Tarzan: The Series Fanfiction

Under Construction

Growing Fonder

No one had yet written a fanfiction from Tarzan's point of view at the time I
wrote this story. It was very different from the way Jane tended to view th-
ings and a bit of a challenge since in the series you get more insight as to what
Jane is feeling. It became obsolete by the time the next episode rolled aro-
und however, but it was still well-received.

Home and Habitats

The series had already been cancelled when I wrote this fic. With only eight
episodes, the material for fanfiction was slim at best, and writers were
already stepping on each others toes at this point. I decided this story
would be my swan song in the "Tarzan" genre and had it take place directly
after the last episode, evolving Tarzan and Jane's relationship only a

Pillow Talk

This was my first stab at writing a "Tarzan" fanfiction. This idea behind
this series intrigued me and reminded me so much of "Beauty and the Beast", I
was hooked even before the airing of episode one. What usually prompts me
to start writing fanfiction for a particular genre is the willingness and
opportunity to further develop either a scene or a storyline. The idea for
this fic seemed probable enough. It was a situation Jane had yet to
encounter in the series and a way for me to test the waters, more or less.

Pros and Cons

This story was more my trying to figure out why Jane hadn't fallen head over
heels for Tarzan yet. Using her penchant for making lists and reasoning to
death the logic associated with everything she decided to do, I wrote this
little fic as an insight and explanation of the way Jane looked at things.
Including her relationship with Tarzan.