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by shade
Rated NC-17

There he was. Bastard. A wicked smile curved over Richard’s lips as the heavy door closed behind him with a quiet click of the lock. The vampire lay in a pool of black silk, the sheet spilling over his hip, barely hiding the expanse of his stomach and the curve of his cock. Curled into his side was Caleb, throat bleeding sluggishly as Asher’s ice blue eyes tracked Richard’s slow progress towards the bed.

“Leave us,” both men’s voices ran a deep lust stained baritone as they simultaneously bid the young leopard leave. A dark smile creased Asher’s too full to belong to a man lips. Neither one noticed the boy leaving, pants in a ball under one arm. Neither one heard the door swing shut nor the soft chime of a clock striking eight o’clock.

“Come,” Asher purred, voice almost pleading in the gentle dark of the room, broken only by a dim lamp on the desk. Richard shed his shirt with his next step putting him bare inches from the bed and there from the body of his lover.

“Not quite yet I haven’t,” he teased, crawling up Asher’s body, muscles playing under the smooth expanse of his back. Asher swallowed a moan. The Ulfric really was a beautiful son of a bitch when it came down to it.

Cold hands instantly smoothed over Richard’s chest, pushing none too gently into his pants. They sought out the eager hardness of his cock and he moaned, press grinding into his lover’s palm. Slick pre-cum was already leaking across the swollen head and Asher quickly rid him of his jeans and his boxers.

There was a tense moment of oh my god, heavy breathing, wet mouth, hard cock examination of each other before they fell to a frenzy of mouths and teeth and lips and hands. Hard bone hips pressed roughly against muscle and tongues thrust vulgar, god you wanton bitch, hard fucking slut whispered “I love you”s past dry lips. Very soon it seemed to Richard that there was not an inch of his skin Asher had not caressed in some way and he was spread hard and desperate under the vampire. Asher smirked and kissed him, easing the werewolf onto his stomach.

Richard propped himself up, feeling gentle fingers explore the curve of his ass. A rough growl of delight was forced from him by a gentle push to the second knuckle of Asher’s finger. There was a soft plastic click and the delightful pressure of Asher’s finger disappeared.

Before Richard could make some guttural noise of complaint, however, the cold, stretching slickness of two lube covered fingers pushed back into him. For a handful of desperate moaning minutes Richard was lost between the wanton, needy hump of his hips in the air and the steady, wicked press of Asher’s fingers, stretching, teasing.

As before the warmth pulled away but this time when Asher pushed into the wolf Richard cried out in utter delight. The pushing press of Asher’s cock had Richard groaning steadily into the silken sheets, pre-cum dark staining the cloth as he ground desperately into it.

Asher’s cold hand found his cock and somewhere between his insistent pull, tug, stroke and the mind numbing slam of his cock Richard came. He shot hot waves over Asher’s hand, continuing to whimper delightedly long after he was spent.

A tense shudder and soft cry of pleasure was quickly followed by the wash of heat in his body that could only be Asher’s own orgasm.

For long moments they lay there, lewd and well spent. When they did curl in to bed together it was tender. Gentle kisses and whispered words. Richard kissed a scar covered chest. Asher nipped a corded neck. The wolf looked into his lover’s eyes and smiled.

“Fag,” he whispered. Asher just kissed him, he could feel the smile against his mouth.

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