St. Augustine, FL

This is the oldest, continually inhabited city in the United States.  This historical city is where Mya went to college and resides in before moving to South Carolina.  It is also where she meets Marco De La Zahn.  

Flagler College

A former hotel, this prestigious college was built in 1887 by Henry Flagler and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.  Mya attended school here, studying art.  It might have something to do with her appreciation of aesthetic architecture. 

South Carolina

Idlewild Cemetery is on the coast of South Carolina.  Mya inherited the property from her deceased father and it is where she presently lives.

Atlanta, GA

Marco De La Zahn/Mazriel lives in a penthouse suite in the heart of Atlanta and works at a law firm downtown which handles estate law.

Remy, Paul, Jackson, and Jackson

The law firm where Marco De La Zahn works as an estate attorney.  He is put in charge of Mya's trust fund and handles her father's last will and testament.  Harlan Cotton recorded his message for Mya in those law offices.

Casa Monica Hotel

This beautiful hotel is known for its lavishly decorated suites and above par dining service with both the Cafe Cordova and 95 Cordova restaurants.  It isn't far from St. Augustine's historical district and is where Marco De La Zahn stays while assisting Mya with her father's estate.  Marco treats Mya to lunch at the Cafe Cordova her last day in St. Augustine.


This is the restaurant Mya chooses to have dinner with Marco in for their first date.  It is located on Avenida Menendez facing Matanzas Bay in St. Augustine.

Idlewild Cemetery

The Unitarian Churchyard in Charleston, S.C.

The Unitarian Churchyard in Charleston, S.C. was the inspiration for Idlewild

Mya inherits this ten acre Episcopalian non-sectarian cemetery from her father.  He gives it specifically to her because it is sentimental to him.  It is an old graveyard with lots of trees, overgrowth, stone paths, and grave statues.  Some of the burials date back to the eighteen hundreds.  It filled up in the 1970's.  Some of Mya's relatives on her mother's side are buried there as well as an old army buddy of her father's.

The Rectory

The rectory house is where Mya now lives.  It has been modernly renovated and refurbished to suit Mya's purposes, but she was careful to maintain its older style.  It was once the home of the Episcopalian ministers who served the church that was on the property.  It is a combination house/office building.  It is two stories, with six bedrooms and one bath upstairs, a kitchen, a foyer, an office, a utility/laundry room, a receiving room that doubles as Mya's living room downstairs, and a front and a back porch.  It's architecture suggest Gothic revival and there is a strong ecclesiastical theme throughout its interior decor with ornate archways, wall sconces, and stained glass windows.  

Purple Passions Gallery

Located in the downtown area of the small town in South Carolina where Mya lives.  It's twenty minutes from Idlewild and is on Malabar Street.  It's a tiny, private gallery which houses Mya's unsold artwork.  Most of her sales are done online through auctions since it doesn't see a lot of street traffic.  Mya makes weekly appearances to rearrange art or greet an out-of-town buyer, but normally the gallery is managed by Mya's employee, college art student, Monica McCutcheon.

Bankeville, GA

Harlan Cotton's last place of residence.  A small, quaint Southern town with wrought iron fences and Spanish moss covered trees everywhere.  Mya finds its pace a little too sleepy and moves to more exotic and exciting St. Augustine to study art.

The Three Angels Monument

Over a small masonry bridge, across the brook towards the back of Mya's property is an elaborate crypt with marble vases, flower boxes, polished stone, and three life-sized, detailed angel statues.  One is standing, holding a sword in triumph.  The other two on either side are weeping at his feet.

Rick's Cafe

Mya soon becomes a regular at Rick's for lunch since it is just down the road a bit from Idlewild and the food is tasty bistro fair.  Rick's has an unapologetic Casablanca movie theme in its decor with posters of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman on the walls.  Mya takes Marco there on a lunch date, and it is where he poses a life-changing question to her.  Much later, Mya treats Jennifer Davidson to lunch there.  It is also where Percy lands a job as a waiter, although he just works for the tips.

Isabel's Brook

The brook running through the back of Mya's property dividing the old cemetery grounds and the three angels monument.   It is named after Mya's mother but it isn't until much later, after the repair of the masonry bridge that Mya is able to discover why.