The Novels

The Scent of Rain

"If you have been following the Moonlit Wings series, book 4, "The Scent of Rain" is another excellent read. Experience the pain Mya (the main character) goes through when threatened with losing something she dearly loves. Also experience Mya's confusion when two sworn enemies suddenly become pals to help Mya out. The Scent of Rain will keep you well entertained as you read the high's and low's of Mya's latest challenge in her life. Please check it out! I know you will enjoy it!!!"  ~Melinda Pfiefer


"...I have a problem with all the books in the series that I have read...once I pick them up I can't put them down!!!  You feel Mya's pain and how hard the choices she has to make are in this book.  You feel her pain and sorrow and frustration and LOVE...I personally feel so connected to her and her story...."  ~Delmore

"...Sanctuary is the third installment in the Moonlit Wings series.  As with the previous two books in the series, (Cemetery Moon and Guardians and Graves) Sanctuary has a good vs. evil plot to it.  The main character, Mya, goes through all kinds of emotions in this story, confusion, hatred, love, list a few.  As I read the story, I kept hoping that Mya wouldn't make the wrong decisions concerning Mazriel, the antagonist in the story...."  ~ Melinda Pfeifer


"This book was fabulous!!!  I loved reading it and I can't wait to read Mya's next adventure!" ~Danielle Brown

Guardians and Graves

"...This novel had me laughing and crying.  I will not spoil anything.  Once again, Beth did a marvelous job with her characters.  All I will say is keep em coming!!!"  ~Danielle Brown

"...Once I picked up the book and started reading, I didn't want to put it down.  The way the story is written, it made me feel like the main character was once again right there telling me her story."  ~Melinda Pfeifer

"I agree with Melinda...this book picked right up where it left this book Mya and Percy go through some challenging situations... You fall more and more in love with these characters... I love it because the plot line is not too complicated but interesting enough to keep your attention for hours!!!  Great read and AMAZING follow up!!!  But I have to say that Mrs. Beth is amazing when it comes to these stories!!!! it's so real...sometimes it makes me wonder if Beth knows of somewhere I don't know about!"  ~Dawn Elmore

"...I really like the themes of good vs. evil, especially since the differences between the two are subtle.  Sometimes I found myself just as confused between the two as the main character, Mya.  The relationships between the different characters are more developed in the second book and I couldn't wait to see how they changed and grew.  The cemetery where much of the story is set is also an interesting character all on its own....."  ~Michelle S.


"Guardians and Graves is the second book in a series of novels titled 'Moonlit Wings'.  In this book, Mya is telling her story, as she does in the first book, Cemetery Moon.  Again, she goes through an awful lot of emotions.  She also meets someone new.  If my review has intrigued you at all, I highly recommend reading this book!  You will not be disappointed." ~Melinda Pfeifer

Cemetery Moon

Confessions of a Booky Monster Blog

"...This could have easily become a tale that left you bogged down in morbidity, especially those of you who have felt this kind of mind numbing grief before, but Gualda has deftly navigated through the minefield and instead you're left feeling blessed to have been a part of the journey...."

"...Beth is an effortless writer.  For those who love gothic and fantasy romance, you can't ask for a better book.  She takes the whole angel genre into new territory, sometimes erotic and sensual territory.  So, tread carefully, because if you are expecting a hallmark card treatment of our winged guardians, you have another thing coming.  But ultimately, she tells a good story in a compelling way, and that's what good reading is all about."  ~Michael Adams

"...Once I started reading I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!!  Everything about this book was wonderful!  I can't wait till my order comes in for the next book!!  I better set aside a few days to do nothing but reading when it comes in!"  ~ Susan B.

"...the characters seem to take a hold of you and not let go...You feel as if you are living the story as it is happening.  I could not put the book down...I read until 3:00 AM!!!!  Now I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!!!...."  ~Avid Reader

"....I'm ADDICTED!!!!  I read the first book in 2 days!  It is so easy to read and keeps you so into it, it's hard to put it down.  I carried the book everywhere I went.  I fell in love with the characters and the story....."  ~Dawn Elmore

"......I can't wait to see where the next book in the series takes her.  If you are looking for a book to curl up with and lose yourself in, then I highly recommend this one!...." ~Ranita

".....This is a great book to read if, when reading, you love to hate one character and cheer for another, then this is the book for you....." ~ Melinda Pfeifer

"The ending of this book was my favorite part!  I can't wait to read on to see what happens next.  Thanks to this book, I also discovered this great website and was happy to be able to read it in the ebook format." ~ Michelle Swanson

"This was a beautifully done emotional read.  I really enjoyed getting to know Mya and hope to see more of her and her world in the future." ~ Reka Stormborn

"Read this book.  It was cool.  This was the best book I read by far." ~LEJ

The Short Stories

Angel in a Santa Claus Suit


"Loved the Christmas story!  Another great read!  Keep 'em coming!" ~ Melinda

The Angel of Death's First Kiss


"So if it wasn't for me stumbling onto this story, to going to your profile, to reading the other shorts on there; I wouldn't have become obsessed with the characters and hinted storyline.  Now I have to go and buy your books and add you to my reading lists!  That all aside, I adore this sweet, yet cranky Angel of Death.  However, next to Maz, he's my second favorite!  Your new avid reader."  ~Cara

Birthday Cake

Pomme De Sang

"Awwwwww!  I love Percy!  I'm such a fangirl.  This is really sweet." ~eyeh8everywon

Painting Temptation


"Amazing. Simply amazing. I love the way this story was written and the
character depiction was beautiful. The inner turmoil, the wanting, and the
physical and mental rejections/denying kept me on my toes the whole time. I
was captured in the very first words. Wonderful job :) 5/5 stars." ~ CrystalizedMoments

"That was truly amazing, I swear!  God, give me the next chapter now, or at least write a sequel or something!  It's the best thing I have ever read.  Amazing writing style, great words, magnificent characters!"  ~ Intoxicat

"Oh my god!!  I love this so much.  You are an amazing writer.  I want to read more." ~Ayiram

Summer Snow

"This is incredibly well written.  I could visualize the flight with Percy; if only we could have angels as lovers, hmmm.  I really liked it; well done!"  ~MadaGDarko

Wow! I loved this from beginning to finish; I couldn't stop reading! I'm really into   Guardian Angels in my stories, so I really liked this, it was something to look up to! I think you have a lot  of varied vocab and your descriptions' are so amazing! I could almost feel Percy. I like how you wrote your dialogue and to be honest I can't really think of many improvements so well done :D  ~M.K.

"Where do I find an angel like that?  Wonderful story, good descriptions."  ~Jayna

"Wow, I loved it!  You should write a novel about these two!  I loved all the descriptive words you had and how easily everything flowed.  That was amazing, I could have never done that.  Your writing is spectacular and I hope to see lots more in the future!  (By the way, I love angels, so that helped!)"  ~Caitlin

"I enjoyed the main characters and her romance with her angel.  They have a very sweet and lovely relationship and I'm curious to see how they met....I also enjoyed your writing style.  You are very descriptive without being overly so, giving the reader a very nice image and the story seems to flow very nice and smooth.  Thanks for posting this."  ~Bernie

"I love Summer Snow, it's a tremendously tempting story.  I'm fond of angels too.  I wanted to know about your series Moonlit Wings, I seriously wish to read it.  Best of luck - your stories are great." ~similarfaces

"Please write more!  You're the best writer they have on the site!  I would happily pay for your stories, they are well written, are very creative and refreshingly entertaining.  There's substance in your writing that many others lack, you have the gift girl!" ~unsigned review

Pomme De Sang

"...I absolutely love your writing.  This story is so romantic."  ~imatra