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Lessons  by Shadow of the Stain
Rated NC-17 

Chapter 1: Lesson the First

Asher watched with hooded lust as Richard shed first his flannel button down and then the white wife beater underneath. The werewolf was soaking wet, which was logical seeing as he’d walked and it was pouring out. Asher watched a tiny, shimmering raindrop slip from the Ulfric’s newly grown back curls and trace its glittering way down the smooth bend of his spine. What the vampire would give to lick away the offending drop of water. As it was Richard just let it darken the hem of his pants as he worked on unbuttoning them and sliding them off his hips. His boxers were silk. Green silk patterned with leaves. The elastic hem read ‘Forrest Love’.

“They were a gift,” Richard sounded embarrassed and Asher found himself looking up into those endlessly dark eyes of the Ulfric “Jason thought it was funny.”

“They are, how shall I say?” Asher paused for a moment and felt a wicked little smile curl his lips, golden hair covering the ravaged half of his face “Cute.”

Richard nearly blushed and Asher could smell the blood under his skin, so close to the surface. His hunger twitched lazily, having already fed its fill on Jason much earlier in the night. Asher moved forward a step and was pleased when Richard didn’t pull away. The vampire reached out and touched the other man’s cheek, rough stubble pleasing against his finger tips. Richard gave a cry that was half moan half growl.

“Please,” he gasped, pushing away from Asher as his voice took on the hard edge of a desperate man. The vampire was shocked to find hot lust spike the air “Don’t touch me, Asher.”

“But you want me to, brun lupe ” he laughed and stroked his hand up Richard’s chest. The pile of clothes he’d brought for the water logged werewolf lay forgotten in a pile on the floor.

“I’m not gay,” he whispered brokenly as he sank into Asher’s arms, letting the vampire slide one leg between his thighs to feel his raging erection. Asher’s fingers brushed his nipples and Richard nearly screamed “Its only you.”

“Only me what Richard?” he whispered against the wolf’s ear as his fingers stroked gently over his nipples, pleased at the reaction he was getting. Richard’s desperate little whimpers and moans were like music to his ears.

“Only you who makes me feel like this,” he growled, the noise soft and pleased like a great wolf getting its stomach rubbed. Asher enjoyed the sensations of the man rubbing his aching cock against his thigh.

“I know,” he smiled gently as he stroked a nail over the man’s bronzed nipple, lapping eagerly at the other as his blonde hair fell around them both, teasing and tickling over Richard’s body. He let hard fangs graze the man’s skin, not cutting but with enough pressure that their presence was known. Richard gasped, trying desperately to catch his breath before crying out and coming. Asher could feel the warmth of his release even through the layers of clothing over his leg and it amused him greatly.

“You bitch,” Richard snarled shoving Asher away from him “You know I’m straight ”

“Of course you are, mon ami,” Asher smiled serenely in the face of the seething werewolf and turned from the room. The door clicked shut quietly behind him and the vampire let a ful smile curl on his lips. He wondered how long it would be until Richard came for him again.



Chapter 2: Lesson the Second

Asher moaned deliciously as Richard slid his tongue over the vampire’s velvet head. His fingers stroked his thighs, not distinguishing between scarred flesh and the smooth. The vampire was rocking his hips, each movement a gentle ripple of muscles. The Ulfric laughed against his skin and let the rich weight of Asher’s cock slip between his lips and teeth.

The gasp of delight from the blonde was all the encouragement Richard needed to start the torturously slow process of licking, and sucking his way down Asher’s cock until he was entirely sheathed in the warmth of Richard’s mouth. Richard chuckled then, sending warm vibrations up the length of Asher’s cock as his strong fingers moved to tease the crack of his ass. Asher wound his hands in Richards short curls as the wolf slid first one then two fingers into the tight, warm ring of his ass.

The brunette werewolf was delighted when he found Asher rocking into his mouth. One direction impaled him in Richard’s mouth and the other pressed the wolf’s fingers deeper into him.

“Mon dieu,” he purred as he came, cum cool and silken on Richard’s tongue “Je t’aime, mon lupe, je t’aime”
The werewolf awoke with a start, blood red sheets tangled around his naked body and sweat slicking his skin. Oh. Fuck.

Richard had avoided the Circus for as long as he could. He’d meet Anita at her house or at the Lunapar. Unhappily, however, he could not escape the place and the scarred vampire forever. Things just didn’t work that way when you were fucking the same woman.
He looked up at Asher who was lounging in the doorway and his lips curled in a snarl.
“Sweet dreams” the vampire purred before moving on leaving Richard unsure as to whether the events that been dream or reality.


Chapter 3: Lesson the Third

"What's up with you Richard?" the Ulfric looked up from his tumbler, the amber liquid swirling darkly in the crystal glass. Jason was perched on the kitchen counter not ten feet away, a pair of gray sweat pants barely clinging to his hips, if he wasn't shaved completely smooth Richard would have been privy to at least a glimpse of dark golden curls.

"Nothing, I'm fine," he was sure his answer sounded as fake to Jason as it did to him but he went with his pretty lies anyway. He was Ulfric, his word was law. The young stripper just raised an eyebrow, yeah Richard wouldn't have bought that bullshit either but he didn't own the boy any explanations. He was Ulfric, his word was law "It's not important Jason, I'm being a dumb ass."

"Whatever you say, Ulfric," Jason bowed his head ever so slightly and pushed off the counter. He padded from the room, dim lighting playing on the muscles of his back as Richard watched him leave. The auburn haired wolf buried his face in his hands trying desperately to pretend that his entire sense of self had not been turned up side down by a crooked grin and eyes the same blue as a midsummer sky.

Richard wrapped callused fingers around the cold glass and down the last of the burning alcohol and slammed the tumble onto the table with enough force to shatter it. He stared down at his hand as the burn sting of a few small punctures slid up his arm and over his skin. Blood welled hot and sweet around the offending glass and trailed is slow wet trail onto the marble counter top. His wolf shook itself awake, bringing its attention to the blood marring the smooth consistent color of the cold stone. The man shook himself as if from a dream and shook the broken glass from his hand, ignoring the spattering of blood that colored the table top.

The sharp ring of his phone tore him from his slump and he picked up the black phone in the kitchen.

“Hello?” He sounded tired even to himself as he answered, cupping his cut hand so as not to spill more blood. There was a half second of silence on the line before the other voice crackled to life.

“Richard!” it was Anita. He sighed, she never sounded so releived to hear him unless something was up “Look, I know I shouldn’t be asking you this but Cherry is at Passionne Intermede tonight and she’s got my keys. I’d go myself but I’m stuck at work and I was hoping. . .”

“For anyone else it would be no,” he informed her as he hung up and went for his coat. The cuts on his hand were already scabbed over. Richard didn’t know why he did these things for her. She had a whole houseful of people willing to do errands for her, so why him?

Richard parked just down the street from the newest of JC Corporations ventures and walked the rest of the way. The bouncer was a beefy vampire who wasn’t three years dead but he did the job and he knew Richard so getting in was zero problem. Passionne Intermede was Jean-Claude’s most grown up business, the brick walls, only partially plastered over, were painted black and the furniture was all in dark wood with red velvet upholstery.

Across the room Cherry was hard to miss with her short, bright blonde hair and her distinct sense of style. All fishnets and leather Richard had definately been a little hard for the leopard for quite some time. What heterosexual man in his right mind wouldn’t be? And he was. Heterosexual that is. Honest. She caught sight of him and smiled brightly, pushing through her crowd of admirers to make her way up to him. He could see right down the front of her black leather corset and he was not upset about it.

“Here, Richard,” she had a voice like sex. Of that there was no doubt “Sorry for making you come down here.”

“Its no problem, I was moping at home anyway,” he flashed her a grin and tucked the keys into his jean jacket pocket “Gave me something to do you know?”

“Thanks,” she smiled and patted his chest before rejoining her party. Richard watched after her for a moment and turned, intent on leaving. However a blue eyed vampire with hair like spun gold lounged between him and the door. Of course. Passionne Intermede may have belonged to JC Corporation but it was Asher’s little brain child. Richard wanted to scream.

“She’s entrancing, non?” The vampire smiled slyly, showing a flash of fang that was just for Richard’s benefit. Asher was too good to show fang without meaning to. The blonde pushed up from where he was lounging against the wall in beautifully pressed raw silk slacks and a blue silken button down that matched his eyes perfectly “Come up to my office.”

It wasn’t a question and Richard knew right then that he would go up to Asher’s office. He would probably regret it but he’d do it anyway. He wasn’t attracted to Asher. Not really. It had to be some weird triumvirate side effects. Because Jean-Claude and Anita were sleeping with him. That had to be it. Because Richard was shockingly heterosexual. In fact he was almost offensively heterosexual.

Asher’s office was nice, dark and as sophisticated and culture saturated as the rest of the lounge. As soon as they entered the room Asher had Richard pressed against the wall, their mouths crashing together in a battle of tongues, teeth and lips. Richard moaned low in his throat, his hands bruising as he gripped Asher’s shoulders. One of the scabs on his hand tore open then and the sweet tang of blood evaded the air.

Asher pulled back slowly and raised an eyebrow. No words passed between them and Richard’s rage was thick and touchable as Asher lifted the bleeding wound to his mouth, tongue worrying the flesh and reopening the other scabs. The Ulfric was about to protest when a wave of the most amazing pleasure buzzed down the length of his spine and straight into his cock. Asher was letting out a low rumble of pleasure as he lapped at the blood on Richard’s hand.

“Richard?” Asher looked up at the werewolf and stroked a gentle hand over his throat “May I?”

“No,” he gasped but even as he said it he turned his head to bare more of his throat to the hungry blue gaze of the vampire who haunted most of his waking thoughts and all of his sleeping ones.

Asher’s smile was evident against his skin as he kissed the wolf’s throat and sank hard fangs into his flesh.

Richard hissed, at first in pain and then at the sudden rush of pleasure. It was drowning, plain and simple. Richard couldn’t ride the wave of pleasure so he let it envelope him, stinging like a million burning kisses over his skin and rocking his hips against Asher’s. He barely felt the vampire ridding them both of their pants, a little awkward he assumed and would wonder about later. The sensation of their raging hard-ons rubbing together as the full weight of Asher’s awesome power rolled over them was unbelievable. It took a very few moments of this silken burning of passion to send them both over the edge, Richard’s hot cum splashing with Asher’s cold seed. Richard took a moment to catch his breath and shoved Asher away. The vampire stumbled back and caught himself on his desk.

Richard was disgusted with himself as he tugged on his pants and turned his attention to Asher, shocked to find that the vampire had been completely naked.

“Cover up,” he snarled “I don’t need to see those disgusting scars.”

The moment the words left his mouth he could actually see Asher throwing up the shields he’d built around his heart and the neutral look on his face was no longer pleasantly so.

Richard instantly regretted it. He didn’t know why but he did. That didn’t mean he was going to take it back. He just curled his lip in a sneer.

“How could anyone actually want you?” he asked callously and slammed the door behind him.

When he was alone in his car he let his head fall to rest on his steering wheel. What had he said? And why was the thought of hurting Asher suddenly so painful? He was afraid he knew the answer but for right then things were far to confusing to look in to. The wolf drove home in silence and fell into bed, secretly hating himself. And not for his decidedly gay sexual encounters with the blonde vampire.

author's note: Blame the Angst! Muse I love Asher and didn't want to hurt him! My fluffy smutt! muse is giving me the silent treatment.



Chapter 4: Lesson the Fourth

author’s note: I’ll be brief. I promise. I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for this fic, I was blown away when I saw it, thanks so much. This chapter goes out to BeElleGee, I want my calisher! Mm, Calisher. Marasmine, who’s Chocolate Sins made me ruin my diet and everyone who was kind enough to take the time and review me. You mean the world.

Richard could feel Jason’s heavy gaze boring into him, making the skin between his shoulder blades crawl, as he made his way around the house. Jason had been upset with him all day, every day for the last three days and it was a living, tangible thing. So Richard pretended he didn’t notice and went on with his charade of cleaning the house, tidying away books and straightening already straight pillows.

The blonde werewolf let out yet another rumbling sigh of dissatisfaction and the handsome Ulfric decided he’d had just about enough of his wolf’s annoyance. He spun on Jason, stalking towards the younger man barely clad in black sweat pants.

“What. Jason?” Richard bit out the words, pinning his wolf to the kitchen counter with an arm on each side of his torso, their bodies almost touching. Richard let out a low, bestial snarl “You’ve been glowering at me all fucking day, Jason. Explain. Now.”

“It’s Asher,” Jason began slowly, licking his lips tentatively, pink tongue running over kissable lips. He ducked under the older man’s arms and put a good deal of distance between them before continuing “Asher told me what happened, something about him thinking I deserved an explanation for why I wasn’t about to get off on his bite . . .”

“Jean-Claude is lending you out?” Richard snorted, trying to ignore the sharp burn of guilt.

“It’s not like that” he protested, stepping forward “I like Asher and if I can help him by letting him feed once in a while then I will, Anita does no less. Look, I get what happened between you two.”

“You think you understand?” Richard laughed but the sound was bitter and joyless.

“That you’re seriously confused about you’re sexuality?” Jason snorted and lifted himself onto the counter, elbows on his knees as he hunched slightly, muscles in his back rippling fluidly “Oh yeah, I’m Jean-Claude’s pomme de sang aren’t I?”

“What are you saying?” but Richard’s voice was flat now, hollow like he was hiding some deeper emotion. A lazy little smile curled Jason’s lips.

“I’m not gay. Or bi. Or anything else modern day ‘experts’ might want to label me but every night I get off on some guy sucking my neck,” he shrugged, a very “c’est la vie” smile on his lips “Some times, Richard, it’s the person, not their gender that you fall for. Or that you’re attracted to.”

“He’s not feeding?” Richard’s fingers toyed over each of the wooden spoons in the small pot near the stove, lifting each ever so slightly and letting it fall back into place seconds later. He was ignoring the entire point of what Jason had said and he knew it.

“Certainly not off me,” he shrugged “but I think I just smell like pack so he doesn’t want to be around me. You really should go apologize, everyone knows you didn’t mean it. Even him.”

“It would be best for our power base if Asher and I weren’t at each other’s throats,” Richard rationalized as he tugged a baggy plaid shirt on over his previously bare chest. His feet slid into his Doc Martins and he buttoned his jeans “it’s just logical that I go apologize. Right?”

“Sure, Richard, whatever makes it easier,” Jason smiled softly and Richard grabbed a jacket as he stepped out into the snow.

Richard completely ignored anyone trying to talk to him on his way into the Circus, only barely sparing a moment to kiss Anita in greeting. Well he still got jealous seeing her in Jean-Claude’s arms so some things remained constant. He broke into a jog down the hall and halted outside Asher’s Spartan quarters. There was a loud crash followed by the sound of shards of glass raining to the floor. Richard pushed open the door to see Asher standing in the middle of his room, hair billowing in the wind of his own power and eyes bright and inhuman. The Ulfric struggled to breathe in the face of the blonde’s anger.
Never good at conflict resolution Richard did the next best thing and knelt to begin picking up the various shards of pottery and glass. It took a good while for the difference to start to show but each trip to the garbage improved the look of things.

Asher stood stalk still in the center of the room, having fallen into that eerie stillness of the dead.
Richard glanced up at him only once while he was picking up the little pieces, blood staining his finger tips where he cut them. He felt responsible for the mess, for Asher’s anger and quite frankly it was upsetting. Deep down Richard knew he didn’t want Asher to be in pain, he didn’t think the scars were ugly. In fact, in their own way, they made Asher more real. Richard never felt he could touch Jean-Claude because he was so perfect but Asher was so much more approachable. He didn’t have the same aura of untouchable aloofness, like some god on a pedestal.

Richard’s hand connected with a much colder, paler one as he reached for one of the very last pieces of china. This one pale blue and delicate. He followed the slender wrist and lace cuffed shirt to Asher’s pale face. He swallowed hard, it was almost easier when the other man was pretending he wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry Asher,” Richard would never admit how much pride he’d had to choke down to manage that. He didn’t elaborate. He wasn’t comfortable with a simple “I’m sorry” there was very little hope anyone would get more tonight.

“Oui, mon loupe brun, I know,” Asher stared back at him, face impassive and Richard had this horrible sinking feeling.

He was going to have to say more. He was going to have to choke down more of his pride to explain himself.

Of course that was until the sardonic little smile curled the corners of Asher’s full lips “It must pain you to say that to me.”

“Jason tells me you’re not eating,” he replied, choosing not to comment. If he didn’t answer it wouldn’t be true. Asher let it slide and nodded, assuring him he had not fed. Richard bit his lip and turned his head to the side, offering his throat to the crouching vampire “as an apology. Nothing more.”

“Of course,” Asher’s hands slid around his body and Richard found himself once again lost in the dizzying spin of Asher’s powers, his mind and body reeling with pleasure. His fingers wound into the thick golden hair to hold him to his throat, a guttural growl rolling off his lips.

Asher smiled against his throat, pulling him closer as Richard’s grip on the pale blue silk shirt tightened. The werewolf lay dazed on the ground when the vampire pulled away, caught in that moment just before climax where the world is entirely made up of sharp golden edges and white lights. Asher ever so delicately Raise Richard’s hand to his lips, licking away little pins of blood from his finger tips. Even the tiny contact sent thrills of pleasure through Richard as he writhed under him on the hard, cold stone floor. As Asher sucked his thumb into his mouth, tongue swirling over the bloody pad Richard cried out, arching up on the floor, the front of his blue jeans staining much darker.

Asher sat back on his heels and cocked his head to the side, hair swinging forward to cover the side of his face.

When Richard got around to sitting up he reached forward and tucked all of the vampire’s long dark hair behind his ear. He absently patted his scarred cheek as he rose to his feet, suddenly very glad he’d worn a long coat that would easily cover his. . .indiscretion. As Richard fumbled with the buttons a lazy smile settled on Asher’s lips and the vampire picked up the last few pieces of refuse as the door swung quietly shut.



Chapter 5: Interlude

Richard smiled as the smooth expanses of milky skin spread before him as Asher tugged off his shirt and lay on the bed, hands folded under his chin. Richard was straddling his waist. His brush slid over the skin, spilling black ink like blood.

Words pulled themselves along Asher's smooth back as he settled more comfortably. The werewolf licked his lips as the muscles played under the skin and leaned down to lick the very back of his lover's neck. Asher moaned and Richard blew on the ink to dry it. The vampire turned as soon as he was able and kissed Richard, hungrily, needily.

Richard opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling, hand sticky with his own climax. He was alone and yet strangly happy. He rolled out of bed and cleaned himself up quietly before tugging on grey cords. There was so somewhere he had to be.


Chapter 6: Lesson the Fifth

Richard stared up at the massive double doors and new without a doubt that the world would be changed by his next action. Maybe not in a wolf swallowing the sun sort of cataclysmic way but definitely changed. Everything would be decided then. Gathering the last of his courage about him like a cloak on a cold day he pressed both hands flat on the wood, pushing both doors open as he moved into the room.

The vampire on the bed was completely clothed and very nearly immaculate. The only adjustment he was making was carefully brushing out his pure golden locks of hair. Asher stilled entirely as Richard entered the room. The Ulfric didn’t really pay much heed to that and crawled across the bed to kneel behind the vampire whose back was to the door.

Gently he took the brush from Asher’s hands and began running it smoothly through his hair, taking pleasure in brushing out the long silky strands. Sometimes he really did miss his hair. Asher relaxed very slightly.

“Do you wish to be on top then?” the vampire asked, accented voice very careful about not letting emotion show. Richard closed his eyes and steeled himself against his creeping fear.

“No,” he whispered and barreled on before Asher could interupt or reply “I just want to be with you Asher. I like spending time with you.”

The vampire grew still again and then, almost painfully slowly turned to face the wolf. His blue eyes searched Richard’s face and his face conveyed his clear shock and awe.

Richard smiled, leaning in to press his lips sin and sugar light to Asher’s. The vampire drew him down into his arms and Richard went with him easily, relishing the teasing pressure of Asher’s tongue filling his mouth, rushing over his teeth.

Jason smirked from the open doorway and pulled the double doors closed quietly. The blonde boy tried not to hear the throaty cry of carnal delight from his Ulfric, he could only imagine what Asher had done.

A smile lingered on Jason’s lips as he walked down the hall, leather pants hugging every curve and line of his legs. His voice was soft and almost proud as he whispered into the dark silence of the hall.

“Here endeth the Lesson.”

-c’est finis-

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