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sleep with me

by rebecca
Rated NC-17

Title: Sleep With Me
Author: mlady_rebecca ( mlady_rebecca @ livejournal . com )
Beta: Jodi (Thanks for convincing me to finish this. For keeping me "on canon". For all your encouragement. You're the best. *g*)
Fandom: Anita Blake
Type: Fan Fic
Written: Between 11/30/2004 and 01/17/2005
Disclaimer: I don't own any of LKH's wonderful characters. Just borrowing them for a few moments. For entertainment purposes only.
Rating: NC-17 (language and sexual content)
Pairing: JC/Anita/Jason
Spoilers: Written post-ID, but no particular spoilers.
POV: first person, Anita
Warnings: Anita may be slightly OOC, slightly more bold than she normally is
Author's Note: Jean-Claude and Anita communicating through the marks is indicated by using stars in place of quotes. It is also in italics.
Archive: http://home.comcast.net/~mlady_rebecca/ab_fics.html


I stopped just outside Jean-Claude's closed bedroom door. Why was I rushing? Jean-Claude wouldn't wake for hours, yet I found myself rushing to his side. My only excuse was that I hadn't seen Jean-Claude in two weeks and he had been sending me some very erotic dreams.

I quietly pushed open his bedroom door. I could have led a brass band around the room and Jean-Claude wouldn't move a muscle, but I would have disturbed his sleeping companion. I smiled as I pulled back the sheet to reveal Jason's tousled blond hair pillowed on Jean-Claude's chest. While I could never bring myself to sleep with Jean-Claude or Asher after dawn, Jason had no such reservations.

I dug through the wardrobe Jean-Claude filled with clothing he had had made for me. Tonight called for lingerie. I carried the black silk number into the bathroom to change.

Jason was deeply asleep or good at pretending, because I didn't notice he was awake until I had dragged the one chair in the room close enough to the bed to prop my feet up next to Jean-Claude's hip. Jason gave me a lazy smile.

"If you uncross your legs, I'll tell you if your underwear matches?" he teased.

I surprised him by uncrossing my legs and flashing the matching black panties.

He grinned. "Very nice."

"Thank you." I smiled back.

"You know you're early?"

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

"Wouldn't you be more comfortable in the bed?"

I didn't answer him.

Jason sighed. "I know for a fact that that is a very uncomfortable chair. Jean-Claude bought it for aesthetics, not comfort."

When I didn't rise to his bait, Jason changed tactics. "Why does it bother you to sleep with him? Honestly."

I sighed. "He feels dead, Jason. I know he isn't. If I concentrate, I can still feel the link we share, even when he's gone. But when I'm half asleep, he's cold, he has no pulse, he doesn't move, he just feels dead." I paused. "Why doesn't it bother you?"

He grinned. "Look at the advantages. Vampires aren't cover hogs. They don't snore. They don't toss and turn half the night. They don't take up most of the bed. And there's always a cool spot for my head."

I gave Jason a look, telling him I wasn't buying it.

"Alright, I'll admit, I'd prefer someone warm who'd hold me back, but I don't have a line waiting to climb in my bed."

"Really? Lost your touch?" I teased.

He laughed. "No. I could find a girl at the club to bring home and entertain, but sometimes you want more than a stranger in the dark."

I nodded in understanding. As much as I complained about the ardeur, I had any number of men who were willing to share my bed. And there were enough of them that I loved that I never had to sleep with strangers.

"Come sleep with me." Jason offered. "I'm warm. I move in my sleep. You can listen to my heartbeat."

My eyes took in Jean-Claude's motionless form. So beautiful. At the moment, so lifeless.

"If you aren't tired, we can just cuddle. I promise I'll behave."

I noticed he promised "to behave" not to "be good". The comment brought a faint smile to my lips.

"Just try it. Ten minutes. If you're still uncomfortable we can go to my bedroom. It's still a few hours before he'll wake up."

I met his eyes - so earnest, so honest. "More than strangers in the dark?" I asked.


I realized Jason wasn't just doing this for me. Yeah, he'd earn major brownie points for getting me to sleep that close to Jean-Claude, but he truly wanted company for his own benefit.

"Ok." I climbed out the chair, which I had to admit to myself was extremely uncomfortable. I went around the bed and climbed in the opposite side.

"You're not wearing anything under that sheet, are you?"

"No." I heard the laughter in his voice.

I cuddled up to Jason's back. He was warm and his skin carried the familiar scent of pack. He felt like home.

"Remind me to thank Jean-Claude for picking out that particular piece of lingerie," he teased.

"Go to sleep, Jason."

He took my hand off his hip, and placed it on Jean-Claude's stomach, leaving his own hand on top of mine.

I smiled against Jason's neck, gave him a gentle kiss, and drifted to sleep.


Such a small thing, if you think about it, but Jean-Claude was thrilled to find the two of us in his bed when he woke.

I caught Jean-Claude's fleeting waking thoughts before he closed the marks. *This is the way it is supposed to be.*

Except when the vampires were forced to sleep in coffins, Julianna always used to sleep at Asher's side, usually between Jean-Claude and Asher. This was one of the few times Jean-Claude woke to find me in the same room, the first time he found me sleeping in his bed.

The fact that Jason was pressed between us was of no consequence to him. Jason was his as much as I was his. I was prepared (as always) to argue that point, but tonight I felt no need.

Jean-Claude turned toward us. Jason made a protesting moan in his sleep. Jean-Claude stroked his hair, holding him close.

"Good evening, ma petite. This is a enchanting surprise." Jean-Claude's voice thrilled up my spine, and I unconsciously writhed against Jason's body.

"Good evening... I missed you." I admitted.

Jean-Claude smiled. "Entirely mutual, ma petite."

He stroked his hand lightly up my hip and along the side of my breast. "I have not seen this before, ma petite. It looks lovely on you."

"You picked it out."

"Ahh, so I did," he smiled. "But I certainly have not seen it on your lush curves."

"You sure do talk pretty."

"I am pleased you think so."

Before I could speak again, Jean-Claude leaned forward to capture my mouth in a kiss. His free hand skimmed up my arm before he tangled his long fingers in my hair. He kissed me hungrily even before I deliberately nicked my tongue on his fangs. The coppery taste of blood brought a moan from him.

We didn't tear apart until I was dizzy from lack of air. Or maybe it was just Jean-Claude. I could feel the ardeur pulsing just below the surface.

"Feed now, on one of us. I need you."

Jean-Claude laughed. "Oui, ma petite."

Jason was still lying on his side facing Jean-Claude. I could tell by the lack of tension in his body that he was still asleep. Jean-Claude slid down the bed slightly, to get a better angle. He held Jason's neck still with one hand and pinned his free arm down with the other. He licked the pulse at Jason's throat.

Jean-Claude glanced up at me before wrapping his upper leg around Jason's legs, pinning them the best he could with his own body.

"What's with the bear hug?"

"Jason sometimes thrashes around. I don't want him to hurt you unintentionally."

I snuggled against Jason's back, wrapping my arms around his waist. He writhed in his sleep.

"I think he likes it," I whispered.

Jean-Claude licked Jason's pulse again as he called to him.

I knew the moment Jason woke by the tension in his body. He tried to turn his head to look at me, but Jean-Claude held him still. I could taste the instinctual flare of fear. My beast liked it. I nipped across his shoulders. Jason began to struggle and I understood why Jean-Claude insisted on the bear hug.

Jean-Claude pulled back to meet Jason's eyes.

"Relax, my wolf. Ma petite is behind you."

Jason inhaled deeply, confirming my scent. He stopped struggling and his fear bled away. Part of me was disappointed. My beast liked holding his struggling body between us.

Before I could register my disappointment, Jean-Claude struck and Jason was writhing again. He was semi-hard before he fully woke, but now he was completely erect.

My beast wanted more than just to hold Jason. She wanted to have him.

Jean-Claude must have picked up on my desire, because the sexual images he was sending me changed. He was excited at the idea of seeing us together. He enjoyed watching those he loved love each other.

*His beast calls to yours, ma petite.*

I tried to find a reason this was wrong, but they all seemed to crumble away. I wanted Jason and Jason wanted me. Jean-Claude whispers made it sound like we would be giving him a gift, sharing this with him. Maybe I wasn't in love with Jason, but I certainly loved him as far more than a friend.

I let go of my reservations and luxuriated in the feel of Jason's body pressed between us. I let my beast off her rein. She wanted to dominate Jason. She was his Lupa. I was his Lupa.

*Jean-Claude, does Jason usually come when you feed?* I whispered in his head.

*Oui, most of the time.* I could hear the question in his mental whisper. His eyes met mine and I smiled. I was feeling unexpectedly bold.

"Jason, I know it feels good, but don't come. I want you inside me when you come." I said, shocking the hell out of all of us.

Jason whimpered. My beast liked that.

*Ma petite?* Jean-Claude questioned.

"Jason is mine, Jean-Claude. Richard gave him to me, gave all the wolves to me. The wolves are also yours and once again, it means they are mine."

I leaned close. "Can you do that for your Lupa, Jason, and your Master?"

Jason whimpered again. He was too far gone for words.

Jean-Claude finished feeding, licking Jason's neck so not a drop of blood was wasted.

"Are you ready, ma petite?"


"Is your body ready for Jason?"

"Yes," I confessed breathlessly.

"Lean back."

As I leaned back away from Jason, Jean-Claude easily flipped him over but kept Jason locked in his tight embrace.

I pressed close again.

Jason opened his eyes. They had bled to the green of new grass.

I pulled the ties letting the top fall open. Jean-Claude wanted to watch Jason undress me.

I touched Jean-Claude's hand, silently asking him to free Jason's arm. I guided Jason's hand to the panties. "Take me."


Jason ripped the panties away and played with my breasts, but before he could join our bodies together, I rolled away. Only the fact that Jean-Claude still held Jason allowed me to move away from him. Jason growled... at me ... at Jean-Claude.

I laughed at him. I knelt on all fours and looked over my shoulder at two sets of hungry eyes. "Just picking a different position. Come, my wolf."

As the words left my mouth, I realized I sounded more like Jean-Claude than myself. The marks were wide open. I could feel Jean-Claude's pleasure as intimately as I felt my own.

Jean-Claude held my eyes for a moment before releasing Jason.

Jason was on me, in me, in a heartbeat. He took me like an animal, hard, driving thrusts. I wanted that. He growled as he nipped my neck. I growled back at him.

I couldn't watch Jason, but I could watch Jean-Claude. He was enjoying the show. He lay hard and weeping against his bare stomach. *You're next,* I whispered.

If Jean-Claude answered me, it was lost in the wash of pleasure. Jason's strokes lost their rhythm as he, too, approached climax. He pulled a second orgasm from me before succumbing to his own pleasure.

My knees gave way, and his weight pressed me into the bed as he slid from my body. I lay still listening to my own heartbeat in my ears, and the matching pulse against my back.

Jason put his lips next to my ear. "You are quite a cock tease." Both of us laughed.

I looked over at Jean-Claude. His eyes were drowning blue.

"Jason," I prompted, patting his bare hip. Jason rolled off of me, away from Jean-Claude.

"No cuddling?" he weakly complained.

"Not yet," I replied without turning my head.

I turned over on my back, moving closer to Jean-Claude. I opened my arms to him.

Jean-Claude proved to me that vampires were every bit as graceful as lycanthropes as he crawled to me.

As a contrast to Jason's animal passion, Jean-Claude was tantalizingly slow and gentle. I lay on my back while he adored my body. The brush of his hair across my breasts tightened my nipples into little rosebuds. His kisses brought shivers of delight and passion.

Finally I could stand the exquisite torture no more. I pulled him down to me and thrust my tongue into his mouth. Within moments he was thrusting into me.

He trailed kisses down my neck to the pulse point just above my collar bone. I knew what he was asking without words.

"Do it." I whispered.

I let down my defenses, I let Jean-Claude take me body, mind, and soul. I could no longer tell where I left off and Jean-Claude began, but it didn't matter. For endless shining moments, there was no fear, no reservations, only boundless passion.

I drifted back to reality slowly. Someone was calling my name. I blinked, staring up into Jean-Claude's midnight blue eyes. I felt boneless. I gave him a lazy smile. "When I can move, we'll have to try that again."

Jean-Claude laughed, and it was more pure joy than seduction. "Hold me," I whispered.

Jean-Claude folded me into his embrace. I buried my face against his chest.

I felt the bed shift as Jason crawled over to us. "Time for cuddling?" he asked.

"Oui," Jean-Claude answered for both of us.

Jason lay down behind me, wrapping his body around mine.

*I could get used to this,* I admitted to Jean-Claude.

Jean-Claude brushed back my hair and kissed my forehead. "Sleep, ma petite. I will watch over you."

I drifted to sleep with my head on Jean-Claude's chest, his strong and steady heartbeat pulsing against my cheek.

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