Summer Snow

When your guardian angel is your lover, prayers get answered in the most romantic ways.


“Are you the answer to my prayers?” I asked with a lop-sided grin.

At first he raised his brow, obviously catching my insinuation, but a moment later, he turned his head a little to the side the same way a puzzled pup might and straightened somewhat.  “Am I?”

I sighed.  “Percy, you’ve got to be the most out-of-sync guardian angel anybody’s ever had,” I complained.  “If you’ve got to ask, I’m thinking the answer is probably no then.” 


Painting Temptation

Mya persuades the dark angel, Mazriel to pose nude for her newest painting and is forced to deal with his ego, his teasing, his seduction, and his lovesick heart.


                “Because…none of them have the right  look and without the right look, my painting isn’t going to have the same impact.”  I thought about the angels who visited Idlewild over time and had so graciously posed for my paintings.  Pershabael had been the subject of more than one of my nudes.  I took a deep breath.  “Those angels are all perfect and alluring in their own way, but for this, I need a certain dark sensuality.  I need an angel who can seduce a saint.  I need you.”  

Birthday Cake

Growing up as privileged as she did, Mya tended to take such things as birthday celebrations for granted until she realizes her guardian angel, Percy, has never had a birthday of his own to celebrate.  Since the only thing he wants for his first birthday is a cake, Mya sets out to find the perfect recipe worthy of her beloved angel. 

      Pershabael grinned.  “I figured you'd get a kick out of that.  But really, Mya, I don’t need anything and I already have everything I could possibly want.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate….”  His voice trailed off as something clearly occurred to him.  “Cake?”

     I smiled ear to ear now, knowing I had him hooked.  Pershabael had quite the sweet tooth and loved to indulge himself in my homemade baked goods.  He could down an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies in one sitting.

The Angel of Death's First Kiss

Feared and misunderstood, the angel, Aksariel, is forced to reconsider his methods of obtaining souls when one in particular stirs his heart in unimaginable ways, but then refuses the paradise he offers her.

Aksariel conceded to being a jerk readily enough, however.  He realized his rather straightforward, somewhat tactless mannerisms sometimes rubbed people who didn’t know him well, the wrong way, but he was not about to admit to being cold-hearted.  He liked to think he was as gentle and compassionate as any of his angelic brethren, in spite of what he was.

Angel in a Santa Claus Suit

All grown up, Mya believes Santa Claus will bring her a present this year, in spite of the fact he stood her up last Christmas, and the Christmas before that, and the Christmas before that.