This website recieved its last update on Tuesday the 22nd of November in 2005. Old, faulty links were fixed or deleted. A new Star Wars fanfiction was added. If we missed anything, please contact either of us.

BeElleGee's Bit of Heaven was created on November 17, 2000 for BeElleGee. The last update of that version was November 19, 2002. On Friday, August 20, 2004 the maintenance of BBH was taken over by Sophira and the website was completely redone at that time.

The things that are new or have been changed, added, or otherwise updated on BBH (since 2002) are:
The design and layout of the entire website was redone and is all new.
The Tarzan fanfiction page is new, with all new fanfictions.
The updated links page with old links deleted and new links created.
New art has been posted, such as the Doyle picture, on the Misc page.

That's all for now, but don't expect the new stuff and the updating to stop anytime soon, we're on a roll!