with. Obi-Wan entwined his fingers in Anakin’s thick hair and surrendered himself to the younger Jedi’s sweet embrace. Anakin cradled Obi-Wan against his chest and thrust into him harder and deeper. They groaned into each other’s mouths.

The heightened sensuality charged the Force around Obi-Wan and seemed to open his and Anakin’s minds to each other with a new kind of connection. At the pinnacle of their shared ecstasy, they came together, filling the waning night with piercing sounds of mutual passion.

Anakin all but collapsed on top of Obi-Wan in satiated exhaustion. He slowly rolled off of him and lay beside him, panting slightly. Obi-Wan grinned at him and reached over to brush a stray lock of hair from Anakin’s eyes. The younger Jedi captured his master’s hand in his and kissed it affectionately. He smiled back at him warmly.

For a short while, neither could seem to speak. Obi-Wan lay his head on Anakin’s shoulder and stared up into the sky. Dawn was just breaking over the horizon painting the clouds a rich golden hue.


Obi-Wan turned his head slightly to face Anakin. He looked even more stunning now, flushed with the exertion of their lovemaking and bathed in a shimmering golden sheen of perspiration in the rising sun’s soft light.

“Do you regret what we’ve done?” Anakin continued carefully. He lowered his eyes from Obi-Wan’s gaze and sighed somewhat apprehensively.

Obi-Wan smiled and planted a gentle reassuring kiss on the other Jedi’s muscular shoulder. “Regret it? Anakin, you underestimate your charms.”

At that, Anakin raised his gaze. “It’s just that…all this time, I’ve felt so strongly connected to you. I do love you. I don’t want you to feel uneasy about this.”

“I don’t,” Obi-Wan admitted more to himself than Anakin. “Our connection is even stronger and I am closer to you than any other person I know. I’ve bonded with you time and time again in other ways. Our feelings for each other made this intimacy natural, and perhaps in a way, inevitable.”

Anakin looked back at Obi-Wan piercingly. Rolling languidly on his side, Anakin placed his hand on Obi-Wan’s chest. “It’s not just that, Master.”

Obi-Wan raised his brow inquiringly. “Oh?”

Anakin smiled rather devilishly. “You underestimate your charms as well.” His eyes took on a smoldering lustful look. Then he leaned forward and kissed Obi-Wan provocatively.