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mon corbeau

Mon Corbeau
Rated NC-17
Just a little sex between old lovers.

Mon Corbeau, My Raven

For BeEG, cause she's very inspiring. Much thanks to Red for the beta job!


The sexual tension had been rapidly sucking out the air in the Master’s suite under the Circus of the Damned. It was a good thing then that Jean-Claude did not need oxygen, otherwise he would have expired five minutes into their foreplay. As it was, he was feeling very light headed.

Currently, he was kneeling on the mattress tied up between the end bedposts. His hands clutched the silk bindings until his skin turned translucent from the lack of blood in those veins. His skin was overly sensitized from the ministrations applied to it. Every nerve was icy hot straining to receive his lover’s touch.

Jean-Claude bit his lip to keep from moaning out loud like he wanted. He’d been told to be quiet. At the moment though, being quiet was the very last thing the master vampire wanted. Just the whisper of a caress had him struggling for composure. It had been too long, much too long since they’d last been together like this. Pent up longing demanded quick satisfaction, but both knew just how much Jean-Claude enjoyed being teased.

A rough cool hand smoothed up his thigh and Jean-Claude gave in to the throaty moan that had been building up for the last fifteen minutes, arching his body into the touch trying to coax it higher. Nails dug brutally into his flesh causing the raven-haired vampire to gasp. Twin pale blue eyes skewered blue eyes dark as midnight.

Asher flashed a bit of fang at the delectable vampire spread out before him. “Tsk, tsk, mon ami. Vous êtes supposé pour être silencieux.”

Jean-Claude hung his head, hiding behind a waterfall of long black curls. The same hand that had been so tantalizing earlier fiercely gripped his chin and jerked it upright. The Master swallowed a whimper as Asher’s grip shifted into his hair and yanked brutally.

“Look at me,” Asher growled when Jean-Claude’s gaze shifted away, tugging harder on the ebony curls.

Jean-Claude winced in pain but met his lover’s eyes. Asher smiled nastily, letting go of the vampire’s dark locks. The golden vampire pranced away from the king size bed crossing the thick carpet to the heavy wardrobe where the Master kept his favorite toys. Flinging the doors wide, Asher posed thoughtfully before selecting his choice.

“I believe five lashings should suffice for your disobedience, mon ami,” he said sweetly, flicking the whip lightly.

Asher strode around the bed and positioned himself to administer the beating. Rapidly he struck the pale flesh leaving five shallow red welts. The scarred vampire grimaced and tossed the whip away and climbed up onto the bed and wrapped his arms around the trembling body of his Master.

Gently, very gently, Asher ran his tongue along the first of the offending welts. He preferred pleasure over pain, but Jean-Claude had disobeyed him and he had had no choice. Jean-Claude shuddered at the wetness Asher left behind as it cooled quickly in the air. The arms wrapped around him tightened but the tantalizing wetness continued.

It stung, but the pleasure was more than the pain and Jean-Claude melted into the scarred vampire’s embrace. His eyes fluttered shut and long lashes fanned his cheeks. When Asher started nibbling he sighed mentally and wished the other vampire would bite him.

The younger vampire got harder at the thought of Asher sinking his fangs into his neck… or thigh.

Asher noticed this and firmly cupped his Master’s cock, stroking hard. Jean-Claude’s head fell forward as he started panting harshly close to coming in Asher’s hand. The Master clung onto his bindings all the more tightly, his knuckles standing out shockingly white. He dug his nails into his palms and shut his eyes tight against the sensation.

Mon chardonneret bien-aimé, he thought raggedly, his body tight with need, wishing he could say it out loud.

Shoulder-length golden hair fell over his shoulder twisting around long waist length raven tendrils. Jean-Claude’s eyes snapped open and he stared at the sight. Asher stopped nibbling and sat back, at the same time dropping the hand that gripped his lover’s rigid cock. A pitiful whine escaped unbidden from the bound vampire causing the scarred master’s eyes to narrow angrily.

“That is twice now,” the older vampire said, sneering down upon the bowed head of his submissive. “This is your last warning, mon ami. Ne pas faire de son!”

Pale blue eyes glowed brightly as power leaked from the enraged vampire. The discarded whip was retrieved and sliced through the air, cracking loudly. Ten sharp flogs rained down on the pale bare back that desperately tried to arch away from the whip’s touch. Some strikes covered the slowly fading wounds from the last whipping. More however, left red crisscrossing abrasions across Jean-Claude’s lower back and buttocks.

Jean-Claude inhaled an unneeded breath of air, relaxing in his bonds, trying to shift into a more comfortable position. His knees and thighs were killing him. If only he could sit and relax the strained muscles. If he could just stretch out he wouldn’t feel so tense.

Asher watched the younger vampire reposition his weight slightly enjoying the way his ebony tresses fell across his pale back in a lovely contrast. The golden vampire let his power fill him up until his was practically humming with it. He crawled to Jean-Claude’s side and wrapped his legs around the younger vampire’s waist.

Sweeping Jean-Claude’s hair back with a hand, Asher leaned forward and breathed slowly, purposefully against his neck. Jean-Claude shook delicately. He was very responsive to stimulants on his neck. The carefully hoarded power was released a little bit when next Asher pressed his lips to the dark vampire’s neck.

It felt like bliss erupting along his skin. Jean-Claude cried out as he came from the unexpected release. Asher’s bite would have been more devastating than his light kiss, the raven-haired vampire thought sluggishly as he ejaculated, his seed going everywhere.

It did not occur to Jean-Claude that the kiss had stopped nor did he seem to realize that Asher was no longer behind him cradling his body. The younger vampire was too caught up in the sensation of the kiss’ power to notice. Afterwards, the pretty vampire collapsed bonelessly against his bonds, a slight smile on his lips.

A blast of raw power hit the smiling vampire lashing out. The power did not cut him like it would have if it belonged to a stronger master, but it staggered him. Startled, midnight blue eyes met glowing aquamarine orbs.

“It is a simple enough command, to be quiet. Why are you having trouble obeying it, mon ami?” Asher demanded angrily, stepping up to the bedposts and tearing away the stronger vampire’s bindings. “And has it been so long since you last participated in this type of game that you forgot that you must ask for your Master’s permission before finding release?”

Jean-Claude tensed immediately. He wanted to answer Asher, but couldn’t knowing that it would vex the golden vampire. He had messed up badly too many times tonight to risk speaking or making any noise. Shoulders hunched, the ebon-hair vampire waited for the blows that would surely come as punishment.

To his surprise, Asher simply commanded, “Face down, spread eagled.”

Jean-Claude hastily followed orders turning his face to the side, letting the cool sheets caress him. As he straightened his bent legs, numbness hit in a wave of pins and needles as blood rushed back into the veins. The vampire bit his lip in nervous energy while mentally castrating himself.

The end of the whip trailed fleetingly along his back, stroking lovingly back and forth. Asher swished it side to side before withdrawing the toy.

“Twenty-five,” he said quietly, gathering the whip up and around his hand. “This time I want you to scream. Do you understand?”

Jean-Claude nodded, his fingers clenching around the sheets in preparation of the imminent blows. Finally, he’d be able to let loose all the pent up sounds he’d been hoarding since the beginning of all of this. His toes curled in anticipation when suddenly a loud crack followed by a biting sting of pain. A garbled yell left Jean-Claude as his fingers clawed at the sheets.

The back of his leg was killing him, his knee especially. Asher seemed to be focusing on the sensitive flesh ceaselessly. Jean-Claude winced and hissed with every lash. Blood was flowing freely down his left leg and he seriously doubted he could walk on it right now.

Asher withheld a sigh as tossed the whip into the corner. When he played this role with his partner he preferred a light thrashing that left the skin tingling and slightly reddened. A little pain to spark the nerves readying for the pleasure to come. If only his ebony-hair companion hadn’t disobeyed him then he wouldn’t have had to do that.

The golden vampire sat gracefully onto the silk sheets his body towering over the trembling male. Running cool soothing hands up and down Jean-Claude’s back, he traced the lines marking the broken skin. Jean-Claude mewled, arching into the light caress seeking out the pain.

Leaning forward, Asher gently brushed away the dark tresses curling around his lover‘s face. The prettier vampire shivered at the brush of air that tickled his ear when his top softly whispered, “Hush, now. Do not give me any reason to do this to you again. Do we understand each other, mon corbeau?”

Jean-Claude nodded, pressing the side of his face into the mattress, tears welling up in his eyes. He had not been called by that particular name in a long time. He couldn’t help but wonder if Asher even knew that he had done so. The younger vampire didn’t think so, which made its occurrence all the more wonderful. Never had Jean-Claude in his wildest dreams thought that he’d be graced with that lover’s name again. To have it happen and not allowed to respond was heartbreaking.

Asher’s cool hands gently caressed Jean-Claude’s torn up back, soothing the frazzled nerves. He massaged the firm globes of his lover’s bottom, slicking the blood between the ravaged cheeks to ready the darker vampire for his stiff cock. One bloody finger pressed insistently against the tight little rosebud, until the ring of muscles relaxed and sucked it in.

As Asher’s eyes went cross-eyed at the sensation so did Jean-Claude’s. One vampire couldn’t wait to be encased in such sweet tightness and the other couldn’t wait for that completely filled feeling. Quickly shucking his shirt and pants, Asher was unmindful of the blood stains they received due to his haste.

Jean-Claude’s hair was swept to the side as Asher positioned himself between the lovelier vampire’s thighs. Lovingly, Asher spread Jean-Claude’s fleshy buttocks wide and ran the evidence of his arousal between them. Pulling back slightly, the scarred vampire angled his hips and with a firm hold on his cock guided it to the small elastic hole he’d been fingering only moments ago.

“I know it’s been awhile, mon ami,” Asher said soothingly, pouring power into his voice so that it ran along his lover’s spine in a steady flow of pleasure. “I will try to go easy on you.”

The older vampire prodded his erection against the tight hole twice before easing it inside. Jean-Claude’s toes curled and his fingers tightened their grip on the sheets as a moan of pain lodged in his throat. Asher reached around and gripped his Master’s penis and pumped firmly. The raven-haired vampire shuddered and grew hard under the skilled touch.

“You like that, don’t you, mon corbeau?” Asher murmured.

Jean-Claude jerked at the name, his movement causing the scarred vampire to slip in further. Asher’s eyes glowed with blue fire as he slowly withdrew and then slid back in against the restricting sphincter. Slowly, slowly, the pace built up between them, their powers leaking around them as they lost control.

Mon chardonneret, Jean-Claude thought as Asher’s power rippled over him, healing the wounds caused by the whip. He let his own power mingle with the scarred master vampire’s but held back from releasing it all. He had to remember not to make any sound lest it distract his lover from continuing this wicked dance.

Asher’s fist tightened around the beautiful vampire’s cock, squeezing the head at the end of every stroke. After a few passes like this Jean-Claude grew more frantic in his movements. And that’s when it happened.

Asher bit into the corded muscles on Jean-Claude’s neck and release rippled through them both. Endless bliss coursed between them eddying, becoming stronger and more intense with each passing by. Jean-Claude filled his arduer and released the excess back into the tidal wave of pleasure Asher’s bite produced. On and on it went until both were completely spent, both physically and metaphysically.

With a growl, Asher tore his mouth away from Jean-Claude’s neck. His hips jerked thrice more before stilling and he collapsed. His weight pressed the smaller vampire into the mattress, but both were to sated to notice.

Long moments later Asher rolled off of Jean-Claude and wrapped him in his arms. Resting his chin on top of the dark ebony curls, the older vampire felt a broken piece of his heart mend. It wasn’t enough to heal his wounded soul, but if they could continue on like this, perhaps everything would one day be all right between them again.

“Mon corbeau,” Asher sighed softly with feeling as the sun rose and he fell dead to the world.

Jean-Claude would have sworn his heart to beat at the conscious endearment and knew in a flash that he was wrong. It was more wonderful to hear those words freely leave Asher’s lips then to unconsciously do so. The feeling behind those words gave the midnight-eyed vampire hope.

Wrapping his lover’s arms around him and knew that death was approaching. He had minutes at the most before he too drifted away. He quieted his breathing and snuggled closer to the now silent scarred vampire.

“Mon chardonneret,” he replied to deaf ears as his body too deadened.

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