Beauty and the Beast Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: Characters and Universe do not belong to the author, only the stories they are put into.

Beholder's Eye
This fic was written in 1987 or 1988.  I can't really recall but I 
know it was during the first season of "Beauty and the Beast" because 
Eadie is in it.  It also reflects the way the tv show stories were 
set up.  Catherine is definitely the main character and Vincent only 
makes a few memorable appearances here and there.  It was the only 
one of mine that was never published in a fanzine.  Since it was 
posted in 1999 however, it has appeared on a few lists.

The last B&TB fanfiction I wrote, "Bonding" is one of my personal 
favorites.  The pilot episode was the inspiration for this fic.  It 
is one of my 'missing scenes' stories and takes place while Catherine 
is healing in the tunnels after her attack, way before she even sees 
Vincent.  There's quite a gap between two scenes in that episode 
which is filled in with this story. 

Dear To My Heart
I can't really say too much about this little vignette without giving
it away.  It is written in first person, which is always a stretch
for me, especially when the person is Vincent.  It follows the
composition of a love letter.  The style in which this fic was
written reads like someone speaking.  It's odd prose, but it works
for this story.

Dining In
I have never felt adverse to reading and writing third season fic as
some fans are.  I didn't like what happened to Catherine, but that
didn't mean I disliked Diana.  She was a great character and I think
more spiritually in tune with Vincent than Catherine was.  In other
words, she was more 'his type'.  She was his second chance for love.
This fic goes way beyond the series and centers around the first time
they admit feeling something for each other.  It's very light and
romantic.  Nothing heavy, I promise.

At the time this vignette was written, the series was just starting
to hint at Vincent's childhood and what it was probably like and the
character, Mouse, had just been introduced.  He became an instant
favorite of mine and demanded his own story.  This fic originally
appeared in the fanzine "Forever...Always" that was published in

Scratches From Glass
Written in 1988, this fic was the first B&TB fanfiction that I
wrote.  It appeared in a shorter, slightly different form in the
fanzine, "Forever...Always" published by Catnap Press.  It's standard
episode fair.  Catherine gets in trouble and it's up to Vincent to
rescue her.  Charles, Catherine's father, makes a brief appearance in
this one.

The Argument
A lot of "Beauty and the Beast" fanfiction is 'what-if' fics, and
this is no exception.  It appears in the fanzine, "Shadowscapes"
published in 1999. If you ignore the turn of events in the third
season, Catherine and Vincent's relationship would have no doubt
evolved even if they couldn't ever truly be together in a normal

Rock the Cradle of Love
Short and sweet and entirely off-the-wall, this fic is a personal
favorite of mine.  It was inspired by the Billy Idol song with the
same title.  In this fic, Jacob is in his early twenties and has a
step-sister who is Diana and Vincent's daughter.  This fic goes way
past the point where the series ended and liberally (and playfully)
speculates what family life for them would be like.  It's really a
fic about Jacob and I can honestly say, I have never read another
fanfic that portrays him the way I have here.